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Alright! So, now I'll cover a little of Tamaki and Haruhi.
Tamaki starts to get feelings of desire to baciare Haruhi and he doesn't understand why. (Duh! lol) He worries about it so much that he makes himself physically ill. This causing a lot of alarm to the household help since Tamaki has never been sick before.
The club members all decide to go and see him, which makes him really happy. (It's pretty funny in fact because the boys decide to help him change his PJ's into clean ones and they kind of forget that Haruhi is in the room so she sees Tamaki in his underwear, which horrifies him! lol)...
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posted by MissieMidget
Haruhi had enough, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back o in this case the caramelle cane that broke the reindeers back.
These guys were destined to turn this innocent, fun, sane holiday into the exact opposite.
For instance, the twin elves up to their seducing of the Ouran High School ladies, once again. Along with the blond haired Santa without a beard, a reindeer with glasses and a notepad. A talking gingerbread man with a bunny and walking Natale albero beside him.
If this wasn’t madness, Haruhi wasn’t sure what was.
Every anno this happen but to turn her most precious holiday...
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posted by -Wednesday-
 KiKu Yamada
KiKu Yamada
name: Kiku Yamada
sex: Girl
hair color: Bleach Blonde
eye color: White Blue
family: twin sis Miku older sis Junko and little bro Tom-tom

it was my first giorno at ouran academy. me and my older sis junko were starting at the highschool. i only came here cuz my old bff haruhi fujioka suggested it to me.she told me to meet her at the Musica room after school. so i walk up there and open the doors and all these frickin rose come flying at me and then i see a group of boys sittin around a boy with brown hair. i thought for a moment and i realized it was haruhi..and she cut her hair...and shes wearing a...
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posted by Hairam101
ciao people! This first paragraph is an explanation for what's going on in this story! First off- Sorry for it being sad!!! My co writer tigergirl627 gave me the ideas! So if te want to yell at someone please have it be her! The thing is that this story is meant to be in the perspective of Haruhi! and what she see's in heaven! I admit there are parts that are incredibly sad! the blood I mention is there for a reason. And yes the killer if te are wondering is gay!! So I got all the ideas from my co writer while we were drunk!(joking!) and so with that detto here is the story te have been waiting...
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Moments later, the secret was out. Another school had figured out that a girl named Haruhi Fujioka was posing as a boy to pay off an $80,000 debt. the Kaibara students promised not to tell. Two of the guests were sitting with the one host called Tamaki Suoh. Tohru & Hana. They discussed the tè cups that the host club had set. " Wow. Jinori" detto Hana. " where did te get them? they seem very expensive." " My friend Toru." replied Tamaki. " nyah! that's my name! except it's probably spelled different..." Tohru had said. " Well no matter what my flower, te will always be a beauty to my...
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I woke up on time. I did my normal daily routine. Then that’s when I started getting nervous.

I was going to a new school. It was way richer than my old school. And it would be kind of awkward. On the other hand, I could just hangout with the Host Club if things get too desperate.

I looked in the mirror and put my hair in a pony tail with the ribbon I always used.

I walked down the giant stair case to the front door, were a bunch of maids waited for me like I was queen. I peeked through my sun glasses, to see Tamaki at the front door all exited waiting for me.

“Please god” I mumbled.

I walked...
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posted by monkeygirl1122
i Amore this mostra so much its so freakin awesome like the homo/insest twins are hillarous haha and i can't believe that dude was acctually a gurl lol if te havent watched the mostra yet i just spoiled some of it also if u havent watched it nows ur chance just click on the video that says 1st episode o go to te tube which ever one just watch and youll be addicted to it haha
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JUst consider tha thought of all this it will be so awesome and everyone would be happy pleaseeeeeee just consider it!!