Carter awoke the successivo morning and turned over, only to be met da a curly-haired creature lying beside her. She backed away a small bit before realising it was Harry. What was he doing here? She quickly checked underneath her covers to see if she had clothes on and luckily, she had.

She tried to climb out of letto but she was soon pulled back down. She looked at her wrist to find that she had been tied to Harry. She grunted and sat back on the bed. What did Harry think? That she was going to sneak out? Twat.

She pushed the covers off her and crossed her arms. She looked over at Harry and couldn’t help but notice his sexy six pack sticking out from under the covers. She bit her finger in order to stop herself from squealing. Breathe Carter, breathe.

She stood up from the letto once more. She was going to have to pull the ropes off her wrist. She attempted to break the ropes with all of her strength but it was no use. They wouldn’t budge. She pulled and pulled and pulled until she heard a very loud thud. She had just knocked Harry off the bed.

Nice knowing te Carter. RIP. Good luck in hell. He is going to slaughter te and put te in a box.

Once Harry hit the floor, his eyes instantly opened as he gazed around at his surroundings. His gaze stopped at Carter, who looked like she had just seen a ghost. He glared at her before standing up quickly.

“What the fuck did te do slut?!” he roared. “I-I-I’m sorry H-Harry, I was just trying to get the rope off my wrist!” she explained, waiting in anticipation for Harry to hit her. “Why did te want the fucking rope off your wrist?!” Harry questioned. “I know this may sound weird but I don’t exactly like being tied to a half naked boy!” Carter answered. “Bitch, girls would pay millions just to see me half naked. te should consider yourself lucky.” Harry chuckled.

“I’ll consider myself lucky when the boys come home and I won’t have to deal with you.” Carter mumbled to herself. Harry overheard and scoffed. “You don’t mean that Carter. te really just want me all to yourself and it’s killing te inside because te know that I’ll never fall for a piece of shit like you.” Harry licked his lips, staring at Carter immensely.

“Ew! That’s gross Harry! I have a boyfriend te know! I don’t fancy you!” she tried to turn away from him but the rope pulled her back to face him. “You honestly think that fucking tool actually likes you? Trust me; I’ve known Jake a long time. All he sees in te is a quick shag and then he’ll be gone in the blink of an eye.” Harry laughed hysterically. “Wrong Harry. Jake is nothing like you.” Carter spat.

Harry stepped closer to Carter. “What do te mean like me?” he quizzed, breathing heavily on her. “Unlike you, he doesn’t beat up girls and make their lives a misery for the fun of it. He isn’t a man-whore who shags any living girl he lays his eyes on.” She told him. “Don’t pretend te don’t Amore it when I do that Carter. te Amore getting attention from me. It’s probably one of the only times te ever have any physical contact with boys.” Harry smirked, chuckling loudly.

Carter went red with fury and before she knew what she was doing, she slapped Harry across the face. After realising what she had done, she backed away, in hope that Harry would ignore her little mistake. He didn’t. He threw her onto the floor and kicked her into the gut.

Harry knelt down beside Carter, laughing to himself. “Carter, Carter, Carter. When are te ever going to learn?” he chuckled. Carter groaned in pain and clutched her stomach. “When te don’t listen to me te just end up getting hurt.” He said, running his hand along her back. She swatted it away and he hit her in the face. He used the rope to his advantage and wrapped it around Carter’s neck, choking her viciously.

“Carter, te know what I’m capable of so I would suggest that te don’t attraversare, croce me.” He whispered in her ear. She couldn’t speak as the lack of oxygen she had was stopping her. She wriggled in Harry’s grasp as he continued to choke her for a moment before she couldn’t hold her breath any longer and fainted. Harry cut the rope off his wrist and threw Carter onto the floor. He left the room and jogged downstairs.

He strolled into the kitchen, making himself a cup of tè and a slice of crostini, pane tostato before sitting down and munching on his toast. Afterwards, he went into the bathroom to get washed. He brushed his teeth and gazed at himself in the full length mirror. Sighing, he pulled down his boxers at the side to reveal his thigh covered in scars.

te may be wondering why he has scars on his thigh. Well, my friends, like Carter, Harry used to cut. The reason? Carter Louise Payne. To make a long story short, during the time Carter dated Niall, she unintentionally drove Harry to cut.

