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posted by lois4
It's just been announced that Radio 1 will broadcast The Story Of One Direction between 9-10pm on BBC Radio 1, Monday 2nd April 2012. The press release states;

"One Direction invite Radio 1 Stories to follow them as they hit America for the first time. With full access to the boy band on the road as they tour with Nickleodeon act Big Time Rush, and prepare to launch their debut album in the country, we find out what it's like to be a Brit band breaking the US.

"And breaking it they are - with fan chasing their tourbus down the strada, via and trying to break into their hotel rooms, pre-sales of the album going stratospheric, an appearance on the Today mostra that drew a larger crowd than Lady Gaga, and US radio hosts comparing the frenzy to Beatlemania."

"With a chance the band, who formed during the 2010 X Factor, are about to break records for the highest US billboard album chart debut, Radio 1 gets the full behind the scenes story.

"Be prepared for the screaming."
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