Paul Stanley, wow!! What can I say, I've been in Amore with this man since I was 8/9.
My mom, I really hate to admit this, was a rock groupie. There I detto it^_^ She followed baciare on the Lick it up and Animalize tours. And NO, before te even think it, Gene Simmons is NOT my father. She collected t-shirts, albums, tapes, jewelry, and tons of other assorted baciare related items, All of which I now have!! She was also a big Rick Springfield fan, and so my name was born way before I was. Jessi from Rick's hit Jessie's girl and the zz's from Kiss. Only it was a mistake, they weren't zz's. The written birth certificate has it the way the baciare logo is. So it was translated into zz's da the Register of Deeds office. My mom thought it was unique and didn't fix it. So unless te know me, it's usually mispronounced^_^
My grandma made me a quilt when I was 8, she detto I could have anything I wanted on it. I gave her a picture of all 4 baciare solo albums. She smiled and actually detto "No problem dear." When she gave me my quilt, she detto "Those are the scariest clowns I've ever seen. Why didn't te pick smiling happy clowns?" My mom and I were laughing so hard! She explained to my grandma who they were and she still said, "Why couldn't they come up with happier clown faces?" She still thinks there clowns, LMAO; Oh grandma^_^
It always seems no matter what mood I'm in, any song Paul sings makes me feel better. Like I said, there's just something about this man's voice! I feel he is the most underrated singer ever. He deserves più acclaim then he's ever gotten from the critiques. HE IS MY ROCK STAR^_^