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Many people (including the writers) seem to overlook the Blue Fairy but the truth is that she is one of the three most powerful people in Storybrook both because of her magic and because of the persuasive power she has over people. This articolo is meant to take a closer look at her involvement in the story and the effect her actions and prejudice has had on the lives of the main characters.

So there is no confusion the regular font is fact (taken mostly from OUATwiki) and italicized is my opinion.

The Blue Fairy and her dealings with Rumplestiltskin

"The Return"

Baelfire in an attempt to save his father summons the Blue Fairy. The fairy says she can sense something dark in his life. He tells her that his father is the Dark One and asks for a cure. The Blue Fairy tells him that his father can never be as he once was, but that they can go to "a land without magic" and gives him the last magic fagiolo in existence.

After losing Baelfire Rumplestiltskin frantically calls the Blue Fairy. She tells him that she knows of no way for him to get to that world. However Rumple tricks The Blue Fairy into admitting that there is a curse that can be used to do as much.

This tragedy isn't really Blue's fault but there is several reasons why I take issue with her actions.

"She tells him that his father can never be as he once was"

This just proves that she never really believed in redemption even back when she was willing to work with those touched da dark magic. My guess is she just wanted the Dark One in someone else's world and out of her hair.

"She gives him the last magic fagiolo in existence"

We all know this is toro sh*t. At this point all the giants are still alive and growing fields of beans in their kingdom in the sky. Even if she wasn't aware of this why didn't she just plant it and grow più like they did in Storybrook.

"She tells him that she knows of no way for him to get to that world."

She basically refuses to help him. Sure she may not have been able to come up with something of the superiore, in alto of her head but we all know for a fact that there are at least half a dozen ways to travel between worlds. The wardrobe, Jefferson's hat, the White Rabbit, Peter's shadow, to name just a few. If she had set aside her hatred for dark magic for just a moment everything could have been avoided.

"The Price of Gold"

After promising Rumple her first born child Cenerentola calls upon the aid of the Blue Fairy. The Blue Fairy gives her a magical red quill combined with squid ink. With this gift Cenerentola tricks him into signing a new fake contract with the ink, freezing him so that he can be captured and locked up.

All I can say is this is a dirty trick. Nice job exploiting Rumples one positive virtue "he always keeps his end of the bargain"

"And Straight On 'Til Morning"

Just before the town is about too be destroyed. Mother Superior happens to finish making a memory potion. She gives it to Gumpy to restore Sneezy's Come d’incanto Forest memories and he in turn he gives a dose Mr. oro to bring back Lacey's memories as Belle.

So Blue refuses to help one of the kindest people in town because she can't stand the idea of being associated with someone who uses dark magic. What a peach.~

Side note: Anyone else notice the similarities between the phases "a memory potion created da Blue" and "a memory potion created out of the blue"?

The Blue Fairy and her dealings with Jiminy

"That Still Small Voice"

The Blue Fairy hears the wish of Jiminy, who accidentally causes the murder of a boy's parents, and wants her to bring them back.

Bringing someone back is within the limits of her magic, and though she cannot bring the parents back, she does have the power to allow Jiminy to watch over the boy. At Jiminy's request, she turns him into a cricket and instructs him to watch over the boy, Geppetto.

The biggest domanda here is why didn't she come the first time he asked for help when it mattered? Also how is a cricket a better guardian then a grown man. Otherwise nice job Blue.~

The Blue Fairy and her dealings with Eva

"The Queen Is Dead"

The Blue Fairy is a confidante to Queen Eva. When the Queen falls deathly ill Johanna tells a young Snow that she should call on her to find a way to save her mother. Unknown to Snow White, the one who appears that night is not the Blue Fairy, but Cora in disguise. Under the fake facade Cora pushes Snow White to use using dark magic.

Obviously this wasn't really Blue but Cora. However if she really was a friend of Eva's why wasn't she there for Snow.

