One albero collina {RE-ASK} Favourite Season 1 Episode?

Pick one:
Pilot ♥
The Places te Have Come To Fear The Most ♥
Are te True? ♥
Crash Into te ♥
All That te Can't Leave Behind ♥
Every Night is Another Story ♥
Life In A Glass House ♥
The cerca For Something più ♥
With Arms Outstretched ♥
te Gotta Go There To Come Back ♥
The Living Years ♥
Crash Course in Polite Conversation ♥
Hanging da A Moment ♥
I Shall Believe ♥
Suddenly Everything Has Changed ♥
The First Cut Is The Deepest ♥
Spirit In The Night ♥
To Wish Impossible Things ♥
How Can te Be Sure? ♥
What Is And What Should Never Be ♥
The Leaving Song ♥
The Games That Play Us ♥
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