One Direction Fanfiction (bored)

Wwefa1 posted on Feb 13, 2012 at 08:55AM
Cool locker Martha my friend Lux stated staring my posters of five boys down who are them she pointed as I quickly shut my locker door ready to reveal who were these five amazing boys that covered my notebooks as well um...the hottest boy band since nkotb (new kids on the block) I answered as she glanced sideways at me dont tell me these are the guys you've been rambling about in concert tonight Lux asked erm...uh duh I stated back I most go to this concert tonight and plus I've already paid for the v.i.p package tell me your going I said as we walked into science class Mrs.Perry the science teacher was already handing out class work not again Lux whispered loud enough for everyone to hear and making the whole entire class laugh QUIET!!! Mrs.Perry yelled Ms.Martin (Lux) is there anything you like to say to the class she added waiting for Lux to respond with a usual no then follow the directions she said direction I repeated under my breath I couldnt help but stare at the clock that hung on the wall anxious for tonight I was gonna be able to meet this famous band I rushed out of the school building wait for me I heard a familliar voice shout I turned around an there was Lux and Denver another friend of mine walking up whats happening Denver shouted her favorite catch phrase was just heading to Everred mall I said looking around the concert tonight I cant wait Denver shouted repeating her annoying catch phrase can you be quiet your making us all look like idiots Lux complained speak for yourself Denver argued as Lux threw her hands in the air we always shop at everred its so dead there say we should head to this new store they have right down the street called Serrita's I heard my sis talking to her friend yesterday about the store she said its the best Lux added with a huge grin on her face your sister!!! me and Denver repeated your sister Tasha really I cant believe you are taking advice from HER I said looking shocked cause Lux and her sister Tasha never got along I know I know Tasha is the most ridiculous little twat I know but this place sounds so good I just gotta see it for myself Lux said as we got infront of the huge brick building I pushed open the glass door as we all stepped inside the store it had a kinda cool theme to it you know wasn't to much wasn't to less yum it smells like chicken Denver said following the food aroma me and Lux watched as she walked into this boy holding a bucket of chicken in one hand sorry she repeated almost stuttering Lux and me walked up to get a better view and found the guy was had sauce on his flanner its ok he said looking suprised by me and Lux appearence look what you did now Lux said making Denver even more embarassed her face got redder i'm sorry Denver repeated again as I handed her napkins and she handed it to the boy who wiped his shirt its not coming off Lux stated as everyone stared at her what its not my fault i'm just saying that sauce stain is gonna take some detergent to get out and thats such a nice flanner.......Lux said stoping waiting for the boy to give his name nn..he said hardly getting it out before another boy walked up whats going on mate he asked looking concern nating jast a bit of sauce on me flanner the boy with the sauce on his shirt said still trying to rub the sauce stain away ACCENTS lux added catching everyones attention really? Lux I asked getting annoyed what she replied like she didn't do anything wrong I frowned my face they have accents she repeated we all can hear that I thought i'm Martha I annouced out of nowhere and thats Denver the girl who caused the whole mess Lux said and thats Lux the girl with the big mouth who cant be quiet I added making both boys laugh Lux rolled her eyes i'm Louis the boy said what about you sauce boy whats your name Lux asked I stared at denver to see if she was as shocked as I was at Lux i'm Niall he added in the strongest ireland accent I've ever heard cool names I said cutting Lux off who had a look on her face as if she was about to say something well nice to meet you two Lux said grabbing a chicken from the bucket Niall held Louis threw Lux a suprised look um I was gonna ask you were you gonna share Lux manage to say as she bit into the chicken sorry again Niall about the flanner I will buy you another Denver offered its okay Niall responded still holding tight on his bucket of chicken haha its like eighteen chickens in there are you really gonna eat all of that Denver? asked looking curious Niall didnt laugh some appetite then ahaha I added well, see you ladies around we have to get going Louis said walking away followed by Niall he is wearing suspenders to hold his shirt cause his muscles are just bulging out of his shirt Denver said laughing haha yea Lux agreed um its 4:50 and we still havent manage to even shop I said shop haha what are you talking about Martha I told you I wanted to see this store not shop here these cloths are hella expensive Lux said are you serious I shouted yea Lux said throwing her bone away in a trash bin are you f*cking serious I repeated whats the big deal Denver asked looking careless REALLY are you two serious the concert is gonna start at 7pm im gonna miss it on the count of you two I argued its only four we can call a taxi and everything will be ok Denver assured what are you talking about taxi? Lux questioned we I dont have any money for a taxi Lux admitted once again me and Denver looked at her WELL HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO GET HOME THEN LUX!!! Denver hollered sending security over is there a problem? he asked no I replied um yes it is Lux added what the f*ck are you talking about? I asked ma'm the security repeated WHAT!!! I shouted your gonna have to leave he confirmed he wants us to leave no thanks to you Lux claimed grabbing her bookbag walking to the store exit oh really I stated following her out guys ssssshhhh! please Denver uttered we all stood cold infront of the building we just should start walking Denver said as a car pulled up need a lift the person yelled from the car window we need a ride home Lux replied same thing I added its Louis Denver announced um Louis no offence but we just met you and it would be kinda awkward getting in your car I said have a nice walk then Martha Lux said getting into the car followed by Denver I felt totally dis as I got into the car as well nice porsche Lux complimenting Thanks Louis replied are you two into music I asked cause of the brown guitar behind me poking me in the back yea how did you know? Niall asked the guitar gave it away Lux replied before I could reply were in a band Niall added just the two of you Denver questioned no me,Lou and the other lads Niall answered what about you all do you play any musical instruments Louis asked I play the drums Lux boasted smiling I use to play the triangle Denver stated who cant play the triangle? Lux asked for your information its not as easy as it may seem the beater must hit the triangle at the exact time and make a certain noise if not its a diseater Denver preached yea right Lux added laughing wow Louis whispered what about you marta Niall asked I sing and stuff nothing much I muttered nothing much Lux repeated if I had a voice like that I would not be saying nothing much Lux added *ring ring ring* yea, hello yea sure ok yea were almost there Louis said puting down the blackberry (phone) who was that? Niall asked Liam louis responded Oh yea! Niall muttered glancing at Louis both boys had a slight grin on there face and I knew they were up to something just before Niall turned to us were gonna just drop this chicken off and chat up are mates then we will take you where ever you wanna go Niall stated Party time Lux shouted waving her arms in the air wait so were gonna meet the rest of the band Denver questioned uhhhh yea.. Louis answered as the car stoped infront of this huge brown building Are you guys like rich cause this place is huge Lux said making Louis laugh thanks I said as Niall