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Via went to the cucina and make some coffee. She sat at the dining tavolo and began drinking. She didn't notice that Harry's at her back. Harry kisses her cheek.
Via: (turns around and smiles) Hey.
Harry: Good morning, Styles. (sits beside her)
Via: Harry. (takes a sip on her coffee)
Harry: Fine.
Via: (smiles)
Harry: (leans in to baciare her)
Via: (looks directly in his eyes)
Harry: (places a soft baciare on her lips)
Via: (kisses back)
Harry: (smiles and pulls away)
Via: (smiles) I want to plan for the... te know..
Harry: Okay.
A few hours later at the living room with the boys, Eleanor, and Via..
Louis: So where's the romantic place?
Via: church.
The four boys except for Harry chuckles. He doesn't know what they're talking about.
Harry: What?
Niall: We mean.. the honeymoon..

Zayn and Liam's smile faded..

Via: oh uhmm..
Harry: We haven't talk about it...
Via: (smiles)
Niall: oookk..ay

The heard the doorbell ring and Niall went to open the door..
Niall: (calls out) The wedding coordinator's here. (to the girl) Come in.
Girl: Thanks. (gets in)
Via: (goes to the girl) Guys, this is Tracy Eunice. She's my friend since high school..
Niall: (staring at her)
Louis: (hits Niall playfully)
Niall: (stops staring) Oh..uhmm.. h-hi..
Tracy: Hi. (pauses) Soo let's plan the wedding.

Tracy shows them her designs for the bride's gown, groom's tux and etc..

Her designs:
Bride: link
Bride's maid (eleanor): link

Tracy is eighteen years old and she has many wedding boutiques at London. Well, all of her creations are.. expensive.. via and Tracy are best friends...

Via: wonderful.. te mean all of these? your creations? te have your own models, huh.
Tracy: I really worked hard for those.
Harry: I like it..
Niall: I like you- I mean I like your.. te know creations..

Tracy has a hair like this: link.
and she wears glasses and she looks pretty when she's wearing it..
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We're so excited to announce that 'What Makes Your Beautiful' has been nominated in the 'British Single' category at the Brit Awards! If te want to mostra them your support, te can vote for 'What Makes te Beautiful' here! link1DHQ x
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