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posted by dickem
So this my first article, EVA! I luv one direction. So this is about a girl named Emilee (ME! ! ! !!!! ) and her boyfriend Liam who may have been a little too forthcoming with a surprise that awaited her.

Liam: ciao sweetie, were here!

Emilee: oh, your taking me to the beach. Awww...... I Amore you, babe!

Liam takes te to a albero that has a blanketing it and behind his back are your favourite flowers.

You sit down and start eating.

Liam: te know this is where we shot the WYMB video.
I just wish te were one of those girls on the set.

Emilee: I Amore you!

Liam:I Amore te too, darling!

Liam puts his hand...
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posted by thaiithaii15
 Truly, madly , deeply...
Truly, madly , deeply...
TRULLY , MADLY , DEEPLY...?a Harry Styles fanfic.

Hi,well im Danna,im not exacly new here but it's the first time im Scrivere and stuff...So this is a story I came up with,and I thought it was pretty good.I've been a real directioner SINCE FOREVER,I support the boys in everything and always will.So i'll tell te a bit of myself....Im 14, I daydream alot(with our boys of course).My preferito will have to be that handsome,adorable,irish ,green-eyed babe.I know im not gonna marry Niall ,so I don't get my hopes up.ENOUGH SAID.?


Kathlyn a young and beatiful girl , born and...
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 Made by: Vampire_Lover97
Made by: Vampire_Lover97
Hi Hi...Well, This Is Embarrassing...Idk How To Start...Ok, This Is My 1st Fanfiction About 1D, So Means...It's B.A.D.

This Should Actually Be A anteprima For The Story..So Here It Is..I Guess I'll Put The 1st Part Today o Tomorrow o Anytime

Well It's Not Quite A anteprima It's più About The Things That'll Happens In The Story


5 Friends. They have a normal life in the USA. They go to a normal school and live in a normal family. Everything seams normal and a bit boring. Till 1 giorno 5 boys transfer to their school. How will that change their normal life? Will they hate each other o become Friends o even more?

Hope te Like It <333

I Know It's Bad But Don't Be Mean To Me
 Made by: modernfan
Made by: modernfan
Part 3: Insecure Zayn!

Zayn’s P.O.V

I was lying on the letto then. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t . Everytime I closed my eyes, the immagini of my grandfather and the girl I loved appeared. They were all so far away that I couldn’t touch . My life without them was meaningless and covered with the darkness. I even couldn’t feel o see anything. I took a blade nearby and pricked it through the skin of the palm of my hand. My hand began to bleed but I still couldn’t feel hurt. It was useless with me. Then I stood up and took some sleeping pills. Maybe I took 8 o 9 tablets. I just wanted...
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