One albero collina preferito List: Your Favorite?

Pick one:
Couple: Leyton
#1 Female: Peyton Sawyer
#1 Male: Nathan Scott
AU Couple: Brathan
Actor: James Lafferty
Actress: Hilarie burton
Real Life Couple (Past/Present): James & Sophia
Friendship: Paley
#2 Friendship: Neyton
Season: Six
Episode: 3x16
Couple Kiss: LP 5x05
Voiceover: "Suddenly it was as if the roar of the crowd..."
Quote:"The bad guys lie to get in your letto &The good guys lie to get in your ♥"
Fav scene from Least fav: Brucas Letter scene
Background song: For Blue Skies
Emotional scene from an actor/tress: Sophia cespuglio, cespuglio, bush 3x22
Fight/Argue scene: LP 5x06
First kiss: Naley
On set Friendship: Hilarie & Joy
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