Via's outfit: link
Hair: (straightened)

Liam: (sitting beside Via)
Harry: (sitting beside Via)
Via: (between Harry and Liam)
Zayn: (finishes eating) da the way, Harry..
Harry: (eating and looks at Zayn) yeah?
Zayn: Where did te sleep last night? Liam and I have been looking for you?
Harry: Oh uhmmm.. (glances at Via)
Via: (looks down)
Harry: I slept at the guest room... (nervous)
Tracy: But the guest room is occupied da me..
Harry: yeah but we have two guestrooms..
Tracy: Okay.. (continues eating)
After breakfast at the shore..
Via: (sitting on a hammock)
Harry: Hey.
Via: Hey. (smiles)
Harry: (sits beside her since the hammock is quite big and wraps his arms around her)
Via: (rests her head on his shoulder)
Harry: (kisses her forehead) about last night-
Via: (puts her finger on his lips) Shhh... Let's not talk about it... (smiles)
Harry: Okay..
Zayn: (listening to them and thinks: last night? so harry slept with Via last night?)
At Via's bedroom...
Via: (sits on her dressing able and sees this: link ) Oh my god... Wow.. (wears it) it beautiful.. (sees a notebook on the tavolo and reads it: link )
At Louis and Eleanor's party at the villa...
Via's outfit: link
Tracy's: link
El's: link

venue: link
Harry and Via at a table...
Harry: I'll just go to the restroom okay?
Via: Okay...
Harry: (kisses her cheek and leaves)
Via: (smiles)

Someone taps her shoulder...
???: Hi, I'm Cody..
Via: (turns around) Oh, Cody Simpson. Lou told us you're coming to the party..

This is Cody: link

Cody: So, Via, I heard te and Harry are getting married... (drinks his soda)
Via: Errmm yeah. we are.. (smiles)
Cody: Oh. When?
Via: Maybe successivo year...
Cody: That's great...

Harry gets out of the restroom and sees Cody and Via talking...

Cody: So your mom and dad are in the bahamas..
Via: yeah. And how did te know?
Cody: My parents are also on a business trip with them..
Via: Oh... That's cool

Harry: (watching them and gets jealous)
???: (approaches him) hey, harry..
Harry: Ariana. What's up?

This is Ariana: link.

Ariana: (flirts with him) Nothing.. I just want to hang out with you..
Harry: What?
Ariana: I like you.
Harry: I have a girlfriend.. so stay away from me... (about to leave)
Ariana: (kisses him)

Cody: (sees Ariana and Harry kissing) Oh Via, don't turn around...
Via: Why?
Cody: Just don't..
Via: (turns around and sees Ariana and Harry kissing. tears are streaming down her face)

The four boys, liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis.. sees Ariana and Harry..
Niall: (sees Via crying) I think world war III is going to start..
Zayn: (goes to Via) Via.

Ariana: (stops baciare Harry and smiles)
Via: (goes to Harry and slaps him hard crying)
Zayn: (tries to stop her)
Harry: Via, I'm sorry I didn't mean to-
Via: Shut up!!!! (cries hard and hits his chest)
Zayn: Via. Let's get out of here..
Via: (removes the ring on her finger and throws it to Harry) Stay away from me! (runs to the puntellare, riva and cries hard)
The four boys looks at him like we-didn't-expect-you-to-do-that.