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They smiled when they saw me.

“girls this is leah. She works with niall.” Louis introduced me.

“hi leah. Im Lois and this is Amanda.” One of the girls detto who im guessing is Lois.
“nice to meet you.” I detto quietly.
“so te work with niall?” Amanda asked.
“ya. For about a anno now.” I said.
“so is there..... anything going on between ye?” Lois asked.

“oh no no no no no!!! I have a boyfriend called liam.” I detto quickly.
“thats strange. Because all niall ever does is talk about you.” Amanda said, confused.
“ya probably slagging me!” i laughed.
Amanda and lois looked at each other confused and then turned back to me.

“anyways, how come te work at our dad’s cafe?” Amanda asked.
“oh i want to go to a Musica college successivo anno and its very expensive.” I said.
“oh thats really cool! So im guessing te like singing?” lois asked.

“yup. Its practically my life!” i laughed.

Kate and harry walked off the bus soon after that. I called the two of them over.
“kate, harry, this is lois and Amanda. They are zayn and louis’ girlfriends.” I said.

“its lovely to meet te girls.” Harry smiled.
“uhh. New people.” Kate grumbled and then walked away.
“sorry!” harry detto and then followed kate.
“don’t mind kate. She doesn’t like people.” I laughed.
“why?” lois asked.

“i really don’t know! And a tip: NEVER annoy her! I did once and she dislocated my arm!” i giggled.
“oh my god! Are te alright?” Amanda gave me a worried look.

“ya im fine! Thats just kate for you!” i said.
Louis and zayn appeared out of nowhere.
“come on guys we need to get home.” Zayn said.
“aw ok. Leah do te want to come over for a while?” Lois asked.

“no im ok. Im going home to see my boyfriend liam! I might see te tomorrow anyways because te only live successivo door!” i smiled.

“ok then. Bye!” louis waved.

I waved back and headed home. Harry and kate were cuddled up on the couch.

“hey guys!” i smiled.
“oh its you.” Kate growled.
“nice to see te too!” i joked.
“where’s liam?” i asked.
“in your room.” Harry replied.
“ok thanks.”

I walked into my room. Liam was looking out the window and talking to someone on the phone.

“i’ll miss te too.” He detto as he hung up.
“hey babes!” he smiled.
“hey! Who were te on the phone to?” i asked.
“oh... um.... it was just..... my mom.”
“aw! So did te finish your homework?”
“um ya. Did te enjoy town?”
“ya. We had good fun. Niall was recitazione awfully weird though.”

“what do te mean?”

I sighed.

“i really don’t know.”

Liam came closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pushed a strand of hair of my face and kissed me softly on the cheek.

“just forget about it leah. He’s just a prick.” He said.
I didn’t reply.

“come on lets go in and watch a movie with harry and kate.” He said, pulling me into the sitting room.

Harry’s P.O.V:

Leah and Liam came into the sitting room. I don’t say it to leah but i hate liam. Not that im being ‘over-protective’ of my sister, its just that he doesn’t seem genuine. I think he may be cheating on her. But of course, she is too gullible to notice. She’s a bit slow to say the least! I just hope he doesn’t hurt her. Id hate to see my little sister (im older da 10 minutes!) get hurt.

“what movie do ye want to watch?” i asked.
“what about ‘kung-fu panda?” leah suggested.
“im up for that. Anyone else?” i asked.
Liam nodded and kate was asleep so i didn’t ask her.

I put on kung-fu panda and sat down. It was a brilliant movie. Jack Black is unreal! After the movie Leah and Liam went to letto so i carried kate into our room and went to sleep.

Leah’s P.O.V:

I woke up the successivo morning with a bad headache. I didn’t want to go to work at all, especially if niall was going to be there.

I dragged myself out of bed. Liam wasn’t there so im guessing he went to college early. Aw he’s so good! I tied my hair into a messy bun and quickly got dressed. I went out to the cucina where harry was making pancakes.

“hey harry!” i smiled.
“oh ciao leah! Where’s liam?” he asked.
“i think he went out early.”
“oh. So do te want some pancakes?”
“yes please! As long as te promise not to burn the house down this time!”
“well then!”
I went over and sat down at the cucina tavolo and waited for harry to make the pancakes.
“would te like me to help te harry?” i asked.
“no im fine.” He replied.
5 minuti later.....
“SHIT!!!!” harry roared.
“whats wrong harry?” i asked.
“the pancake got stuck on the ceiling.” Harry replied, looking up at it.

I giggled.

Just then kate came in and the pancake landed on her head. Her face went red with anger. Harry ran over and kissed her before she could do any damage.

“morning kate.” I smiled.
“morning.” She detto grumpily.
Harry handed me my pancake and sat down beside me. Kate went in and got dressed.

“so where do te think liam is?” harry asked.
“he probably went to college early o something.” I said.
“do te not think that its a bit weird that he goes to college early EVERY day? And that he only has time for te at night?” he suggested.

“well he’s busy.” I shrugged.
“with what?” harry asked.
“college work and stuff.” I struggled for words.
“ok. Whatever te say leah.” He detto as he got up and put his plate in the dishwasher.

I got up and did the same. Then i grabbed my phone and headed out. Niall wasn’t there when i got to work. He must have slept in the lucky fucker!

Niall’s P.O.V:

I woke up at 11:00am, which meant i was late for work. I didn’t care though, i was too tired to care. I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Oh shit! I’ve got a black eye! Did liam really hit me that hard? It was all swelled too! My eye was killing me last night but i didn’t think i’d get a black eye! Liam is such a prick. I just wish leah knew who he really was. She think’s he’s a lovely, caring, amazing person that doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. I think he is the opposite.

I got dressed, grabbed my phone and ran out the door. When i got to the cafe, leah smiled at me which is weird because she never smiles when im around.

part 5 will be up soon:Dx feeeedback plz????xxxx
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