Nicki Minaj fan made Musica video

tokiogaga posted on Apr 09, 2012 at 03:12PM
hey guys, i was thinking to create a fan made nicki video. i was wondering if you could help me to pic a song? it should be from "pink friday: roman reloaded"! i thought about the song "beautiful sinner", or "whip it". but i'm not sure, maybe i'm taking another song. help me barbz, i just can't decide.
if you like, you can watch some of my other videos, to get a look and/or an idea link


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un mese fa Marceleste said…
I vote for "Whip it" :)

Check out this app:

I found it on an Instagram ad and I just love it. Is to make Music-Gifs. They have Nicki Minaj videos and songs to choose from.