opened the car door for us Louis pulled the guitar from the backseat as we all made are way towards the huge building welcome Niall said as he pushed open the door sofa's,chairs.tables and a TV feeled the room you made it! a brunette gasp running towards louis kissing him she eyed us before giving out her name I'm Eleanor she uttered holding out her hand but everyone calls me el for short she added smiling nando's a black haired boy said taking the bucket of chicken from Niall what happened to your shirt he asked long story Louis muttered glanceing at us um..Niall I thought we all agreed no bringing groupies here the black haired boy whispered loud enough for me to here were not groupies! I stated getting the black haired boy attention we stared each other down NO,Niall repeated there not groupies far from that Louis muttered we met them at the mall and offered them a ride home Niall added It felt awkward I must admit how does he think were groupies we dont even look like groupies I thought.....okay maybe just a little but that still doesnt give him the right to be so rude and so vain I thought you finally made it someone shouted coming from the other room brown hair,plaid flannel my guess is that this is the Liam guy from the phone Niall whats that on your flannel he asked touching the sauce spot smells like sauce he said sniffing his hand it tis sauce Liam Niall stated wait so how did you get sauce on your......Long story lux replied um..who are you all Liam asked I could hear little giggles and smirks and without looking I could bet you it was the black haired boy Niall repeated how he and Louis met us and how they offered us a ride home well Hi, i'm Liam Payne he said shaking are hands you girls can sit if you like theres plenty of chairs around he insisted I'm Zayn the black haired boy stated holding out his hand no one shook it instead Lux and Denver just said hi he stared almost waiting for me to say hi so funny his name rhymes with vain I thought ahahahaaha Niall laughed holding his stomach you could see Eleanor,Louis and Liam trying to hold back there laughter as well well im gonna go change me flanner be back in a bit Niall said before walking away Zayn playfully punched towards Liam Eleanor was cuddled next to Louis on the couch in the corner talking Lux and me sat at a table while Denver walked around the room No, im not playing anymore you win a girl said followed by a boy say it the boy shouted playfully getting everyones attention ok the girl repeated Harry Edward Styles is the king of fifa the girl said He beat you again Liam asked walking towards the girl wow! his hair gay for sure Lux whispered to me yea I dont know how he does it the girl responded what can I say im the best the curly haired boy boasted I dont think I can deal with all these accents at once I thought sorry boy but my friend Lux Denver said pointing to Lux who covered her face is the queen of fifa Denver added I couldnt help but laugh oh my god I whispered The boy stared at Denver like she was crazy Eleanor,Zayn,Liam and the curly haired girl all laughed I'm Danielle the curly haired girl added laughing Denver looked embarassed shes the type to speak before she thinks and that always gets her in alot of trouble Its true I am very good in fifa Lux added Harry it looks like you got competition Danielle said maybe I do Harry stated staring at Lux who had a slight grin on her face we'll just see about this Harry added I'M BACK Niall hollered entering the room holding the same guitar from the car that poked me in the back I knew someone was missing Danielle said laughing I just got this sick melody in my head Niall revealed but the probem is is it sick enough for the new album Zayn question sicker! Niall replied making everyone laugh well what are you waiting for let us hear it Louis claimed ok Niall muttered before stroking his hand on the guitar strings my heart pounded just watching him and being anxious for him to start even though I just met Niall today he seemed so nice and friendly the soft harmonic melody of the guitar playing filled the room everyone just stood basically lost on words and by the smiles on Harry and Louis face I could tell they really liked it everyone applauded as the tune came to a end please can you teach me how to play I squealed suddenly I got really hot oops! I gasped I did not just say that out loud I thought looking around ahaha Harry laughed why am I so shy I thought sure Niall replied really I said I mean cool I added I looked around to see did anyone notice If what you are doing isnt the definition of blushing I dont know what is Lux whispered to me I shook my head at her No! I whispered back wow,Niall mate that beat is great Liam said smiling yea it is but its missing one important aspect Danielle debated yea Eleanor agreed The lyrics to the song Danielle shouted I dont think the song has much chance without lyrics Zayn said we know that Zayn Harry assured Zayn hunched his shoulders making Louis laugh I know Niall agreed maybe we can start like finding the meaning of the song to get a better gesture on what we want to put in the lyrics Louis decided great Idea Eleanor said hugging lou wow! lou that is a very good idea Harry uttered smiling at Louis who smiled back and scrunch his nose at Harry I the only one that is witnessing this I thought looking around no one seemed bothered about this well I know the melody sounds kinda like a rhythm love song Liam added luv sung for sure Niall repeated it sounds the same as every single other song we had previously Zayn admitted instead of singing about going after the girl or us breaking this girl heart or wanting her back we should sing about her hurting us Zayn Announced so this is how singers create songs Denver Mumbled really smart suggestion I thought that makes since Liam added that is deep Lux claimed yea....Harry agreed wait who your all? sorry for asking rude of me not to mention he insisted tell you one thing there not groupies Zayn added leaning to tell Harry then smiling at me I'm Harry Styles he said in his deep british voice i'm Martha I said I'm Denver Rogers Denver Notified Harry smiled I know that he muttered im Lux Martin Lux stated Lux Harry repeated thats are stylist daughter name he said oh.....really so thats two things we have in common Lux responded I guess so Harry added just curious Lux and Denver both said there last names but you didnt martha danielle Pointed out lux threw me a worryed look martha doesnt like denver began to say before I cut her off I Dont have a last name I confirmed feeling my heart race no last name Louis restated "martha no last name" Zayn joked madonna doesnt have a last name either so I guess its cool Eleanor added Madonna does have a last name she only uses her first name as her name in hollywood Louis replied thanks for dragging me up to speed Eleanor said sticking out her tongue at Louis making Louis laugh how dont you have a last name? Liam asked looking too curious uhh... everyones eyes was on me like I was about to tell a scary story I could feel my palms beginning to sweat um..Its this thing called Maternal mortality were the mother dies giving birth thats what happened to my mother when she gave birth to me so...I was name by the nurses at that hospital they couldnt contact any family members to find out what was my mothers last name cause I was told she only gave the ppl in the hospital her first name so they just named me martha I Revealed finally looking up at all there sadly shocked faces im so sorry for even asking you about your last name Martha Danielle said its okay Danielle its not like you knew or anything I insisted im sorry for making a joke about your last name Zayn added me too Louis agreed poor thing Eleanor whispered Its really okay everyone I Revealed Im okay I said feeling sad Lux stared at me um its getting really late and we should be home like now I know my parents are worried Lux stated staring at niall um...Niall Liam muttered oh yeah Niall repeated sitting his guitar down I'll take you home Niall added