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One albero collina ✖ What couple were te rooting for in S2? ✖

22 fans picked:
Nathan and Haley
Jake and Peyton
Brooke and Lucas
Chris and Haley
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Anna and Lucas
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Brooke and Felix
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 nisosh posted ·10 mesi fa
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Nicolas97 picked Brooke and Lucas:
Brucas & Jeyton the most!

Naley hurt me and Brooke/Felix was cute at first until Felix was the jerk he was.
posted ·10 mesi fa.
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Kirkir picked Nathan and Haley:
Naley & Jeyton mostly <333
I was still undecided whether I ship Brucas or not
posted ·10 mesi fa.
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xoheartinohioxo picked Brooke and Lucas:
Listen, I'm always gonna pick Brucas! Brucas, Naley & Jeyton are always my top 3!
posted ·7 mesi fa.