The Blue Fairy and her dealings with Her Fairies


Years later, she is training one of the fairies, Nova, to collect fairy dust from the mines. The Blue Fairy scolds Nova on her clumsiness and tells Nova that successivo anno she will begin her job as full time fairy dust gatherer. Disappointed, Nova voices her dream of becoming a fairy godmother. The Blue Fairy laughs, calls Nova a dreamer, and flies away.

Many nights later, when Dreamy is going to run away with Nova she intercepts him. She tells him that the two do not belong together and that if he gives up his dream Nova may finally be able to become a fairy godmother.

The Blue Fairy argues if they ran away together, it would bring untold happiness to the world. Her speech convince Dreamy to go to Firefly collina where Nova is waiting for him.

This is the first time we see what an asshat Blue really is. She was obviously manipulating Dreamy and Nova into doing what she wanted. Her need to have things her way is più important then the happiness of others. Also what is this "untold happiness to the world"? Does she mean Snow? She would have found a way out of that cell with o without Grumpy. If she couldn't on her own Red would have gotten her out.

"Quite a Common Fairy"

Some time after this, the Blue Fairy is in charge of the training of another fairy she calls Green, but the fairy has named herself Tinker Bell. Catching Tinker campana, bell trying to sneak in after leaving without permission, the Blue Fairy reprimands her actions and for breaking every rule in the book. When the Blue Fairy finds out she is helping Regina, she is outraged, and orders her to stay in the cavern. Against her wishes, Tinker campana, bell disobeys, steals pixie dust and goes to Regina once more. Discovering the theft, the Blue Fairy confronts her in Regina's courtyard. Tinker campana, bell pleads for a secondo chance, but the Blue Fairy refuses as she no longer believes in her anymore. She strips Tinker campana, bell of her wings and flies off.

This is the secondo time Blue shows her true colors. She flat out tells Tink that Regina is not worth their time not because she has actually done anything wrong yet but because of her family. Blue is nothing più then a bigot and a magic elitist. Not only that she is also the worlds worst boss.

The Blue Fairy and her dealings with Regina

[see "Quite a Common Fairy"]

"A Land Without Magic"

Mother Superior is at the hospital when Henry apparently dies. She rushes into the room after Emma's baciare wakens him, exclaiming that the curse has been broken. She then advises Regina to find a place to hide, calling her, "Your Majesty."

Of course it's Blue to be the first with some snide comment. Let's have a talk about modesty in victory shall we.

The Blue Fairy and her dealings with Pinocchio

"The Stranger"

After Geppetto finds his wooden son laying in the water the Blue Fairy appears. With a wave of her wand Pinocchio becomes a real boy. The Blue Fairy tells Pinocchio that as long as he remains "Brave, Truthful and Unselfish".

Right before the curse the Blue Fairy goes to Geppetto and asks him to fashion a wardrobe from the last Come d’incanto albero so that Snow White and Prince Charming can safely go through the wardrobe and be protected from the curse's effects until the time when their child will break the curse. After hearing about the potential danger his son Geppetto stubbornly refuses to make the wardrobe unless his son is one of the people to go through the wardrobe. The Blue Fairy hesitantly agrees to the deal.

"Selfless, Ribelle - The Brave and True"

After Emma breaks the Dark Curse, Mother Superior is approached da a still wooden August who asks if she can turn him back to as he was. She cannot, as he did not keep with the original terms that made him human in the first place; to remain brave, truthful and unselfish, which he did not.

When Mary Margaret stumbles upon the abandoned trailer where August hiding she takes him to get help from Mother Superior.

Mother Superior admits to knowing of August's situation since the breaking of the curse. She states if there is still a path of redemption for August, he must travel on his own terms. Later on, Mother Superior rushes to see August dying in the arms of Marco. With a wave of her wand August is reverted from wood into a seven-year old Pinocchio.

I don't really feel sorry for August as he is the only person I dislike almost as much as Blue particularly because he was rewarded with a secondo chance at life even after he almost signal handedly ensured that Emma's life would be a living hell. I do however feel sorry for Geppetto. Even though it is sort of his fault that Emma grew up an orphan he did it out of Amore for his son. Yet even though Blue admitted to knowing Augusts whereabouts since the curse was broken she didn't tell his father. Was this some sort of sick revenge for messing with her plans?