bye, Zayn whispered bye,Lux,Denver and Martha Harry hollered hugs Denver shouted hugging Danielle I think she likes you Lux said to Danielle yea I see Danielle responded trying to shake away from Denver lovely day meeting you lovely ladies Louis said giving me a quick hug followed by Eleanor its gonna be okay Martha Eleanor whispered as she let go I dont usually do this but since your cool I will do it Danielle said handing me a torn piece of paper bye she said giving me a brief hug nice meeting you guys Liam said your welcome back anytime he added smiling;) BYE someone repeated over again Drive safe Louis shouted as the four of us left out of the building we got back in the porsche Niall at the wheel me on the passenger side and Lux and denver sitting in the back the car was quiet and if you know me you would know I couldnt stand the quietness This is probably a bad time to tell you all this Niall said getting are attention this is my first time at the wheel of a car he added omg! are you serious? Denver asked I stared at Niall who had a slight smirk on his face yes! he answered Omg! like I dont even...... cool it D (my nickname for Denver) he is just joking I assured staring at Niall who glanced at me hahaa how did you know? he asked thank goodness its all just a joke Denver stated I would never put my passengers lifes in danger Niall replied you were smiling I muttered what Niall questioned I was not smiling he said Laughing ok lets just say I knew? I insisted laughing you knew he repeated yea I uttered like if he didnt know how to drive I just dont know what might of happen I cant even begin to think denver went on ok what are you psychic or something he joked Good one I informed no I just know guys when I see them I confessed Niall paused and I could see the look of confusion on his face not knowing rather it was because of me or because of the two turns on the end of the street Lux popped her head from the back my street is that away she asserted pointing to the left Thanks he said I was a bit confused on were to turn he added no problem Lux Claimed I smiled knowing I wasnt the reason he looked confused I didnt want to confuse him or anything I thought Why are you smiling? Lux asked staring right at me her green eyes glowing like emeralds I was not smiling I stated you were smiling Niall added I wasnt smiling I denied knowing damn well I was how do you know if I was smiling or not and your driving I asked Lets just say I knew Niall said mimicking me OMG! your mocking me I said I guess I am Niall hinted I sound nothing like that I implied trying not to laugh you do! Lux proclaimed say what you want I already know IM IRISH and I know my accent makes it easy for me to get mocked so go ahead Lux Mentioned I wasnt I Advised I'm irish to Niall announced like his accent didnt give him away oh really Lux said sarcastically a lot of people don't know that Niall admitted
If you're irish why is your hair blonde? Denver asked Oh My God! Lux gasped I mean all the little irish people have red hair take Lux for instance denver Estimated Niall you dont even have to answer that question I said Thats my house Lux hollered Niall parked in the middle of the street loud screams came from Lux house sounds like grandma Brighid has lost her cat again lux Moaned getting from the car Thanks for the ride and nice meeting you Martha call me Lux said she's all yours lux shouted just before walking towards her house hahaha I stared at Denver who was completely unalert of Lux last saying and not knowing it referred to her niall waited untill Lux was safely in her house before driving away i'm not far from here I Indicated just four houses down I squealed I gotcha Niall informed which one he asked I pierced out of the window that one I nodded pointing to the porch all the lights are off said oh i'm sure my dad there I said I'll just call him to make sure I added patting my pants pocket for my cellphone um....I know I brought it with me I thought you can use mine Niall offered OH....thank you I said grabbing the phone dialing my dads number on the blackberry please pick up I mumbled I listen to his voicemail um...I'll just go on in he's not answering his phone I said uhhh ok well I'll go with you Niall assisted what about denver I asked we both glanced back at denver who was fast asleep in the backseat I dont know I think that she'll be just fine Niall said laughing haha yea I muttered opening the car door and getting out niall followed me to the porch I almost slipped on the wet debris but niall caught me he smiled I got you he said thanks look martha I know we just met and everything but after hearing your story about your mom I know your a very strong person because I couldnt imagine being without my mom so I just wanted to tell you how much I thought you were brave and strong they call us hero's but I think your the hero and..I just wanted to only let you know that keep it up he sighed both our eyes met wow, Niall I uhh I was shocked and lost on words that he pictured me as this brave person when in reality I was nothing more then this fragile sad girl on the inside trying to stay strong on the outside Thanks I repeated giving him a hug it was nice meeting you I said as I let go oh and denver lives a block away in the pink and brown hotel Its the only hotel on the next block oh and whats that cologne your wearing it smells great! I added thanks,its barbeque sauce niall replied hahaaaha bye niall I said going inside of my house I watched out the window as the porsche drove away my dad was sleeping on the couch all of the lights downstairs were off except the lamp on the table next to the couch I wanted to wake my dad up and notify him that I was here but then I didnt want to hear his voice of worry concern on were I was so I just went upstairs to my room as I was walking I was thinking of lies to tell my dad I hated lieing to my father it really gets to him I jumped onto my bed and layed there thinking about today I didnt know the name of there band which was crazy I drifted to sleep still thinking bbbeeeeeep beep beeeeeeeeeeep beep beeeeeeeeeeeep beeeeep I jumped up from bed morning already I thought wipeing my eyes turning the alarm clock off can't believe I slept in my shoes I thought going to the washroom as I was taking my shoes and socks off my cellphone fell from my pocket I picked the phone up after I had showered,brushed my teeth and got dressed I went on downstairs dad was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper Hi dad I muttered whats for breakfast I added smiling he pierced up from the paper Marty (my dad nickname for me)I thought I told you to be home around eight I know dad I know I repeated but Lux granny brighid lost her Cat tinkles again so we stayed out to find him I said So how was the concert he asked What concert...oh THE CONCERT oh yea THAT CONCERT uhhh It was great never better I added biting down on my pop tart oh really cause it sounds like you forgot about ahahaaha oh it does haha your funny dad well look at the time I got to go Mrs.Perry is having a assignment and everyone must be up there early bye I said kissing him on the cheek and running out bookbag and all I bumped into Cara Willfields next door neighbor aka my dad love romance They still think I dont know the two of them are dating which is a underestimate she comes over when Im at school pretending to help my dad with the garden but I know what shes really doing and its not flowers hey martha darling she uttered waving she flipped her blonde hair as she made her way over to me I wanted to run but she was to close oh look how big you are hun how old are you 18,19 she asked no I responded with the fakest smile on my face Im 16 remember ooh ok I have the shortest of memory she annouced is your father home? yea and waiting for you two snog I whispered uh wait im sorry did you say something? no I just said waiting for you two to cut the shrubs you know theres alot of them appearing in the garden lately I said are they she said trying to look amused she fixed her