* * * * *

Harry ventured back upstairs fully clothed a couple of hours later with a jug of water in his hand. He strolled into Carter’s room to find that she was still unconscious. He stood over and smirked before pouring the jug of water on her.

“Rise and shine, bitch.”

Carter groaned as she opened her eyes. “Come on, we’re going shopping.” Harry muttered. “Do I have to go?” Carter moaned. “Yes. Now get up before I hurt you.” Harry scowled. Carter jumped up and went into her bathroom. She washed her hands, face and teeth before exiting the bathroom. Harry left so she got dressed and brushed her long brown hair before tying it up.

Outfit: link

She strolled down the stairs and into the sitting room where Harry was. “What the fuck are te wearing Carter?!” he exclaimed. “Um… clothes.” She shrugged. “You have the fashion sense of a homeless person.” He told her, gazing at her clothes.

It was true. Carter had a terrible fashion sense. But what do te expect from a girl living with 4 boys?

“Erm… thanks?” Carter spoke questionably. Harry glared at her before shouldering past her and walking out the front door, leaving her to follow. They drove to the shopping centre and padded to where the trolleys were. Harry put a coin into the trolley and pulled it out.

“Get in.” Harry spoke to Carter. “Get in what?” Carter questioned. “The trolley.” Harry replied. “How old do te think I am?! 4? There is no way I’m getting into that trolley!” Carter crossed her arms. Harry picked Carter up in his arms. “Put me down!” she kicked and screamed in Harry’s grasp.

Harry sat her on the little sede, sedile on the trolley. “You’re so lucky we’re in a public place right now, o else you’d be on the floor crying in pain.” He whispered in her ear. A grin spread across his face. “Can’t touch this! Na na na na na na na na na na na na!” Carter sang, swaying from side to side.

Harry pushed Carter in the trolley and entered the shopping centre. He glided down the first aisle as Carter made herself comfortable in the trolley. Little children were giving Carter odd looks as they past her, and so were their parents. “This is so embarrassing.” Carter groaned. Harry ignored her as he was scanning each of the groceries to see what he’d get. “Do te like lasagne?” Harry inquired. “Nope.” Carter responded. “We’ll get that then.” Harry smirked and threw the lasagne into the trolley.

“Prick.” Carter mumbled. Harry glared at her. “Just because I can’t hurt te now, doesn’t mean I won’t when we get back home. Think about that Carter.” He warned her. She gulped and kept quiet. “You know, this trolley is actually pretty comfortable.” Carter laughed, lounging about. Harry rammed the trolley into a shelf, making Carter hit her back. “Ow!” she yelped. He smirked as he continued to throw random groceries into the trolley.

They soon came to the hair and make-up area, and something immediately caught Carter’s eye. Harry followed her gaze to see what she was looking at. “Hair colour?” he queried. She slowly nodded. “Why don’t te get some?” Harry quizzed. “No. Liam would never let me.” She shook her head.

“Is Liam here now?” Harry asked. “No but-” she retorted. Harry picked out hair dye and threw it into the trolley. “Are te sure it’s the right colour?” She questioned. “Yeah, trust me. I used to do Lucy’s hair all of the time.” He told her.

When they had finished shopping, Harry drove the trolley to the till. He paid for the stuff and ventured out of the shopping centre. He parked the trolley and Carter leaped out of it. They returned to the car with all of the shopping and journeyed home.

“Go wet your hair.” Harry ordered. Carter nodded and strolled into the bathroom. She soaked her hair with the doccia hose before returning to where Harry was. “Sit down.” He told her. She sat in her sede, sedile and fumbled around with her fingers. She was really excited about getting her hair done, but was also nervous due to what Liam would say if he found out. But then again, she doubted he would notice it as she was only putting a tint of red into it.

Harry stirred the dye in a bowl and mixed in water with it. He placed the dye on the tavolo and began to put it in Carter’s hair. After he had finished both him and Carter put away the groceries while waiting for the dye to set in. about a half an ora later, Carter went for a doccia and washed out the unwanted dye.

She wrapped herself in a towel and did the same to her hair. She couldn’t wait to see her hair. It felt weird that Harry was doing something nice to her though.

