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posted by handrewuk
Connor: What’s for dinner?

Abby: It’s gonna have to wait, sorry. Call from the ARC.

Connor: You’re kidding?

Abby: Nope. Cutter just called. Apparently its pretty important.

Connor: I’m hungry.

Abby: We can pick something up on the way. Come on. te know how Lester can get.

Connor: (sighs) Fine.

Abby: Stop complaining, the tins will still be there when te get back anyway.

Connor: Yeah but when’ll that be? 1 to 2 a.m. at the earliest.

Abby: Go.

Abby and Connor walk out of the apartment and run towards their mini. They drive to the ARC and meet Jenny and Cutter at the entrance.

Cutter: You...
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posted by handrewuk
She knew it was her from the first glance. But she couldn't bring herself to tell Connor. Saying the name was enough to bring the past streaming back. Abby stood leaning at a bacheca as Connor flicked through the CDs that were neatly lined up in a rack just outside the used records shop. She hoped that he wouldn't see her, that all those memories wouldn't come flooding back. That wasn't fair on her either. She'd just had the old Connor back. The smiles, the jokes - as annoying as they were- she'd missed them all. Every small detail of Connor were, one-by-one, returning.

"This one?" Connor asked...
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posted by handrewuk
Abby: I’m going to go with them, is that okay Cutter?

Cutter: Of course. Go ahead.

Abby: Alex?

Alex and Abby jump into the back of a black SUV.

Thompson: te should go too.

Cutter: Don’t te need help?

Thompson: They’re only dogs!

Cutter: (offers his hand to Thompson.) Nice job today.

Thompson: (shakes hands with Cutter.) te too. Temple needs you, go.

Cutter hops into the SUV and it drives off towards the hospital.
A giorno later, Connor wakes up at the hospital.

Abby: Connor…?

Connor: (slurred.) Where am I?

Abby: Hospital.

Connor: Oh yeah.

Abby: Do te need anything?

Connor: No…

Abby: You...
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