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At the canteen.
Hanianika: what do te like?
Haninukarlos: te pick for me
Hanianika: ok do te like sushi?
Haninukarlos: oh that's my preferito ok i'll take that let's go
Hanianika: where are we gonna seat?
Haninukarlos: there is a vacant seat
Hanianika: so where your family from?
Haninukarlos: my family is from south korea but we live in Giappone because my mom wants to live here and my dad has a friend here that he wants to visit until my mom got pregnant here she wants to live here so i was born here and my name is from Giappone but i'm from south korea
Hanianika: oh ok
Haninukarlos: how about te where is your family from?
Hanianika: my dad is from Giappone and my mom is from the philippines and my mom is half korean my mom and dad met in Canada because my mom has a job their she is a model and my dad is the sponsore so that is all i know

Chapeter 3 coming soon
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