tight pink dress well see ya martha she said walking towards my house uhhh bye to you too cara I stomped inside the school building everyone stared at me as I walked in the classroom I couldnt help but think was I late as I set down Hi ms.martha Mrs.Perry said handing me a some paper finish the worksheet on world geography she demanding and set at her desk I stared at the worksheet I wonder do the boys have to do school work I thought taking out a pencil what kinda question is this I thought ohhhh I wonder is it time for lunch everyone was set hunched over in there chair finally done I thought getting up to hand Mrs.Perry my finished worksheet At lunch Lux,Denver Me Joyce and Layla sat at the same table how was the concert last night Martha Layla asked I didnt go! I stated oh jeez why not Joyce voiced reasons I claimed feeling secretive oh no reason should be to secretive to tell us were your best friend Layla pronounce cough I'm Martha's best friend cough cough Lux made known layla rolled her eyes at Lux and pulled out her folder well since your not going to tell me Layla implied wait thats Niall I said picking up her folder It is Denver added smiling yea Niall James horan from One Direction Layla annouced Wait you know Niall? Denver asked yea Louis,Liam,Harry and Zayn as well but not how I want to know them Layla admitted I told you something wasnt right about them boys Lux interrupted Wait you guys are Directioners to? Layla Snapped no I gulped what is even a directioner? Lux added More like Directionators Layla shrieked Whats all this Direc-tioner,Directionator Bull lux repeated Layla snatched her folder you dont deserve to hold my 1D folder here she goes again useing codes Denver cried how do you directionators even know of Niall leprechaun existence then Layla questioned holding her folder tight Weird Much I thought Lepre-What Lux hissed *Directionators ALERT* Layla informed Lay your acting Weird Joyce assured I told you something wasnt right about this girl! Lux stated Directionator hush your muzzle Layla scolded Call Me a directionator one more time and I will direct my fist to your face Lux argued denver held lux back What even is a directionator Joyced asked A fake fan of one direction Layla replied I'm lost Joyce revealed They basically think there directioners and know everything about one direction when they dont so it makes them stupid and fake Layla added so your calling your best friends stupid and fake in so many other words Joyce asked I guess Layla affirmed you guess OMG!let me at this girl Lux shouted so is one direction there band name denver bleated yea,harry edward styles Hazza,H but I call him curly eighteen born february 1st 1994 righthanded son of anne and Des stepdad robin twist younger brother of gemma anne styles twenty hometown holmeschapel worked at a bakery former member of white eskimo likes getting naked,cats and older women joined xfactor 2010 audition number 165998” audition song isnt she lovely but was rejected Louis william Tomlinson
twenty december 24 1991 boo bear,tommo,swag masta from doncaster,carrot boy,lou hometown doncaster south yorkshire righthanded son of johanna and mark older brother of Charlotte, Félicité, and twins Daisy and Phoebe went to hall cross xfactor 2010 auditon number 155204 auditon song hey there delilah girlfriend eleanor jane calder model Layla babbled ok we get it shut up already Lux asked she's crazy I muttered Well since you like them sooooooo much Im gonna brake your little heart by telling you we meet them all yesterday IN YOUR FACE Lux shouted Layla mouth dropped no you didnt layla sighed joyce stared with unbelief at us they dont have meet and greet here till next month Layla pronounced oh well we meet them for free lux added your lieing Layla shouted we did meet harry,danielle,liam,louis,eleanor,zayn and niall niall drove us home denver admitted why else would martha miss that concert Lay Joyce asked I dont know layla replied pulling out her phone your seventeen years old layla but your acting like a twelve year old baby now joyce added everyone thinks were twelve news flash all directioners are not twelve layla said well you sure do act like your twelve lux whispered what are you doing I asked tweeting about these 4 directionators I know all directioners have twitter pages we must follow all five boys+there girlfriends+parents+siblings+cousins and friends+other directioners=1D family omg!!! zayn just tweeted layla said eagerly I think this girl just lost it joyce whispered When is lunch over Im tired I said OMG liam so doesnt know how to spell right hahahahaha layla shouted why is she talking to herself Lux asked laughing hahahaa Louis and harry are def gay for each other wait all of one direction is gay for each other hahaa layla added wait harry and louis are gay? I asked knew it Lux added uh yea Larry Stylinson Layla responded what is Larry Stylinson I asked poor directionator theres still lots for you to learn HARRY STYLES+LOUIS TOMLINSON=LARRY STYLINSON its there couple name like bradgelina layla added angelina and brad are so sexy denver said The bell rang thank god schools out I said grabbing the tray dumping it grabbing my bookbag and heading out the door I cant believe layla joyce said shes crazy I added for one directon joyce said did you guys really meet them joyce asked yep! I replied I believe you Joyce said smiling omg crazy directioner headed are way joyce announced hey I just wanted to say sorry for my actions today in the lunch room its just that I really like one direction and I can be kinda protective over them Layla said I dont expect you all to understand cause only other directioners like me can I cant help it I have one direction infection layla added that was the worst apology known to men joyce said making me laugh hahahaa for real I agreed layla laughed as well just then my phone rang Hi ma'm would you like a free car? <uhhhhhh srry but you might have the wrong number> no is this martha <yea I said> then its the right number there offering me a free car guys!!! I said put it on speaker joyce quoted we all stoped in the middle of the school yard <were can I pick up this free car then I asked> feeling my heart race OMG! layla gasped Ma'm listen up these numbers Im giving you are top secret so you must be listening? <ok> 1-800-VASHAPPENINNNNNNNNNNNN Martha WHAT Joyce sighed hahaha that kinda sounds like zayn Layla added but it couldnt be him hahaaha how did you guys get my phone number huh? we took it from your pocket when you wasnt paying attention it was nialls idea blame it on niall hahaha <were are you guys> heading to the studio simon liked the melody I made and wanted us to try and write a song <Thats Great sounds fun> well do you wanna come or not someone interrupted <YES> well get into the black truck when it pulls up <wait what> ........ They hung up I said was that them joyce asked No flacking way layla said If anyone ask I'm spending the night at your house ok i said but my mom....ok joyce agreed Thats not them layla repeated believe what you want I added then your meeting them like that layla said whats that suppose to mean I asked ignore her martha you look cute joyce assured ignoreing I said a black toyota van pulled up please I already no you,lux and denver set this up layla mumbled the van door opened security jumped out followed by zayn,harry and niall This black truck harry said one dir its really them ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh layla shouted jumping up and down just before falling onto the ground everyone watched as she fell to the floor is she okay niall asked no she just saw her favorite band face to face I replied trying not to laugh even though the situation wasnt funny but seeing layla face now and knowing just minutes ago she didnt believe me are you sure? harry question still looking shocked HI im joyce joyce added shaking there hands layla peeked from the corner of her eyes oh look shes alive ahaha niall said layla pretending to faint cant blame her for trying I thought the security step