Old School Nickelodeon HELP! I'M STUCK IN THE 90'S!

ludachris2213 posted on Jan 29, 2008 at 10:34PM
Hey everyone, i'm new to this site, but I joined for this awesome forum about old school nick. I am obsessed with my childhood from the 90's, and I miss all these shows. which ones do you have on vhs or dvd? I have are you afraid of the dark season 1 and 2, aah real monsters vhs, hey arnold vhs, kenan and kel vhs, rocket power vhs, and thats it so far!

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più di un anno fa GhastlyGrinner said…
Dude, I seen this post and I had to comment back. Man, i'm also stuck in the 90s..i've checked millions of sites to find episodes of the classics [are you afraid of the dark, pete & pete, kenan and kel, salute your shorts, etc..] and I came across here. I am a total 90s junkie.
They say that sometime this year, a new tv channel will be made and some of the old tv shows will be added to it..idk when, but i've read that somewhere. Hopefully it will because tons of people are complaining about how stupid the new shows are, which i agree.
So you're not the only one stuck in the 90s. I'm 100% with you on that!
più di un anno fa good-old-daysX said…
...im a 90's kid and nothing will change it!!i miss old school nick!!
più di un anno fa ManBearPigClb said…
Rocket Power was complete garbage and if you like it then you obiously dont know about old school nick, rocket power was when it totally went downhill.

ROCKET POWER SUCKS DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
più di un anno fa DarkSarcasm said…
Actually, I thought Rocket Power was okay when it first came on... it started sucking pretty fast, though. [what would Michael Scott say? ;)]

I caught a few minutes of something my little cousins were watching the other day, and it makes me sad to know that we have reached the end of good television. *sigh*
più di un anno fa amazondebs said…
i know 90s were the best! i am a total 90s kid


born on raised lol