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 Admire Them In Snapbacks,Please
Admire Them In Snapbacks,Please
WOAH! Count down...4 parts left! xD Kay,be awesome and put links in the commenti to YOUR stories if te want me to read them! Haha. Kay,bye-bye

Hanna's P.O.V
I won't just simply let that image of Rubz go. She was hurt and I knew it was someone hurting her. But if it was HER hurting herself,I would make her quit it o put her into intervention. Harry,on the otherhand,was protective over all of us. Cher,Ruby,Madison,Liam,Louis,Zayn,Niall,and I. Also the One Direction 'family' also known as the Directioners.
"Hanna,babe,can te just calm down for now?" Harry whispered as I shivered,my head resting on his lap
We were in the living room,waiting for Louis to finish talking to Ruby,who were both upstairs. I closed my eyes,putting a hand on Harry's leg.
"I'm trying,'s just sick that some girl would do that to Rubz" I muttered,reaching a hand up to Harry's curls
Harry grabbed my hand,kissing it lightly,"Hey,Louis will take care of it"
I nodded,"Is that how you'll be with Darcy?"
"Darcy...that beautiful child. I'll be protective over my sweet Darcy that belongs to the most beautiful girl I've met" Harry whispered,bending down to where his head met mine
I giggled,"What if we have a boy,Haz?"
"We'll name him whatever te want" Harry smiled
"Edward Louis Styles" I giggled again
Harry held my hand in his warm hand,"I like that,babe"
I glanced into Harry's eyes,"I really Amore you,Harry..."
"I know. I Amore te much più than anyone can Amore you. It's probably impossible for Amore to be this great for someone" Harry kissed my cheek lightly
I blushed lightly,"It's impossible for someone to Amore te as much as I do,Hazza boo"
Louis came downstairs,"I found out who it was"
"Really?" Harry and I asked at the same time
"Some girl named Ashley" Louis stared at us,"Sound familiar?"
"No.." Harry and I said,AGAIN
Louis sighed,"It's Jeniffer's little sister"
Harry's eyes widened,"WHAT?"
"I'm relying on te to fix this,Haz. If my sister comes here,everyday,with a new injury..I will go over there and beat up Ashley" Louis sighed
Harry stared into my eyes,"Hanna.."
"I don't know. Do what te have to,Haz. But don't let her trick you." I stood up,crashing my lips to Harry's. I pulled away,going upstairs to my room,to take a nap.
"Have a good nap,Hanna boo" Louis exclaimed
I saw Liam,Zayn,and Niall saw me. I waved at them,going into my room. It smelled strongly of Hazza. I smiled,thinking of Harry and I's talk about Darcy and Edward. I loved how we just started planning it out. I wish we could go along with the plan. But I knew Jeniffer would do anything to get in Harry's pants. But Harry was a promising man. I had faith in my soon-to-be-husband. I always had faith in him.
 "..I Had Faith In Him.."
"..I Had Faith In Him.."
posted by lois4
It's just been announced that Radio 1 will broadcast The Story Of One Direction between 9-10pm on BBC Radio 1, Monday 2nd April 2012. The press release states;

"One Direction invite Radio 1 Stories to follow them as they hit America for the first time. With full access to the boy band on the road as they tour with Nickleodeon act Big Time Rush, and prepare to launch their debut album in the country, we find out what it's like to be a Brit band breaking the US.

"And breaking it they are - with fan chasing their tourbus down the strada, via and trying to break into their hotel rooms, pre-sales of the album going stratospheric, an appearance on the Today mostra that drew a larger crowd than Lady Gaga, and US radio hosts comparing the frenzy to Beatlemania."

"With a chance the band, who formed during the 2010 X Factor, are about to break records for the highest US billboard album chart debut, Radio 1 gets the full behind the scenes story.

"Be prepared for the screaming."
posted by Vampire_Lover97
 Made by: Nevenkastar
Made by: Nevenkastar
Hi:) Here is 2nd part and sorry about grammar :)


Liam's POV
''Oh God , where are they?'' , I asked Louis.
''Maybe they won't come.'', Louise answered sad.
''And why do te two care so much?'', Harry laughed ''Someone fall in love'' , He started to sing.I don't know why , but i feel like Harry wants them to come too.
''Where is Zayn?'' Harry asked .
''You know him , baby is still sleeping at home , but he will come later'' Niall replied.
( Half ora latter)
''There they are, finally.'' Louise said.
''Hey! te are late!!!'' I yelled.
''So what? We didn't...
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 Made by: Vampire_Lover97
Made by: Vampire_Lover97
Hey...Here's The 1st Part Of The Story..Hope te Like It...Comment If te Do...LoL

Lucy’s POV
Another boring giorno in L.A. Yeah, It’s boring in L.A. Ok it’s not boring for the others just for me. Why? Because I have a boring life. I have, of course, friends. 4 friends, which I all Amore very much. We all go to the same high school. Every giorno I get up, I take a shower, get dresses, do my hair and make-up and go eat breakfast before I go to school. It’s not like I don’t like my life o my Friends o my family, it’s just that I think it’s too boring for me.
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posted by mina27
- liams middle name is james

- 3 words liam uses to describe himself is hungry happy and singer

- liam thinks he talks funny

- liams favourite sport is boxing

- liam hates physics

- liams favourite number is 1

- liam is the only member of one direction that calls harry 'hazza'

