Tracy also brought some magazines with her designs on it.
Eleanor: (flipping the pages) I Amore your designs. I bet these are quite expensive.
Tracy: Yeah. Those gowns are made of satins, silk, and etc.
Via: Let's look for più designs.

While the three girls are looking for some designs in the magazine, the boys went to the entertainment room: link.

Louis and Harry plays the xBox... Zayn, Liam, and Niall are just watching them eating some chips. Just then, Niall stops eating. Liam noticed him staring at the wall..
Liam: (eating chips) Hey, Niall. What's the matter?
Niall: Nothing,
Zayn: Thinking about Tracy. (chuckles)
Liam: (chuckles)

Niall's POV
Just hearing her name makes me smile. And I don't know why. There's something in her that I can't explain.


Niall: Of course not.
Liam: Really? Haha. I see the way te look at her.
Zayn: (takes a sip of his sprite) Haha. te got that right, Liam.
Niall: (smiles)

With Harry and Louis playing xBox...
Harry: (smiling) Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I win! PERFECT!

Niall: (smiles)
Liam: Ughhh.. I lose! (glances at the three boys whose sitting on the divano near them) Niall, why are te smiling?
Niall: (staring on the floor) I don't know. When I hear the word 'perfect', I can't help but-
Zayn: (interrupts him) Ohhh so te think Tracy's perfect...
Harry: te really are in love, bro...
Niall: (smling)
With the girls...
Via: Where are the boys?
El: At the Entertainment room...
Via: Oh..
El: I'll just get some snacks at the kitchen. (walks towards the cucina and gets some snacks)
Via: (to Tracy) Trace, what do te think about Niall?
Tracy: Niall?
Via: Duh.. The boy who greeted te at the door. The blonde boy.
Tracy: Oh..uhmmm... He's cute..
Via: Just cute?
Tracy: He's famous and honestly, he became più handsome when he got his braces. (chuckles and blushes)
Via: Oi.. you're blushing.. (giggling)
Tracy: me?
Via: yeah. te are blushing..
Tracy: (smiles)
Eleanor came up to them and brought some snacks. She put it on the tavolo and sat beside Via.
El: So te like Niall?
Tracy: Maybe.

There was a silence between the girls. Via broke the silence.
Via: So how's London?
Tracy: Well, the Styles-Connelly Wedding is the No. 1 topic of the internet, news and everywhere.
Via: Oh. (smiles) So where are te staying?
Tracy: Oh. I forgot to contact the hotel. Can i borrow your phone?
El: No need, Tracy. I'll ask the boys if te can stay here at the Villa. (smiles)
Tracy: Thank you.
Via: (to El) So how's the relationship going on with te and Louis?
El: It was great. successivo mese will be our first anniversary and I think Louis will throw a big party.
Via: I bet the boys are going to invite celebrities.
El: Yeah. (to Tracy) te can come to the party.
Tracy: (smiles) We'll see...