The Blue Fairy and her dealings with The Charmings

"An mela, apple Red as Blood"

After Grumpy calls in a favor, the Blue Fairy and numerous other fate assist in the assault on King George's castello in attempt to rescue Prince Charming.

"The Cricket Game"

When King George is defeated. Snow White encounters the Queen in the forest and ask her to surrender. While the two are engaged in conversation, the Blue Fairy sneaks up behind and throws the dust on the Queen rendering her Frozen in place. Defeated, the Queen is taken as a prisoner.

After the mysterious death of Archie they try again to freeze Regina using Mother Superior's fairy dust. During a confrontation on Regina's doorstep, Emma signals the moment for Mother Superior to hurl the dust. The plan fails as Regina hastily catches the dust and easily dispenses of it.

The Blue Fairy attends the war council meeting to decide with the other members the fate of the ex-Queen. They come to the conclusion death is a fitting punishment. At the execution, Snow White orders the event to a halt after the executioners arrows' have been fired, and the Blue Fairy hastily stops them inches away from Regina's body.

Prince Charming and Snow White discuss how to defeat the Evil Queen's curse when the Blue Fairy flies in with an Come d’incanto tree. She claims the tree, if carved into a vessel, will take one person and whisk them away to another world, so that the person can come back and save everyone else.


The original plan is for Snow White to go inside the albero so that she and her unborn baby would be safe. However, Snow White goes into labor the giorno the wardrobe is finished. Because of the early delivery, the Blue Fairy pleas for Geppetto to tell the truth and allow Snow White and her daughter to pass through the wardrobe together instead. Assured Geppetto will listen to her, she leaves to complete her final preparations before curse overtakes the whole land. However, Geppetto ignores her request and puts Pinocchio into the wardrobe anyway.


When Henry requests to see her do some magic. She states that although she can feel the magic that was released into the town da Mr. Gold, she cannot use it as magic works differently in Storybrooke. Particular without her wand o fairy dust.

"We Are Both"

David finds her to ask if there might be another Come d’incanto albero like the Magic Wardrobe so that he can use it to save Emma and Snow. Mother Superior states such a thing was possible, but with no magic o fairy dust to guide them, finding one would be hopeless.

"Child of the Moon"

The dwarves work diligently to mine for diamonds in the hopes they can be made into fairy dust to use with Jefferson's hat to rescue Emma and Mary Margaret. When they finally find some Mother Superior gives careful instructions in grinding the diamonds into fairy dust.

"The Queen Is Dead"

Outside Mr. Gold's pawn shop, she tries to use her wand to break through the protection spell on the building, but has no success. Mary Margaret suggests using dark magic, but the idea appalls Mother Superior.


Mother Superior uses her magic to mantello the area where the fagiolo fields are growing; making them invisible to prying eyes.

"Second stella, star to the Right"

Mary Margaret and David rescue Regina from the clutches of Greg. They call on Mother Superior to heal Regina. Using her wand, Mother Superior revives her condition to full health.

There really isn't much to say about Blue's relationship with the Charming ever since Grumpy called in that favor she has been nothing less the unconditionally loyal. The one exception is the wardrobe. She lied to them even after she detto that that was not possible. Also, what preparations? Her only job was to get the savor away from the curse so that she could come back and save them all and ver very nearly failed completely. What was she doing? Other then that she has been unfaltering in her loyalty when it comes to the Charmings. I suppose this is her one saving grace. Much like Campanellino in the original Peter Pan she can either be all bad o all good but not both at the same time.

To quote Mr. Barrie:

“Tink was not all bad: or, rather, she was all bad just now, but, on the other hand, sometimes she was all good. fate have to be one thing o the other, because being so small they unfortunately have room for one feeling only at a time. They are, however, allowed to change, only it must be a complete change.” - J.M Berrie, Peter Pan
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