infront of the boys as layla got up from the floor one direction she shrieked no were not one direction without louis and liam were just zayn,harry and niall zayn claimed he talks oh my god you talk im normal hehehaa tell them martha im normal right layla ranted Hi normal harry responded hahahaha normal...wanna take pictures im your biggest fan layla hollered pulling out her camera chargeing towards them the security pulled her back its ok niall assured well theres only time for one group pic the security guard reported awww layla said pouting she wrapped her arms around harry can I touch your curls she whispered sure harry manage to say there sooo soft oh my god best day of my life layla praised everyone gathered together for the picture except me come on martha zayn called layla comment early really got to me what if Im not cute enough I thought no you all can just take the picture without me you look great I uttered fine with me layla replied wrapping her other arm around niall why not though martha you look beautiful zayn added I thought I would just pee my pants yea harry agreed come on martha joyce said pulling me towards them I glance at zayn do I really look beautiful I thought as the picture was taken can you please add me on twitter im @1Dplayful layla said repeatedly nice meeting you all joyce acknowledged there were some girls at the end of the school yard pointing at harry looks like there starting to catch on niall said wait..noooo dont go layla yelled we all got inside the truck the security pulled layla who held on to niall's polo Take me with you she shouted repeatedly niall manage to get loose and the security guard shut the car door bye joyce I said waving from the window you could just see triple the amount of thousands of girls running up to the truck some of which im sure didnt even go to my school and how were we(lux,denver and me) the only girls in school that didnt know about them I thought another shirt ruin niall said that girl has a really strong hold harry admitted she use to play football I said football harry repeated that explains why she ripped my shirt niall responded yea I guess I said smiling haha but its nothing like the time in australia we were mobbed by thousands of screaming fans zayn said yea but it gets crazier harry added flipping his hair sounds fun I said laughing hehaha niall laughed along with harry and zayn it is fun.....right I added yea but sometimes uh it could be tough and uhhhh harry said but we love what we do and are fans we ole it all to them zayn finished yea there lovely people harry added your fans I repeated What about them? zayn asked layla the girl you met back there my friend or ex friend or whatever she is right now we've known each other since I could remember and as soon as the conversation was about you all she turned into an entirely different person I didnt even know her anymore she was like wierd I added trying to smile it off but looking over the fact that she really hurted my feelings earlier Harry stared at me people change alot Marta including the ones closest to you its all apart of life Niall said your hanging out with her favorite band I dont know about you but if it was me I would probably be mad to zayn said aheh the car stop and yes I was a little nervous knowing Lux and Denver wasnt here with me simon your record producer isn't here? I asked i dont know I mean simon cowell is always busy niall said he's simon cowell I said getting even nervous what have I gotten myself into I thought wait simon cowell I kept repeating to myself in my head you sound surprise you really arent a fan harry said sadly no I replied "welcome back" a blonde girl said sitting at the gray desk near the building entry I see you brought a friend she added smiling I'm martha I said smiling back she's martha zayn said laughing yea the blonde girl muttered yea I whispered as we got onto the elevator harry rushed over to press the buttons up we go he muttered I can't believe he is gay I thought staring at harry who smiled at zayn then stared at me when he notice me glancing Ladies first niall said as we were getting off the elevator I was so relieved when we got into the room cuz there was denver and lux all the shy,nervousness disapeared and I was me again Nice studio I said staring at the empty room Thanks nice compliment seeing that this isnt the studio zayn responded .....oh well wait what...hey martha think fast someone yelled before I was hit on the head with a dart ow I gasp rubbing my head before I was shot with even more darts coming from every direction catch Niall hollered throwing me a nerf gun I swung my arms up in the air catching the nerf gun Its on now I whispered shooting the toy gun liam shot me with a dart I'm sorry..uh the game...I didnt.....he stuttered hahaha just a game I said shooting him back as he ran away nowhere to run!!! louis claimed shooting me I ran and accidently bumped into harry louis followed still shooting and laughing got cha he smirked as I ran behind harry who took the shots to the face its me lou harry managed to squeal haha I took direct shots at lux and denver who were both shooting niall zayn joined me as we both shot dart after dart at lux and denver till they finally stopped niall fell to the floor down denver stated zayn helped him up whats the matter niall liam asked feels like I havent ate in days niall uttered but you just ate a hour ago liam added times are changeing niall quoted laughing making me laugh your always hungry! louis added but just this time he's not the only one harry said are you all just gonna continue talking about how your hungry or are you gonna go to a restaurant to get something to eat Lux asked just asking she added thats kinda how it works harry admitted really thats crazy! denver said we live a crazy life louis added thats for sure liam agreed uhhhhh about that restaurant! lux stated I grabbed onto lux arm and basically led her out of the room we'll be waiting I said no need zayn added following me to the elevator theres a such thing as patients I whispered to lux as we walked onto the elevator yea I know it just lux said pausing when zayn,denver and the other boys got on I wonder do they have Tacos! harry doubted what are you mexican lux asked sarcastically yea dont I look it harry replied no denver blurted thats sad harry added being the first one to leave the elevator why I asked lux hunched her shoulders dont look at me like that lux asked I didnt do anything she added you so did I replied what she asked gosh I thought rolling my eyes getting back inside the black truck What sea creature is always grumpy? niall asked looking around uh I know louis hollered frantically Lux he shouted HA-HA lux said good one harry added high fiving louis Larry stylinson have jokes lux asserted zayn and liam both laughed Its just a joke nothing more nothing less louis advised I did nothing why are you putting me in it harry asked looking at everyone for agreements dont take it all wrong lux niall confided no im not I get it its just a joke nothing more nothing less like harrys hair lux uttered haha she got you curly louis laughed oh my god zayn chuckled hehhe wow niall grinned liam laughed and clapped I stared at harry who wore a confused look on his face were here the driver stated parking behind the restaurant maybe hideing from paparazzi good im starving niall exclaimed before jumping from his seat the restaurant was not what you would expect five supposedly pop stars to dine at it had glass windows mustly everywhere making it easy for paparazzi to get there pics oh look theres justin denver said pointing to a photos on a wall theres britney too liam added staring at the wall of photos to alot of celebritys drop by here for a meal so we thought why not start takeing pictures and before we knew it we had a entire wall full a restaurant employer said crazy huh he added staring at me seemingly waiting for my response yea I informed Liam niall called out as he walked over there all the boys gathered together as a women came out wit a camera ready to take a pic see the restaurant employer squeaked rubbing his slighly pimpley face so how do you all deal with the paparazzi and everything you know when there surrounding the place trying to get there pictures I asked That right there he said pointing to the windows thats what I like to call gorilla glass its unbreakable he responded the paparazzi keep the people coming they know there favorite celebrity eats here they and with that they come in hope that they'll meet that celebrity Its like a tourist attraction the employer added I dont know I have like a terrible fear of the paparazzi I confessed to a complete stranger arent we all he answered I'm kyle the employer greeted there here zayn said walking up glancing out the window I turned to see a crowd forming outside wow kyle whispered are there anymore exits the security asked sorry no the lady replied What about are food niall asked
