Nyan Cat sat on a cespuglio, bush of green luscious grass. He snoozed away, dreaming about a variety of things. Mostly flying high up in the sky and saving the world from the clutches of evil. His little snores sounded like cute little purrs. All of the animals, including his best friend, Donut Raccoon, were a bit hyperactive. They were running around, saying secret messages to each other, calling even più friends, adjusting banners and signs, and baking cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and bread. A lot of presents were loaded onto some kind of tavolo with wooden stilts. It was very stable, with a trail of confetti painted onto it. All of the Cibo animali loaded everything on superiore, in alto of it and smiled at their invention and final creation. No, this wasn't any ordinary so-called special event, it was Nyan Cat's birthday. Everyone liked to call it, The Birth Of The arcobaleno Secret Service. The arcobaleno Secret Service is an elite group of Cibo animali who have been trained da the best to learn how to protect Earth from invaders. They are the best of the best, the macho of the macho. Nyan Cat leads this group, and sincerely cares for each and every member. There hasn't been a female member yet, and the committee plans to keep it that way. Plenty of female Cibo animali tried their best to pass Nyan Cat's Test, but they ultimately failed. Someone either slipped at the last area called the Gauntlet Room, o they were already super bad at the beginning. Nyan never minded to have a female member, in fact he wanted one. The crew needed a girl. Too much male influence. Also, being a member of the arcobaleno Secret Service gave te a lot of power and perks, and many of the past members (who were fired) got too demanding and had to be relieved of their duties. The Cibo animali finished fixing up all of the party's areas and decided to go and wake up Nyan Cat. He surprisingly slept throughout the noise and hub-bub. Tac-Nyan, past-enemy of Nyan Cat and arcobaleno Secret Service member, decided it go wake his new buddy. Then, a tremor from the ground shook everything.

The sky turned black.