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One Direction Prank



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if it doesnt work for you, watch this: link
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sarabeara said:
omg that was the greatest thing I've ever seen. And it once again confirms how genuinely nice Harry is.
lol Niall didn't want to be even 10 feet near her. xD
Bless you for posting this.
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omg ikr
he seemed pretty calm
compared to liam at least lmao
his mom actually commented about how great he was on twitter omg
tbh i have a feeling niall caught on to them or something because of how calm he was lol

thank you! o u o
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sarabeara said:
mentally adding this video to the top 100 reasons why harry should be my future husband nbd
i wonder if harry hit on the woman after he found out she wasn't actually pregnant. even if she really is married we all know that doesn't stop him... haha
lol liam was like having a panic attack while frantically talking to the "husband"
and hmmm, that makes a lot of sense. definitely explains why he acted the way he did.
jfc they all need to pull their pants up.

on a side note, you're such a bad influence!!! look at how you're making me type now!!! grr ;)
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same since we're apparently taking turns u kno
that was actually one of the first things i thought when they told him it was a prank.
oh my goddd
lmao ikr i was crying when he was asking louis where they were, poor guy
either that or he legitimately doesnt care when a woman is having a baby 5 feet in front of him
hey hey hey
they dont need to pull their pants up

lol im sorryyyyyyy
i can help spreading the #swaggie everywhere
swag, swag, swag on you
all bad references aside, who needs to use grammar properly anyways
not me
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sarabeara said:
we'll get our own show on TLC: "not sister wives, just two bad bitches who scored a teen heartthrob." the title is still a work in progress. it's a bit long rn
our moms aren't allowed at the wedding tho.
i'd like to hope niall cared
ahahahaha. they need to either pull them up or just take them off. i like the latter.
still waiting for the day when harry has a new nude photo scandal
we need to get a better look at the diq we'll be spending the rest of our lives sharing

don't tell me you're sorry cuz you're nottttttttt
whoops wrong singer
i said it's too late to apologize. it's too lateeeeeeeee
damn. still not the biebster.
i'm just gonna go back to school in a month and not be able to turn it off. my english essays will be like "omfg obvs the author's tone was sad like rlly come on you have to be stupid not to know that like jfc"
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