This would be a terrible time to confess that your afraid of the paparazzi girl kyle muttered Zayn stared at me like really stared at me very intense a look of concern the security pulled onto denver then yelled harry,louis,niall,liam zayn he pulled onto my arm no I got her zayn insisted holding onto my hand no this would be a really bad time to confess I was claustrophobic I thought the security swung the door open the air from the wind outside blew my hair back as zayn squozed down on my hand quick walking out the door with my other hand trying to block any face pictures I could just imagine my dad seeing this in a newspaper or magazine and totally flipping out having me not allowed to go out never again maybe even move to a entire different city the fans all shouted in glee they loved each boy as he walked by one paparazzi even asked who was denver and I they held up signs and sung tunes of what I guess was one direction songs soon as the car door shut everything seemed back to normal lux had waited in the car what a crowd! she gasped Im still hungry!!! niall added you can stop holding her hand now louis stated staring at zayn and me zayn slowly let go of my hand I didnt even realize he was still holding onto my hand Zayn smiled shyly we can go to are place for something to eat Harry said all of you live together Lux asked you see each other everyday when your touring and you live together wow Lux added no! Liam sighed whats wrong with that? Louis asked just harry and lou Niall corrected nothing I assured louis I could have guess that Lux stated Whats that suppose to mean harry questioned I'm still hungry Niall cried Whats that suppose to mean harry repeated in his slow,deep accent What does it sound like it means Liam asked I don't know thats why I was asking Harry answered It wasnt hard to tell Lux,Harry and Louis didnt Like each other that much and there relationship was going even more down the drain everytime Lux would bash Harry and Louis relationship but thats just how she acts Harry didnt seemed that bothered about it he would just reply with something sarcastically nice while louis seemed like he just wanted to disown her Louis had his head down on his phone When are we gonna be able to hear some of your music? Denver asked all the boys looked shocked what do you mean? Liam asked your telling me you havent heard what makes you beautiful on the radio yet? he added how does it go Lux stated baby you light up my world like nobody else....Zayn said OH MY GOSH!!! I love that song you made that Denver asked pointing to the boys just before belting out her own terrible version of the song That song is great I added Thanks Zayn said Can you love that song somewhere else Louis asked Denver what denver replied He means can you sing the song somewhere else cause you sound terrible singing it Lux confirmed that wasn't nice of you to say lux I said niall covered his mouth while laughing making harry and louis laugh What Lux asked me you didnt have to repeat it I stated Denver looked embarassed I sounded terrible she asked just didnt um sound you know how Liam explained before Louis cut him off you sounded good he added yea harry agreed Lou dont lie she sounded bad but I'm a good enough friend to tell you that so you cant embarass yourself again Lux claimed wow, your mean harry said I mean lets be honest if zayn,niall,liam or lou sounded bad while recording a new track for your album wouldnt you be a good enough friend to let them no before they embarass themselves Lux asked harry yea but I would say it nicer and not while there around so many people harry responded well, thats why you all have simon cowell Lux added I'm gonna tell you the truth even if it may hurt your feelings not even with the attentions to bring you down just to let you know Lux said Thats part of simons job to judge people on there singing ability but its not yours Louis reminded yea but i'm just a truthful person I can't help it Lux said I don't care what you say lux denver added yes louis hollered clapping followed by me,harry,zayn and niall fine with me then Lux responded she doesnt care what you say harry said she doesnt here you louis added over the loud claps liam stated The driver was laughing were just joking Lux I said staring at lux who had her arms crossed Who is Louis stated laughing hahaha I'm joking he added before getting out of the truck followed by niall and harry I was the last one out come on lux I stated why!!! she replied so I could be bashed on every little thing I say and my only best friend in the whole world doesnt even help instead she laughs along with them lux added Lux what are you talking about I asked It was just a joke lou was just kidding why are you being so serious I added you know what driver take me home please? Lux asked Really are you really being this ignorant I questioned you tease harry alot and....... Yea and louis always is there sticking up for him you know why because he is his FRIEND martha friends stick up for friends she quoted something you didnt do she added you know what I dont't have time you wanna be a sensitve little baby fine with me I said getting out of the truck and slamming the door it was a security guard waiting by the door of the huge building this away he said leading me to harry and lou's place inside liam and zayn were resting on the couch watching television while louis was sitting legs crossed on a separate couch reading a newspaper were's your friend lou asked glanceing up from the newspaper I didnt wanna say she left so I lied and said she'll be on her way hey martha denver greeted sitting next to liam on the couch hey martha niall repeated coming from were I guess the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn and soda's just before harry appeared in the doorway wearing a apron thats all your gonna eat until I make taco's he assured nice apron liam joked thats what I said niall added munching popcorn harry smiled cheeky thanks he replied louis brought it for me he added staring at lou who smiled back and in my suprise lux walked in arms still crossed hi she muttered nice apron she added sitting next to niall Thats just what I said......POPCORN he offered no thanks lux replied drinking a soda anyone know how to cook ground beef harry asked did you say ground feet denver asked ahaa ground feet zayn repeated laughing I got ground feet liam said in a silly manner haha louis has got ground feet niall added Im the least one with ground feet I get pedicure's louis admitted haha really lux asked What exactly is ground feet I asked um...its um basically feet that looked like um they been on the ground alot erm yea harry said wow Lux gasped I'll help you cook if no one else wants to I confirmed cause I know how to cook I added haha ok harry replied I just don't let anyone help me in the kitchen harry confirmed as we walked in the hallway leading to the kitchen oh well I feel so honored I said jokingly harry searched around the kitchen before grabbing a white apron May I do the honors he said holding the apron in the air haha okay I replied as harry walked over and handed me the apron I put the apron