“CARTER!” Harry’s voice echoed through the house. “One secondo Harry! I’m in a towel!” she shouted. “I don’t give a fuck! Come here!” he roared. Carter grunted and stomped downstairs. “What?” she asked. “How’s your hair?” he quizzed, a smirk creeping onto his lips. “I haven’t seen it yet.” Carter shrugged. “Go look.” He said. Carter skipped into the hall and took the towel off her head, looking into the mirror.

He eyes widened when she saw her hair. It wasn’t brown anymore, it was bright red. She looked like Ariana Grande! Harry smirked to himself in the sitting room, anxiously waiting for Carter’s reaction to her newly-red hair.

“HARRY! LOOK AT MY HAIR!” Carter screamed as she ran into Harry. “What’s wrong with it?” Harry questioned, trying his best not to laugh. “It’s red! te picked the wrong hair dye!” she exclaimed. “Not my problem.” Harry shrugged, letting out a small laugh. “You did this on purpose, didn’t you?!” Carter narrowed her eyes at him. “Yup.” He chuckled.

“Liam’s going to kill me.” Carter paced around the room. “Who cares?” Harry laughed. “I DO!” she yelled. “Shut the fuck up Carter.” Harry hissed, standing up slowly. “S-Sorry.” She stuttered, looking at the floor.

“Here.” Harry spoke, handing Carter a sheet of paper. “What’s this?” she inquired. “Rules. Staring from now, te will follow all of them.” Harry retorted. “Rules?! How old do te think I am? 6?” Carter asked inquisitively. “I’ll treat te like a fucking 6 anno old if te don’t shut up.” He growled. Carter nodded and looked down at the piece of paper.

1. I pick your clothes from now on.
2. I decide what we eat.
3. I decide where we go.
4. Don’t speak unless spoken to.
5. I decide what we do.
6. Ask before te leave the house.
7. Don’t annoy me.

If te fail to follow these rules, te will deeply regret it.

Carter stared at the piece of paper in disbelief. “Your clothes are laid out upstairs.” Harry murmured. Carter nodded and dashed upstairs. She strolled into her bedroom and look at the clothes on her bed.

“THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY I’M WEARING THIS!!!” Carter shouted from the superiore, in alto of the stairs. Harry appeared and glared at her. “Fine. I’ll just come up and sort te out then.” He announced. Carter’s heartbeat stopped and she froze on the spot. “N-N-No! It’s okay! I’ll wear it!” she stammered. Harry smirked and went back into the sitting room.

Carter groaned and returned to her bedroom, gazing at the outfit Harry had laid out. It looked like a maid’s outfit, but for a prostitute. It barely passed her bum and was very revealing at her chest. She put on a pair of white knee-socks and ventured downstairs.

Outfit: link

She felt so uncomfortable and exposed in the outfit, and she had to wear it in front of the one and only Harry Styles.

She edged into the sitting room in an awkward fashion. Harry seemed to be enthralled with what was on the TV, but his attention soon turned to Carter. His gaze wandered around her body, looking her up and down. He seemed to be quite satisfied with his view.

He wriggled his eyebrows at Carter. “Don’t te think it’s a tad bit short?” Carter quizzed. “Nah.” Harry beamed. “I swear, if I bend down now, you’d probably be able to see my underwear from a mile away.” Carter giggled. An idea suddenly hit Harry. He threw his iPhone onto the floor and turned to Carter.

“You wouldn’t mind bending down and picking up my phone for me Carter, would you?”

Carter slowly turned towards Harry. She knew exactly what his little game was. She could feel his eyes burning through her. She swallowed before replying:

“Of course.”

She walked over to where Harry threw his phone and bent down. Her underwear was on full show, making Harry gulp. He tried to tear his eyes away, but he couldn’t. He bit the inside of his gums and raised his hand, smacking Carter in the bum.

She instantly rose up and faced Harry. “Here.” She spoke through gritted teeth. “Thanks.” He grinned.

* * * * *

“Let’s watch a movie.” Harry announced. “What movie?” Carter inquired. “Scream.” Harry replied. Carter gulped. “I-I-I can’t watch horror.” She told him. “Aw is poor lickle Carter afraid?” Harry taunted. “N-N-No.” Carter sulked. “Good. We’ll watch it then.” Harry smirked.

