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News by fan-at-KWN posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
To honor the belated birthday of both Joey Fatone and Justin Timberlake, Kids Wish Network wants to tell fan about some of the charitable work they have helped us with...

In 2000, Kids Wish Network arranged for [then] 9-year-old Patricia to enjoy a meet & greet with her absolute preferito singers, the guys of *Nsync. Patricia has struggled with a life-threatening cuore disease, spending much of her time in doctor’s offices and hospitals. In fact, just before her wish she received a pacemaker, though she continued to tire easily.

Patricia joined several other lucky fan to meet the wildly popolare boy band when they came to perform in her home town. When Justin overheard Patricia say that she really wanted to have a picture taken with the whole band, the generous pop celebrity assembled the rest of the guys. Justin even put his arm around the star-struck fan as they gathered together for a very special picture. After the meeting, Patricia and her mother attended the concerto with seats on the center floor!