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posted by lois4
After a amaro two-month dispute where of fan of both groups were treated to a slanging match, it seems TW and 1D are slowly coming around to each other, and have even started swapping phone numbers!

According to The Metro, Nathan Sykes spoke out recently saying: “we were rehearsing with them the other day; we’re all pals”.

Nathan commentato further saying that he and Liam had been texting each other – becoming good pals.

Talking about the run-in both groups had the other week, Sykes said: “We were walking into the studio really embarrassingly Canto the song their band were rehearsing to and we’re there Canto it. Then we turn around and they’re stood there like, ‘We’ll that’s embarrassing’ and we’re like ‘Boys, how’s it going?’ But, no, it’s all good.”
The feud stems from Max George’s commenti a while back where he declared One Direction as “more faces” – talking about their apparent lack of musical talent o indeed success – commenti which Max has since retracted.

The Wanted were first to get the highest chart single entry in the US Billboard Hot 100 charts, but then 1D went one better with a debut number one album in the Billboard 200.

Room for both bands we say!
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Harry has read multiple commenti about how "ugly", "gross", "disgusting", and "immature" he is. Please help Harry da commenting that he is not any of those names, that he is unique and handsome!
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