All through the movie, Carter was utterly restless. Harry thought she was just scared, but she was also restless due to the fact that Harry had forgotten to give her her medication this morning.

“Sit down Carter.” Harry grumbled. Carter tried to sit down but she was constantly moving positions. “Stay fucking still Carter.” Harry cursed. Carter sighed. She was completely unable to stay in one place. “For fuck sake Carter!” Harry growled, getting up off his sede, sedile and sitting on Carter’s legs. “Get off me Harry!” she whined. Harry just covered Carter’s mouth with his hand. “Shut up and watch the movie.” He remarked.

Carter watched the TV screen blankly. Harry had such a bony arse, which was digging into her legs.


Harry glared at Carter. “Sorry I’ve got the hiccups.” She explained. He scowled at her before facing the TV.







“Shut…. UP!!!” Harry roared, punching Carter in the gut. “I-I-I’m sorry. I-I promise they’re gone now.” She forced a smile. Harry glared at her. They watched the movie for a couple più minutes.


Harry slapped Carter and stormed out of the house, slamming the door on his way out. Carter groaned and threw her head back. She knew she was going to have to pay for that later.

Your time is up, my time is now.
te can’t see me, my time is now!

Carter’s phone rang from the kitchen. She pulled herself up off the divano and strolled into the kitchen. She picked up her phone and answered it.


“Hello Carter.”

“Who’s this?”

“This is the last person you’ll see alive.”

“What are te talking about?! Harry’s just outside….”

“Harry’s gone now.”

Carter gulped and hung up the phone. Shaking her head, she went to the fridge, taking a swig out of the carton of juice.

It’s only a prank call Carter…

Her phone rang once more. She picked it up and answered it.


“Turn around.”

Carter threw her phone and turned around. She was met da a spooky figure with a scream mask, holding a butcher knife. She shrieked and ran into the sitting room. The person was hot on her heels and she was chased around the room.

Soon, she was cornered with nowhere to go. “Please don’t hurt me.” She pleaded. The figure ran the coltello along Carter’s arm, drawing blood as it did so. She screamed in pain at the superiore, in alto of her lungs in hope that Harry would hear. “Say goodbye Carter.” The voice chuckled. She broke down into tears as the figure held the coltello up to her throat.

Well, she had a crap life anyways. Maybe it was best if she did die.

The figure pulled back for a moment, chuckling loudly. He lifted off his mask to reveal Harry. He winked at Carter but she buckled her knees into her chest and sobbed.

“You cut my arm Harry. It’s so fucking sore.” She wept. “You are so easy to scare Carter!” Harry laughed hysterically. “Why would te do this to me?!” Carter asked, wiping the tears out of her eyes. “I got rid of your hiccups for you!” Harry laughed. There was a short silence between the two.


“Jesus fucking Christ Carter!” Harry growled. Carter let out a small giggle. “Come on, we’re going to bed.” He told her. She nodded.

“And da the way, you’ve got a really nice bum.” Harry winked, leaving the room afterwards.

Carter got up and followed him upstairs. She grabbed one of Niall’s t-shirts and Zayn’s boxers and got changed in the bathroom. She was so glad to have that horrible outfit off her. When she got out of the bathroom Harry had already stripped down to his boxers. She tried not to stare at his toned six pack as she walked past him.

“Why are te staying in my room? Liam did up the guest room just for you.” Carter told him. “Carter, if te don’t shut up and get into bed, I will beat te senseless, got it?” he growled. Carter gulped and got into the letto beside Harry. He turned off the lamp and pulled the duvet over him. Carter’s phone buzzed beside her. She picked it up and gazed at the screen.

1 new message – Jake. X

‘Hey babe ;) wanna meet up on Friday? X’

‘Definitely. Can’t wait to see te :* X’

“Who are te texting?” Harry quizzed. “Oh… erm… no one.” She lied. “Give it to me.” Harry grunted, grabbing the phone off Carter. “Ooh Jakey! What a fucking tool.” Harry chuckled. Carter rolled her eyes before turning over and going to sleep.

Today was very eventful, but not as bad as Carter thought. Maybe she was going to survive these 3 weeks after all. But then again, she knows fully-well what Harry is capable of.

* * * * *