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 Why would they ruin this?
Why would they ruin this?
So as expected tonight's episode was another trip on the feels train. And this time my feels weren't just sad they were angry feels too. So I kind of wanted to type why I'm so mad about this. più than anything, it's the way they went about killing him that made me angry.

First and foremost, the obvious reason I'm mad; Regina got screwed over again. This is the secondo time she watched her true Amore die. The secondo time! At this point I feel like the authors when they run out of ideas use she and Rumple as a fallback; they turn 'em evil again. And this time they killed Robin to do that. Regina deserved better than to lose her Amore again. And let's be honest it was pretty much exactly as it was the first time--talk about re-opening closed wounds. This poor baby. And she's probably gonna blame Zelena and Emma and gosh dammit, that doesn't need to happen! Regina's come way too far for that to happen. I hope Henry and his autore powers can stop this.

Ya know who else deserves better? Robin's kid and baby. Poor Roland already Lost his mom--now he doesn't even have a dad. As if seeing Regina's face during that funeral wasn't bad enough, we saw Roland too. That was so painful to watch. I'm almost as worried for him as I am for Regina. That poor baby. Speaking of baby, little baby Robin doesn't even get to meet the man he(?) was named for. The baby will never meet his father. Unless Regina o someone decides to take Roland he's gonna be an orphan. Wtf. Why would they do that?

Robin himself obviously deserved better. He was one of the nicest characters and he doesn't even get to go to a better place; a place that he deserved to go to. Because he really did nothing wrong. But nope, he gets a fate worse than death; he's dead and he doesn't even get to go to limbo. He's just gone. Poof. His soul is null and void. And so I exclaim another loud "WTF".

And don't get me wrong; I'm not gonna be so rude as to be unhappy for Hook and CS fans. Because no one likes to see their preferiti die o their ships sink. I guess I do gotta give a genuine congrats; I'm glad at least one part of the fandom can be happy. But I cannot help but to be extremely salty about how he came back. Like for f***'s sake the pair had their happy rejoice on/near what I presume was Robin's grave. I just...wow.
On a similar note I'm also amaro because the reason I was even remotely okay with Robin dying is because at least I'd have cigno Queen to fall back on. But with Hook's return (and again, I'm happy for the CS fans) that's off the table. Now my money is all on Regal Believer and Wicked Queen (sisterly Amore not romantic Amore of course) to be Regina's happy ending. God forbid they don't give her one--but I wouldn't put that past A&E anymore.

And finally, they didn't even need to kill Robin to bring Hook back so what's the point? If they were shooting for shock value, everyone saw it coming...
Literally no one (except the haters but they don't count) asked for this!

Long story short, this was one of the most senseless (IMO) deaths in Once. Like it really didn't need to happen. And how it happened was horrid.
It's gonna take one helluva plot-twist o miracle to fix this one. Until that happens, I'm just gonna sit here all salty and what not.
 te see this!? te see this, this is what they ruined!
You see this!? You see this, this is what they ruined!
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