ciao guys i'm gonna cancella this story but i felt bad for my readers so i'm gonna turn it into a one shot.A one shot is a short story that sums everything up.Some things may change from the one shot to the story here we go
Allyce POV
"Stop N-Niall' i laughed.My best friend Niall Horan had just came back from tour and he was tickling me at our old hang out.Things had changed between us since we had to fake data but that's not the weird part.We've been recitazione più like a couple in the public o not.I mean don't get me wrong i do have a crush on him but some days i think that he likes me.My phone buzzed in my pocket so i reached out to get it as Niall got of of me.
From Ruby,
ciao Girly wanna have a triple data me te Annabell Liam Harry and Niall?

i replied with a sure.You see Ruby and Harry were dating and Liam and Annabell were dating.I met Annabell when i bumped into her on the road and she introduced me to her cheeky sister Ruby."We're going on a triple data with Ruby,Anna,Liam,and Harry,Ni" i detto as i sat up from the freshly green grass."Alright" he detto as he got up.He offered me his hand which i gladly took and we headed to our shared flat."Liam just texted me saying to dress up nice" Niall proclaimed as we separated."Alright we should go and get ready" i said.I went into my room looking through all my clothes looking for a nice dress to wear.I wore this
(yes with all the jewelry)
with these shoes
It took me about two hours in total to find the right things like makeup shoes etc.I was fixing my hair as Niall's voice rang "Allyce we have to be there in 10 minutes" "Alright Ni' i detto as i adjusted the final touches on my hair.I exited my room and saw Niall in the living room.He hooked his arm around mine as he whispered a soft "You look beautiful" in my ear i blushed and replied with a thank you.We arrived at fancy restaurant were it was completely deserted except for the waiters."Ni where is everyone" i looked over to him and he took my hand and led me to a tavolo in the middle of the restaurant.He pulled out my sede, sedile like a gentlemen and sat down on the other side of the table."Ni what's going on?" "Allyce i had liked te since i met te and your so sweet and i was wondering if this fake dating would become real?" he asked hopefully.I lent over the tavolo and kissed his lips softly as my answer.I was now officially Niall Horan's girlfriend.Not fake but real.And to think It All Started Because Of A chitarra Lesson
Hope te liked it and please don't still my story i spent a lot of time working on it