Paramore Brand New Eyes! what do u think about it?

kandyluv posted on Sep 27, 2009 at 08:05PM
I wanted to know what other people thought about this new cd.I got it a little early because i got the box set,so ive been listening to it alot,i really like it! I wanted to know ur favorite song,and what everone thinks about the lyrics and over all how u see the band now.I find them more grown up,but thats just me, so tell me what u think=)

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più di un anno fa sweet_twilight said…
I love it! =) It's such a good album!

Favourite songs: I love them all, but currently my top 3 are Turn It off, Brick By Boring Brick & Playing God.
Thoughts on the lyrics: I thought that the lyrics were more honest, heart-felt and real. Not that their lyrics weren't in the first place, but it just goes deeper than before. Everyone in the band has also really improved too with their playing and melodies.
How I see the band now: I agree with you. I see Paramore more grown up and this album basically shows us that.
più di un anno fa Boysdocry said…
Y has Rob Cavallo produced the album, y is Doug McKean studio engineer. y Chris Lord-Alge mixing. Thet all worked together o AMERICAN IDIOT + THE BLACK PARADE.

Other than that the album is great, Ignorance, Turn it Off, Where the lines overlap
più di un anno fa IsabellaMCullen said…
The album is great! I love it.

My favorite song(s): Well they're all ready great, but Brick By Boring Brick, Where The Lines Overlap, and Playing God are my top favorites.

The lyrics were so meaningful, and honest. I could relate to a lot of the lyrics. Especially in Ignorance & Playing God.

I see the band as more mature. They've really matured in their music. I think that you can really see the growth between Riot! and Brand New Eyes.
più di un anno fa tooch said…
^^ I totally agree with you.

I love the album. Paramore has set out and created some very deep, meaningful & mature lyrics. I really relate to them.
And yes, they have matured alot as a band.

I love absoloutely every song on the album but my favourites are:
Looking Up, The Only Exception, Where Lines Overlap & Feeling Sorry.
I love the lyrics in Looking Up - just shows that Paramore persisted to do what they love; they never gave up! I really look up to them for that! & Playing God, such true lyrics.

They are all great songs with some amazing lyrics :)