Niall: (gets outside the store bringing the huge teddy bear)
Tracy: (eating and sees him) Hey.
Niall: Hey. (gives the teddy orso to her)
Tracy: For me?
Niall: I know te want it.. (smiles)
Tracy: (smiles) Wow.. (gets up and hugs him) Thank you. (pulls away and hugs the bear) I Amore it.
Niall: (thinks: my first hug with her.. ahhhh) push the button at the center...
Tracy: Okay. (pushes the button) Woah...

Teddy orso (TB): Hi, I'm Niall!

Tracy: (laughs) This is good, Niall.. (clicks the button again)
Niall: hey, No-

TB: I Amore you, Tracy!

Tracy: (shocked and looks at Niall)
Niall: (blushes)
Tracy: (chuckles)
Niall: It's true...
Tracy: Really?
Niall: Yeah... I- I like you.
Tracy: Oh uhmmm (looks down)
Niall: (kisses her cheek)
Tracy: (smiles)
Niall: Don't worry, Trace, I also don't want it to take it fast.. I just want te to know my real feelings for you..
Tracy: (smiles and hugs him) Thanks for understanding, Niall.
Niall: (hugs back) Anything for you...
Back at the villa at the living room...
El sitting beside Louis.. niall sitting beside Tracy... Zayn and liam are playing the gadget they bought at WestField the two boys are having fun... Via is sitting beside eleanor while harry is sitting beside Zayn.. They are sitting across from each other...

Via is still mad at Harry.. Harry feels guilty.. Via and Harry watch the six people around them who's really happy. Via watches Lou and El. Lou gives a collana to El that he bought at WestField. Niall is talking with Tracy about the bear. While Zayn and Liam is playing gadgets. Via gets bored that's why she get upstairs.. Harry watches her leaving...
At her bedroom.. she changes her outfit into this: link

She lays on her bed, gets her Mac and writes on her journal...
I had a fight with Harry. I hate it. He's just over- reacting.. He got angry when he saw my last night Canto with Liam.. Yes, I know it's kinda cute if boys get jealous but I really want our relationship to last forever especially now that we're getting married..

Via: (finishes Scrivere on her journal and drift off to sleep... suddenly, she heard a knock..) Come in. (gets up and sits on her bed)
???: (opens the door) Hey.
Via: (gets mad) what are te doing here?
???: I just want to say sorry. I just over- reacted. I'm so sorry..
Via: Okay. You're forgiven. te may go now, Harry..
Harry: That's it?
Via: Yeah. I detto you're forgiven.
Harry: (sits on her bed)
Via: Harry, please..
Harry: (places a soft baciare on her lips)
Via: (kisses back)
Harry: (lays on superiore, in alto of her and now they're lying on the bed)
Via: Harry, get off me...
Harry: (chuckles) No.
Via: (laughs) Harry...
Harry: (kisses her)
Via: (kisses back)
Harry: (turns the baciare into a long sweet kiss)

And te know what happens next.. hahahaha...