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 The story cover <3
The story cover <3
Note:guys..the 3rd chapter is here! and the boys will finally appear in the story and it will be just about how they managed to be part of the big contest..and i will surely make up a performance and an agent and other stuff and i hope it won't look stupid! that's how the chapter will start then we will sposta to how the girls found out about the contest..i hope te guys will like might be extra long but..enjoy <3
<< In Canada >>
The boys just got back from a huge performance in Canada..they are too tired to even change their clothes, as soon as they stepped into their bus they quickly laid down and closed their eyes, they didn't sleep but they just wanted to rest their heads from all the screaming fans.

"God..I am so tired" detto Harry rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"We are all tired" detto Louis replying to Harry and started to take off his shoes.

The boys were all getting read to rest after their long performance that night, Harry was checking his twitter and Niall was having a late nigh snack, Louis and Zayn were just watching TV and Liam was just brushing his teeth getting ready for bed.

Then the phone started ringing.

"Somebody pick it up" detto Zayn and looked at the rest of the boys and none of them paid any attention to him.

"Alright" detto Zayn and got up to pick up the phone.

"Hello" detto Zayn in an annoyed voice, cos what kinda person would call right now.

"Good evening, Zayn" detto the woman on the phone.

Then Zayn recognized her straight away, it was Amanda their agent.

"Oh, Amanda..that's you! um..good evening to te too" replied Zayn still annoyed.

"I am calling to tell te that i am gonna drop da te guys..cos i have something important to tell you" detto Amanda.

"Um..i don't know..we are just tired right now but if its really important then o.k" detto Zayn

"O.k..i am on my way" detto Amanda then hung up.

Zayn put the phone back and just stared weirdly.

"Who was it?" Asked Louis.

"Its was Amanda" replied Zayn.

"Amanda? what did she want?" asked Louis.

"She detto she is coming over her to talk to us about something important" detto Zayn and then got over that feeling he had.

"That's weird! she is coming now? doesn't she know we are tired as hell right now?" asked Louis getting annoyed.

"I don't know o.k? but if it wasn't very important, she wouldn't have told us she is coming" explained Zayn and then continued to watch TV leaving Louis quite confused.

After 30 minuti there was a knock on their bus door. Zayn opened and it was Amanda, their solid looking agent. she had black hair and brown eyes that scare te when they are angry and she was always serious, never accepted fun and that's why she wasn't so close with the boys, they just considered her as their agent.

"Good evening boys!" detto Amanda looking weirdly excited.

"Hey Amanda" detto Harry after h was done checking his twitter.

"So..what makes te give us this late night visit?" asked Niall, and he was done with his snack so he was able to talk.

"Well I got an exciting offer and i couldn't tell te guys about it on the phone so I came to tell te about it face to face" replied Amanda.

The boys all turned their attention towards her and sat down to know what's this exciting offer Amanda is talking about.

"So..i got a call from an important school in the USA, it has lots of crazy fan and their principle wanted to organize a special contest cos she was much interested in how te guys have now worldwide fame..she wanted to mostra her students that she cares about their interests and wanted to organize something that will make the reputation of her school much much know not every school could have a One Direction contest organized in it" explained Amanda.

There was silence after Amanda was done talking, and the boys looked quite impressed with the offer but then Niall broke the silence.

"But what kinda contest would it be? i mean i don't quite understand what we will be doing" asked Niall.

Then Amanda turned towards him.
"You won't be doing anything, Niall..what i liked is the contest's idea..its all about an announcement in the school and of course the contest will get entries from almost all the girls in the school and they will be asked to right a kind of essay about why they want to win and how te guys affected their life and stuff like that then we gather all the essays and we choose the best three which will be the winners and they will get to travel around the UK for 3 weeks with te guys, so what do te think?" Amanda finished and waited for the boys to reply.

The boys looked at each other. Harry started to smile widely but the rest of he boys were thinking about it.
It was something one of a kind and Amanda was right, not every school would have such a contest organized in it, they would also make 3 lucky fan one of the happiest girls in the world and most importantly they would get to know the fan for real and know how they think and probably go on an adventure with them, its was an amazing idea.