over my head then turned as harry tied the strings behind the apron for me I walked over to the sink to rinse my hands Sanitizer he asked handing me a bottle of hand sanitizer yea I mumbled ok I'm ready I said turning to the counter harry stared at me What I asked is there anymore exercises I should do before cooking I added no no, Its just that your really into this harry responded ahaahah oh ahah says the boy who doesnt just let anyone help him in the kitchen I replied laughing I'm guilty I love cooking I use to work in a bakery harry said Thats nice I added I never had a job before I admitted so I wouldnt know much about all that I added really how old are you he asked Why do I look older I question I heard harry styles has a thing for older women I joked hahaha were did you here that from thats complete rubbish he answered so you don't like older women I asked age has nothing to do with what I find interesting in girls and you still haven't answered my question harry stated well if you must know I'm 16 I said waiting for him to joke about it Thats cool when I was 16 I joined this little show called the x-factor he added yea I know that I said I thought you said you weren't a fan he said putting groundbeef in a pan thanks to Layla today for giving her all to famous directioner speech I know a little information about you guys I confirmed and I thought that was my job I said pointing to the groundbeef in the pan I guess I stole it he joked but you can have it back he said handing me a spoon This Layla sounds like some fan he said yea she is she pratically went crazy when she meet you all earlier in the schoolyard harry looked at the ceiling with a confused look The girl that ripped Niall shirt earlier I reminded oh yeah sorry about that she seemed lovely he said yea she's quit the charmer I mumbled hahaha theres so many of them I can't remember all of there names but Im grateful for every one of them he affirmed yea I would be to except one's like layla I said stirring the meat in the pan making harry laugh There our girls he said getting taco topping (cheese,tomatoes,lettuce.etc)from the refridgerator you really know how to cook he said oh you haven't seen nothing yet I stated but it helps if you stir it like this harry held my hand and moved it around while I still held the spoon I glanced up at him see he said looking at me smiling as Zayn walked in I pulled away vas happening zayn shouted Taco's harry replied still stiring the meat in the pan it was funny to me how harry pronounce taco's is it ready zayn asked piercing over the counter then glancing down at his phone your on your phone alot I said zayn glance up from his phone at me I'm on twitter he said thats cool I said following fans I added uh yeah zayn muttered do you have a twitter he asked no, not really into the social site life I responded I rather live it than type it I added yea well I use to love the internet zayn said SHT harry hollered I stared at him he stood over a falling taco on the floor who's taco was that zayn asked harry picked the taco from the floor its her red headed friend zayn stared at harry then me don't let her hear that I said handing harry a napkin are you gonna throw that taco away Niall said as he walked into the kitchen it fell on the floor harry replied yum taco's niall stated grabbing a taco from harrys neatly seat up plate of taco's on the counter needs more cheese niall added chewing zayn laughed at niall as he pour alot of shredded cheese over his half eating taco wow I whispered what you don't like cheese marta niall asked yea its just that your using alot you could get clogged up I assured nope it enters threw the mouth and comes out threw the rear niall said ok I said laughing hahaa I find it funny that you found that funny harry said laughing along with zayn what I asked I said still laughing its just that the usual girl would of probably said ew or thats disgusting zayn corrected oh hahaa I guess I'm far from the usual girl I replied adding toppings to my taco zayn smiled at me thats cool he said hey guys danielle greeted hugging harry you made taco's she said we will be takeing are taco's to go Liam added danielle air hugged niall (when you and a person are in a hugging position but not touching each other) niall wiped his hands and gave danielle a proper hug were you in a fight she asked no nerf gun fight niall replied wait you had a nerf gun battle with them danielle asked me uh it came as a suprise to me I didnt know when I walked in that room that that was what they were planning to do I responded she knows how to have fun harry stated getting hit with foam bullets or darts are not fun danielle replied especially when you are everyones target Niall added aha well see you all tomorrow liam stated holding his bag of taco's bye danielle added just before the two of them walked out of the kitchen These taco's are great zayn said yea take a picture of me and post it on twitter niall said posing with a taco held to his mouth and the tweet should say harry made taco's harry quoted very original zayn said giggleing holding his phone camera towards niall Are you seriously gonna embarass yourself Lux asked walking towards niall who still posed you guys like taco's a little to much she added biting into a taco which is wierd because I thought only mexicans like taco's everyone stared at her anything to drink she asked and I dont mean any juice or soda she added you actually think were gonna let you have a drink how old are you sixteen harry asked What are you my father lux replied She's got a point louis said coming into the kitchen harry stared at louis well for your information I'm seventeen I'll be eighteen next april and don't worry I have been drinking since I was thirteen lux confirmed words of a true irishman niall said oh I mean irishwoman niall added let her have a drink!!!! louis protested she doesnt need a drink I said why are people trying to decide what I need lux said don't worry people are now on gonna mind there business and let you do what you want I said taking off the apron and walking out of the kitchen what are you watching I asked walking into were denver still set on the couch the News whats the matter with you she replied nothing....Its just that Lux is being lux again which is really making me vexed I said uhhh ok whats vexed denver asked making me laugh the taco's are ready denver I stated that doesnt make sense she said what I asked oh no I mean the taco's are really ready and vexed doesnt mean what I just said I said uhh ok well what does vexed mean she repeated annoyed or irritated I muttered well why didn't you just say that before you don't won't anyone thinking your retarded denver added staring at the TV no the taco's are ready you should go get one before there all gone I suggested yea denver said getting up oh and martha don't worry about lux she's just like that now but she knows you and her will always be closest denver said oh and what time are we leaving because I promised my mom I would help her move Mr.Geralds belongings from his appartment she added before walking out the front door swung open and I jumped in fear did I scare you danielle asked if that was your goal you completed it I stated holding my heart ahhaha I'm sorry that wasn't my goal at all its just that Liam left his sweater here she reassured I looked around found it she said smiling holding the sweater in her arms ok I said um.... Me and eleanor louis girlfriend is going to the spa tomorrow and I was just wondering if you wanted to come you know it would be much funner than nerf gun battles she said laughing and it could be my little apology ahaha for scarying you she added Thanks that sounds like fun but.........BUT we will pick you up from your place tomorrow your address she asked uhhh did she just cut me off I thought before giving her my address as she wrote it down well ok bye again she said walking out of the appartment I slowly shut the door behind her who was that? someone asked I turned around and there stood louis danielle