- if liam couldnt be a singer he would be a property developer

- liams favourite animal is a monkey

- liams favourite shoe brand is converse

- liams favourite type of shoes are boots

- liams favourite flavour of crisps are ready salted

- liam was born on 29 august 1993
Chap 1: Amore at first sight
Part 1: Introduction.
Isabella Lockwood – 16 years old – now lives with her father and her younger sister. When she was just 6, she had a boyfriend who lived successivo to her house. One time she was bitten da a poisonous snake and he saved her from the death. They became to Amore each other so much. But 1 anno later, he had to sposta to a far city and they couldn’t keep in touch any longer. Since then, she became to be very silent.
Now she is considered as an odd loser in her school. She always hits the libri and gains best marks. Her preferito Musica is classical music....
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Part 2
Harry's P.O.V :
8 a.m .
I decided to go to buy some hamburgers and drinks for breakfast. Having bought all, I was walking slowly along the road when a girl accidentally crashed into me.
All the Cibo fell over and my coffee...
OMG ! My new T-shirt was covered with the coffee and food. più suddenly her words like flying off the handle made me feel... :
" Such an crazy day!"
OMG! It was her fault! Why on earth could she tell me that? What an impolite girl!
Her face was made grimaces:
" Pack off! I don't want to have arguement with anyone else. Go away! "
Okay, I was always a nice...
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posted by lois4
One Direction like to flirt. They can dress it up whichever way they like, but we’ve had first hand experience of that cheeky glint in their eyes and how every girl in the vicinity’s knees suddenly go weak when they enter a room.

For this reason we’re a little surprised at how coolly certain members of the band were when heat magazine questioned them on their flirtatious antics.

When asked who gets the most numbers Louis Tomlinson immediately detto “Harry”, to which Mr Styles corrected: “I don’t get the most numbers.” The Tomlinator then said: “Zayn’s the dark horse”, while...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
The clean cut fivesome have apparently enjoyed one too many late nights out ahead of the release of debut single What Makes te Beautiful, and bosses at the label want to make sure they are tucked up in letto soon after midnight from now on.

One Direction will be tucked up in letto da the early hours (Pic: PA)

According to the Sun, the restrictive curfew was put in place following the band's antics at X Factor winner Alexandra Burke's birthday bash.

When a minder attempted to extract the mischievous teens from the celebrations at Londra club Gilgamesh, they apparently ran away and hid in the gents...
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When the party had finished, we made our way to niall’s apartment. We got some alcohol out of the fridge and lois put a DVD on.

It was ‘The Hangover II’ I couldn’t wait to see it, it was meant to be so funny, and the first one was brilliant.

“I’m just going to the bathroom guys.” Zayn announced halfway through the movie.

We didn’t reply and just nodded as we were glued to the film. Zayn gave Amanda a baciare and went upstairs.

Kate was already upstairs because she had a bad headache from the alcohol.

Zayn’s P.O.V:

I went upstairs and into the bathroom. When I got out, kate was...
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Chow down boys.

We make One Direction do a lot of silly things in the name of comedic joy, and this video is no exception. After we asked them all to climb into a giant pair of pants (which they did here), sign the knickers and then answer some totally serious and necessary domande about each other (here), we've asked Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan to compete against each other in a donut eating competition.


The results were pretty shocking.

If te don't want us to spoil it for te then just click on to the successivo page straight away and watch the...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
An ora later....

I was feeling so much better. The thought of Niall and Emily was finally drifting out of my head.

"Come in the pool girls" the boys shouted.
The were all recitazione like idiots in the pool, splashing around and shouting.
Whilst me and the girls were sunbathing whilst watching them.
"Noo" Rebeca laughed.
"Ill come in" I smiled.
"And me" Amy grinned.
Me and Amy got off the sun beds and took our flip flops off.
Louis got out of the pool, picked me up and threw me in.
I felt my body go under the water then float back up the surface.
"Oh im...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
"HELLO DER SPAIN" Louis screamed.
We were all in fits of laughter.

We all walked to the airport in couples, but all walked together if te get me.
We all ran up to the things that moves around and collected our lugage.
I spotted my bright rosa suitcase straight away.
But i had to wait a while to find my dull pull along bag.
Everyone had their lugage exept Niall.

"Where your suitcases then Niall" i asked.
"They are coming now i can see them" Niall smiled.
As they came past us Niall lifted them off the thing that moved and we all followed the crowd to the buses.

We eventually got on the bus and the bus...
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My names Jess. I have curly light brown hair and bright blue eyes.
I have a twin sister called Maryanne. We don’t look anything alike though. She has straight blonder hair and brown eyes. I’ve lived in Wales all my life, but recently my parents got divorced so me, my sister Maryanne and my mum moved to London....

We finally got to the street. It was a 5 hours journey from Cardiff to London. It was really tiring and I was so happy to get to our new home. My mum pulled outside the house and I really couldn’t get over how big the house was!
"WOW" I detto as my eyes...
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In perhaps one of the most random celebrity couplings ever, One Direction's Niall Horan is apparently dating Gillian McKeith's daughter Skylar.
The 17-year-old singer apparently hit it off with 16-year-old Skylar when they met backstage on one of The X Factor live shows.
Skylar postato a picture of herself when Niall and Harry from One Direction with the caption: 'With @Harry_styles and @niallofficial from @onedirection backstage at @thexfactor.'
Most random celebrity couple ever? One Direction's Niall Horan is detto to be dating Gillian McKeith's daughter Skylar

Skylar appears to be keen to make...
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