"I am in" detto Harry smiling widely and looking at the rest of the boys waiting to know what they decide.

"I Amore the idea" detto Zayn.

"Me too" replied Liam.

Louis waited a little then he decided "Let's go for it!"

"Brilliant! i am already excited" detto Niall cheerfully.

"So te guys agree? so I should call the principle tomorrow?" asked Amanda smiling widely.

"YES! Amanda this is brilliant! call the principle and tell her that we are fully into this contest" replied Niall.

"Great! I knew te would like the idea..anyway i should be going now..lots of work to do, its not easy being your agent te know" detto Amanda and stood up and walked towards the door.

"O.k Amanda..thanks for coming and keep us updated, o.k?" detto Harry.

"Of course Harry! goodnight boys" detto Amanda and waved her hand goodbye and walked out of the bus.

Harry closed the door behind her and then looked at the boys still smiling widely.

"So? what do te guys think? i think its an amazing idea" detto Harry

"Yeah i Amore it!" replied Liam.

All the boys looked happy and excited about the contest and they cheerfully accepted the principle's offer, they really couldn't wait to see what comes up.
<<In the USA>>
Lucy woke up and it was just another morning in her boring life, she woke up extra early this morning cos she slept well the other night.
So far the new school is great! she got lots of new Friends and everyone likes her in class..of course not everyone is friendly and sweet and she did get in trouble for fighting with the meanies pack più than once but she didn't like thinking about it cos it ruins her mood.

After she got ready for school, she went downstairs to see the breakfast ready as usual and her mom and dad waiting for her on the cucina table.

"Good morning mom and dad" detto Lucy looking at her parents and joining them on breakfast.

"Good morning Honey! Oh i see woke up extra early this morning..well done cos its not a good thing to wake up just a few minuti before your bus arrives" detto her mom smiling like she does everyday.

"Good morning Honey" detto her dad and he looked less solid this morning.

Lucy looked at him weirdly. "wow, dad are te o.k? te don't sound angry at me like te do every morning" asked Lucy.

"Yes honey I am fine, and what's wrong if i smile to my daughter on breakfast?" replied her dad.

"....O.k" detto Lucy still in shock.

Then the bus arrived and Lucy heard the horn then she got electrified as usual and hurried towards the door.

"Bye mom, Bye dad!" detto Lucy and waved before she gets in the bus.

She found Rebeka waiting in their usual sede, sedile and she smiled when she saw Lucy.

"Hey Lucy!" detto Rebeka.

"Hi Rebeka" replied Lucy.

"We have got a long giorno ahead of us te know" detto Rebeka.

"Why? won't it be like every other school day?" asked Lucy wondering what would make this giorno different.

"Kathy didn't tell you?! Well..she told she heard the principle talking to some woman about a contest that's gonna be organized in school" explained Rebeka.

"Oh my God! Kathy must have forgot to tell me..but what kinda contest? i am curious now!" replied Lucy and yes she was now on fuoco to know più about this mysterious contest the principle was thinking about. "Did she tell te anything else?"

"No, she didn't hear clearly, she heard that da accident while she was passing da the principle's office..Thank God she heard something anyway" detto Rebeka.

Then they reached Kathy's house and she got on the bus and as soon as she reached Lucy and Rebeka they started flooding her with domande but she didn't tell them anything cos the only thing she heard was what Rebeka told Lucy.

They reached the school and started walking inside and when the girls reached their lockers they started talking.

"God..i am too curious now..what kinda contest would it be? i mean in our old school all the contests were like poesia contest and sporting competitions..if the principle WILL organize a contest, i hope it will be something different than that" detto Lucy looking excited.

"Yeah i hope so too" replied Kathy and then they walked towards their Math class while Rebeka went to her Chemistry class.

They got teased da the meany girls like all giorno but they ignored them as usual till it was lunch time.
Michele got a tavolo for them as usual BUT what made them on fuoco was that Michele told them the principle will have an important announcement to make during lunch and they knew it was about that contest.