she was looking for liam sweater I replied did she find it? he added yea I said thats good he responded staring down at his phone hey martha harry shouted coming into the living room why is everyone leaving from the kitchen I asked Niall farted harry said it was that bad that you all had to exit the kitchen I asked you obviously don't know about niall farts louis said ewww he ruined my food lux said sitting on the couch fanning her nose hahaha wow I said do you have a stereo you know the thing that plays music lux explained HA HA louis said sarcastically coldplay harry responded putting his phone onto a speaker and turning it up and shouting out the words of viva la vida and dancing horribly nice moves lux said laughing along with louis making harry stop well I like to see you try he said Okay lou replied holding his right arm infront of him and his left arm on the side of him and moving his fingers forward ahaha a band with no rythme I thought haha not you lou her harry said pointing to lux oh louis gasp before Lux got up and started doing the running man (dance move) louis and harry both started to laugh even Lux laughed at her own terrible dance moves I never said I could dance she stated laughing you sure acted like it harry responded wow I whispered laughing just for the simply fact that lux didn't get mad either she changed or she was really drunk well I'll drink to that Lux shouted sipping from a bottle then danceing okay she is in fact drunk I thought Partying without us Niall asked just before he started Irishriver dancing followed by Lux (who is irish) then harry hahah how do you guys do that louis asked trying to move his feet then slipped onto the couch laughing hehe need help I asked offering louis a hand sure he responded trying to get up as harry mimicked him and accidently spilled beer on the couch he paused and did a suprised face um... I'll get napkins I assured Thanks martha harry hollered There in the kitchen Zayn said appearing out of nowhere now were did you just come from I thought looking at zayn thanks I replied still stareing around trying to find were he just came from zayn followed me into the kitchen no offence but are you all sure you don't need a babysitter or bandsitter I asked picking up napkins no zayn replied smiling its just that its our day off and yea he added still smiling well ok I replied laughing Whats funny? he asked nothing...its just that you said no then like you said yea so hahaha oh!!! zayn said

I heard someone whispering my name and turn to find denver in the doorway yes I answered as zayn smiled were getting ready to leave I already called a Taxi she said uhh okay I said stareing at zayn who had his head down well I guess this is goodbye I joked yea he replied for now I added getting up Number he said looking up at me you already have my number I reminded no he said standing I want to give you my number he added oh I muttered handing zayn my phone would your girlfriend mind you having my number or is...I don't have a girlfriend he said looking at me and handing me my phone back ohhh I said Then I guess thats a good thing I added as he laughed at me I couldn't help but smile back inside louis was tidying up niall was laid out on the couch eating leftover taco's and denver and lux stood by the door waiting for me I think Finally Lux said finally I repeated mimicking Lux Bye everyone I added well you all be safe Louis said byeee niall said see ya zayn yelled as we walked down the hotel hallway how do we get out this darn place lux asked as we got onto the elevator back down to the hotel lobby and threw the exit into the taxi dad wasn't there earlier but he left a note onto the fridge I had no time to read it because danielle called and notified me that the car to pick me up would be pulling up in no time so I had to hurry and get ready without even having breakfast so yeah this saturday was starting off not so good the black vehicle pulled up and I was already on the porch Are you Martha? the driver asked Yea I replied getting inside the car the car ride was pretty awkward the driver said nothing so I said nothing back so I was really happy when the car stopped and he opened the door for me a heavy set women stood on the sidewalk holding a martha sign ummm hey I greeted you must be martha she said danielle and eleanor are this away she added without even giving me a chance to reply you made it eleanor shouted as I walked into the room here's your robe a lady handing changeing room that away she directed after changeing into the pink robe I took a seat you must try one of these frozing drinks Danielle suggested hey Marissa can I've another one of these drinks for my friend pink is definitely your color Eleanor said siping her drink thanks, wow this place is really nice I complimented looking around I know right they don't make spa's like this in the UK Danielle added here's your drink miss the lady said handing me some pink drink in a magarita cup decorated with a pink lemon and tiny umbrella Its martha I stated what? the lady asked my name is Martha not miss I repeated oh the lady said just before walking off danielle and eleanor both laughed I could get use to this eleanor said laying back yep!!! danielle agreed I sipped the fruity/tangy juice and looked up to find both girls staring at me uhhh I muttered SO Danielle asked What I asked How does the drink taste? she added yum I replied smiling making them laugh Did you know She had a nerf gun battle with them yesterday danielle asked eleanor Nooo Wait You had a nerf gun battle with them eleanor asked laying back laughing hysterically yea and it was really fun and I do it again any day I replied Listen I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life but nerf gun battles are really childish she said How old are you she added? 16 I replied well I'm 23 she confirmed I didn't wanna say really but she didn't look at all that old sooo I just said okay and I understand your point of view you being kinda older so you think nerf battles are childish yeah! eleanor agreed I'm 19 by the way she said smiling well if you want someone to like you you have to up your game act mature she added well I was always told being yourself was the key to geting people to like you and to be honest I don't care if no one likes me cause Im me an....Wait stop right there danielle asked so your telling me that you don't have a crush or even like any of the boys after meeting them she added no...wait what are you talking about I asked well I overheard louis talking to zayn and zayn said he has a crush on you or something like that eleanor confirmed see danielle quoted wa what I tried to say wait so you don't have a crush on zayn back danielle asked wait no I oh my god you totally have a crush on zayn danielle added welcome to the club eleanor said were gonna be the best of three friends danielle perdicted it was alot for me to take in

1.go to the spa with d and e
2.go home admit to dad she knows about cara then convinces him to let her hang out with her friends again and promise she will spend quality time with him and cara tommorrow but really she's hanging out with the band Cara comes to pick her up and suprise the martha friends are rich harrys haz a crush on cara Cara invites the boys to go to the circus with them all the boys agree
3.there at the circus the band/d and e are having fun martha accidently looses her song journel later she finds out that the boys have it when she comes to pick it up with her dad at the studio simon is there he offers her money to buy the songs in the journel first her dad is a bit angry that this whole time martha never told him that her friends were this big band he then asks martha whats her decision martha chooses yes!!! and with that simon gives several of the songs to one direction which becomes one of there biggest songs/albums yet!!! simon is impressed and signs martha to his label as a singer/songwriter dad becomes her manager and she is touring with 1D this month.

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