One Direction Who would te want to data in One Direction?

Frozengirl11 posted on Apr 02, 2015 at 09:04PM
If you could chose one member of the band as your boyfriend, who would it be and why?

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più di un anno fa gingergal2215 said…
I love Louis.. he's so fun and amazing and has such a sweet smile! I'd definitely date him.
più di un anno fa serena331 said…
surely, definitely ❤Louis ❤. I'm totally in love with Louis for a lot of reasons, this space is actually not enough. The top thing I love is his crinkly eyed smile that's sooo genuine and warm u can call it the actual sunshine. There is jus something about it that goes straight to my heart.. I'm not kidding *sigh*
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più di un anno fa LibertysKidsFan said…
Zayn's my favorite but I'd want to date Liam.
xoxopopgirl commented…
yeh i also Amore zyan he is so cut and charming più di un anno fa