They were eating then suddenly they saw the principle coming from the hallway and walking towards the microphone that was placed in front of all the tables.
Then she started talking and everyone was quiet.

"Good afternoon students" she started. "I am sorry for interrupting your lunch but I have an important announcement to make, it may not be important to all of te but i will tell te anyway"

"Our school will be hosting a HUGE contest very soon" she detto then everyone were staring excitedly at her.

"Its a One Direction contest" she continued then half of the girls were about to scream.

"We will be hosting a contest to find the three most dedicated fan in our school, which will be lucky enough to travel around the UK with the boys for 3 weeks straight" she detto and waited for the screams to come.

Almost all the girls scream even Kathy but Rebeka and Lucy just stared at the principle as if she is an angel.

"Please let me continue" she detto then the girls stopped screaming. "Thank you"

"We told the Band's agent about the idea and she asked the boys and they agreed, they even cheerfully welcomed the idea, BUT we are still not sure of how to start the organization of the contest so we don't know when te can enter" she said. "but we will inform te when everything's set but now te just get ready cos we WILL host the contest, but we just need to get the preparations done.

"Thank te for listening and we will keep te updated" she finished and went off the hallway and as soon as she stepped out, the scream almost broke the school windows.

Lucy was still in shock but Rebeka started screaming with Kathy.

"OH MY GOD! I CAN'T BELIEVE WE WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO MEET THE BOYS! AAHH!" Kathy screamed towards Lucy trying to wake her up from her shock.

"I can't believe this" Lucy finally talked.

"OH MY GOD!" Kathy was still screaming.

Lucy stared at her the screaming girls around her and felt like she has farfalle in her tummy then she started to breathe fast cos she couldn't believe that they now finally have a chance to meet the boys and actually get to know them.

she couldn't believe they had a chance to make their biggest and most impossible dream come true.[/i]
==>Sorry this chapter was too long but exciting! and i hope te liked the boys' part cos i think it stinks..i hope i get many fan and commenti over this chapter and i will make sure to post the successivo one as soon as possible :)
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1 : the worst walk to school
Aaliya's POv: I woke up and saw the clock we were going be late today . I always used to drive us there. I got dressed so dd zee . I wore white camicia vth black pants and made a pony tail. . I was pissed bcz today my car was punched. Zee was still sleepy . 
Alice: zee we have to walk today 
Zee: oh no I m sleepy 
Aaliya: plz walk 
Zee: fine 
Aaliya: let's race 
Zee: I m in 
We both started running when I dashed into someone. He dropped coffee at my shirt. 
Aaliya: dude plz open ur eyes 
Xxx: I m so sorry 
Aaliya: u owe me something 
Xxx: here buy another shirt
He handed...
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posted by aanikamerchant
Chapter 18:The roller coaster

Aaliya's POV: my stomach started to pain più n più n this time I was having a slide headache . I reached the roller coaster area n saw e Evryone talking about their baciare pics. They were so eager to knw about that person. 
Zayn : Hw did that person come to knw about us that we are here 
Harry : yep some question 
Aaliya: high everyone
Tiffany : u alright 
Aaliya: totally 
Tiffany :do lets rid the roller coaster

Niall'sPoV: Aaliya was kind of not feeling well. Bt she was nt mostrare it either. I was worried for her. I heard Liam scream from far n running towards...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Dawson POV:

I was walking towards my English class when someone pulled mu da my sleeve into a closet. It was dark and I couldn't see anything.
"Hello?" I asked but they covered my mouth. It was a girl, I could tell da her perfume.
"Dawson..." I new instantly who it was but why would she pull me into a closet?
"Raylee?" I asked but she shut me up with her lips. I pushed her away.
"Raylee! What are te doing?!"
"Dawson.. I Amore you," She tried to baciare me but I stopped her.
"No, Kevin is one of my Friends and..."
"What are te doing?!" I turned around and saw Kevin at the door.
"Kevin..." Raylee...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Authors Note: please don’t cry I cried just Scrivere thisL

Ruby’s P.O.V

I woke up and was getting some break-fast. The house got fixed and so did Madison’s room. I was eating Harry woke up and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and finished my eggs and bacon. Niall smelled the Cibo and came running. I laugh and we all eat together smiling and laughing.
__________________________6 hours later____________________________

I was with Harry watching T.V when we heard a glass break. I got up and ran to go get the boys. I turned and somebody grabbed me with a rag. I fell and banged my head HARD.

