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Scroll down to see if your cat is there if not then follow instruction at the top of the picture.

(theWOLFPACK15)Pantherstar-beautiful black she-cat with yellow eyes. Grey flecks around her muzzle (Mate: Coonmask)

(KatieK102)Brindlestep-Pretty white she-cat with brown patches, brown paws, muzzle, and green eyes
App. Leafpaw

Medicine cat:
(theWOLFPACK15)Questfeather- pretty Silver and white tabby she cat with blue eyes

Medicine cat apprentice:


(TeamPeeta649)Coonmask-a large gray tabby tom with black paws, a black mask over his eyes and gold eyes(Mate: Pantherstar)
(theWOLFPACK15)Loneheart-Black and white tom with green eyes. (Mate: Squeaksong)
(Teampeeta649)Squeaksong-a small long-furred, tan she-cat with white paws and sea blue eyes.(Mate: Loneheart)
(theWOLFPACK15)Scorchfire-Grey tom with a dark grey spot around his right eye, Dark grey paws, left ear, and tipped tail, with amber eyes (Mate: Stormheart)
App. Ebonypaw
(theWOLFPACK15)Thunderbeak- large black tom with gray stripes with dark green eyes
App. Shadepaw
(TeamPeeta649)Driftstorm-White tom with sea green eyes
(TheWOLFPACK15)Chasebreeze- black tom deep blue eyes
(TheWOLFPACK15)Talon- Golden tabby tom, battle-scarred pelt, nicked ear, with emerald green eyes (Cloudmist)
App. Bumblepaw
(KatieK102)Lakefrost-gray/blue tom with ice blue eyes (Mate: Darksand)
App. Fogpaw
(tanglebelly)Birchleaf- slim white tom with bright blue eyes
App. Cloverpaw
(theWOLFPACK15)Coppertail-Russet furred tom, with a lighter colored tail, born with no eyes
(Bluefire777)Greycliff- stony grey she-cat with sharp grey eyes and white paws
(Bluefire777)Coldsnow- white and grey spotted tom with pale blue eyes
App. Flowerpaw


(TeamPeeta649)Flowerpaw-Tortoiseshell and white she-cat blue eyes.
(TheWOLFPACK15)Leafpaw- Light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.
(tanglebelly)Thunderpaw- Sleek dark brown tom with bright blue eyes
(TheWOLFPACK15)Fogpaw-Light grey tom with a striped tail, with green eyes
(TheWOLFPACK15)Cloverpaw-White she-cat with black spots and blue eyes
(KatieK102)Shadepaw-Dark grey tom with black splotches and gold eyes
(Bluefire777)Ebonypaw- black she-cat with white socks and pretty violet eyes


(Bluefire777)Darksand- black and golden tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes
Teampeeta649)Stormheart- small dark gray she-cat with black spots with cloud blue eyes (Mate: Scorchfire)
(Teampeeta649)Cloudmist- a lightly gray she-cat with black paws, tail tip and ear tips with purple eyes (Mate: Talon)


(TheWOLFPACK15)Blackkit-Black she cat with distinct blue eyes

Pantherstar's Kit
(KatieK102)Ravenkit- Black tom with piercing yellow eyes

Adopted Kits

(KatieKH102)Hiddenkit - Dark gray she-cat with white patches and white mask, and dark blue eyes

(theWOLFPACK15)Jetstream- Dark grey tom with pale green eyes. (Mate: Nightfog)
(TeamPeeta649)Nightfog- a beautiful black she-cat with gray spots, long legs and purple eyes(mate: Jetstream)
PantherClan shares boarders with NorthClan and StormClan

If you joined the clan and came back to RP them and they are not here then go to this page and read the instruction at the top. link
 [b]Scroll down to see if your cat is there if not then follow instruction at the superiore, in alto of the picture.[
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