Harry’s P.O.V

I got the boys and we were fighting them all of. I turned and saw some bow and arrows that Madison had when she was doing archery. I ran and got them I had no Idea how to work this thing. Madison got them and shot them all. I turn and saw ruby on the floor. I ran and picked her up. She looked life-less.
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Aria POV:

I woke up and got dressed for school
I looked at my phone and I had three miss calls from Harry. I left my phone on the cucina tavolo and went to school. After school ended I walked out and saw Tiffany talking to someone. I walked closer and it was Harry. I looked at the ground and ran to my car. I drove off. I went home and walked inside.
"How was school?" My cousin Ken said.
"Fine!" I yelled then ran to my room. I sat down on my California King letto and looked out my window.
I felt a tear go down my cheek. I sat in my letto for awhile then when it got dark I changed and went walking....
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Harry's P. O.V.

Niall came running back with excitment, I was worried that he had asked out Shae.
"Guys guess what" Niall detto running through the door. We couldn't guess becaue he told us straight away.
"I asked out Shae, and she detto YES" Niall said.
"Harry this means te have to ask out Shannon" Louis detto looking at me.
" yeah I know" I said.
"Well go ask her now" Liam detto pointing at the door.
"He can't because Shannon and Shae are getting ready for breakfast" Niall said.
"I'll ask her at breakfast then" I said.
"Okay just remember that we wi be watching" Zayn said. I think he knew that I wad...
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Zayn's POV
What's the matter with her? Gosh. I have to admit I Amore to hear her voice. Emilia Eduque and Via has the same voice. Oh god. I really miss Via. I really want to see her badly.. God, give me a sign please.
I look at my window and glances at Emilia Eduque's house. I saw her at her window. I need to see her face because I can only see her hair. When she was about to close her window, at last! I saw her face and she is so beaut- VIA! No Zayn. You're just imagining. No.
No. It is really Via. The girl I really love.

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~ With Stephanie and Niall ~
Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
    This was going great . We went to so many stores . I was having the time of my life . I could tell Niall was too . Then we went to the Cibo court . Niall was very hungry . When we went there we saw Liam and Louis there too . A couple of minuti later viola , Harry , and Zayn . Then we all order our Cibo . Niall and I got burgers and fries with cokes . Liam and Louis have pizza with cokes . Zayn had a insalata with water . viola and Harry shared fries and a shake . They were feeding each other fries and drinking one...
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author's note: sorry it's quite short. Hope you'll like it and commento :)) xx

Niall’s P.O.V.
Amy is still sleeping and she needs to go modeling in two hours and it’s quite far from here. I don’t know what to do. Okay I’m going to wake her up gently and if this doesn’t work, I’m going to use the guitar! I push her shoulder gently for like 3 minuti but she didn’t even open an eye. I got up and went to get my guitar. I still remember the song in Harry’s bungalow so I’m going to wake her up like this.
-It’s time to get up in the morning...IT’S TIME TO GET UP TIME TO GET UP!!...
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one giorno me and one of my Friends went shopping and as we arrived infront of the mall .. we saw lots of photographers and reporters . we had no idea what was happening inside but we decided not to ruin our giorno just for that silly thing it may be an accident that happened o something .. but then i chose a fancy dress that i really liked .. and i went into a fitting room just as a hand grabs me quickly and someone puts his hand on my mouth .. when i looked at that person it was zayn just at that moment i started to sniff as if i was about to cry .. zayn just stroke my arm and detto ."don't be...
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