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posted by legendary7
It was a Frozen Central Park winter morning. All the penguins had just woke up from their night snooze. Every pinguino except Kowalski had just awakened. Kowalski had been up all night in his lab creating his latest invention.
S: "Up and at 'em, boys!"
P: "Good morning, Skippah! Where's Kowalski?"
Skipper shrugged
S: "He's probably still in his lab. Kowalski?!"
Kowalski exhaustedly strode out of his lab.
K: "I'm finished! Well almost anyway."
S: "What do te mean 'almost'?"
K: "The one chemical I need is only found in the forest's leaves around a vacant hotel upstate."
S: "Splendid! And you're suggesting...
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"WAAAIT!! So you'r telling me that a CHICK is coming to unisciti our possie? Our brotherhood? Our LIVES!!" Skipper had completely been infuriated da the news that a girl pinguino was on her way to the zoo."Actually Skipper, she is a fully-grown female, not a baby." Masen added, looking at Skipper, who was pacing up and down. But the penguins and chimps were mostly staring at the fact that his eye had started twitching. "Thats now what i ment, Oh NO! Dont tell me we are getting old mother hubbid?" SKipper looked at the chimps. Phil showed some sighns, then Masen spoke. "Actually Skipper, she is very...
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"why's Arlene where my mom's supposed to be?" Marlene asked, cofused, and a little scared

"easy, don't te see it? Arlene is your mom!" Kowalski shouted exited

"I know! I just, can't believe it!"

"well, this means that this is a good thing right, except for all that pink-like smoke, maybe this is not gonna end in another invention in the fire" Skipper said, as a long nube, nuvola of rosa smoke flew through the air, but then, just da majic, the air was actualy feromones!

Marlene turned to answer skippers comentary with an annoying sarcasm, but she stared at him, completly atracted, she just looked at him,...
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posted by Bluekait

It is nighttime in New York City. Something glows from afar in the trash can. A green cube-like creature jumps out, glowing and growing in little time. It is Jiggles!!!


As the sun rises, morning light shines like a gem in the Central Park Zoo. In the pinguino habitat, a large explosion awakes everyone. The explosion lets Kowalski flying in air, landing in the water. Skipper comes outside in rage, while Private and Rico comes out to watch.

"Kowalski! Have te been up all night again?" yells Skipper.

Kowalski replies, "Yes Skipper. My...
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posted by SummerPoM
Chapter 5 - Underwater

Near Bermuda Triangle, 3 a.m.

The morning sky was a little cloudy, but it was not hard to see what was ahead.
"How many kilometers away is Bermuda Triangle?", Skipper asked Kowalski.
"About 7 o 8 miles. Probably there will be turbulence", Kowalski said. "We will be in the triangolo soon."

The time passed fast. Very fast.
Kowalski was sleepy, like Private, Rico, Marlene and the others, except Skipper. His coffee was infallible.
"Want one?" Skipper detto as he offered a cup of coffee for him.
"Thanks, Skipper", Kowalski said, yawning and put the plane on automatic control. "But...
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posted by 67Dodge
"How do we kill it then?" asked Skipper. "By my calculations, since Pennywise, It, is an evil entity and not a human being, we can't kill him with pistole o bombs, so Rico's weapons will be useless," detto Kowalski. "Awwww!!" sighed Rico and Skipper in unison. "Stop whining, we can still kill it in some way, according to the Schlector-Schneiben theory on fiends and entities, any entity with the power to change into anything it's victims are most afraid of, can be killed when in it's true form with a fionda and silver rock," detto Kowalski, flipping through his 55th book on Myths and Urban legends....
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posted by Katie_Kat200
te know that Phineas and Ferb episode where they find that alien that only says "Meep!" (HEY I CAN BE A fan OF OTHER SHOWS!) Well, I think our boys should meet Meep now. Don't ask, I just came up with this at the superiore, in alto of my head.

Authors Note: This is like a transcript, so te can act it out with your friends

Scene 1: pinguino Habitat, on superiore, in alto of the floe
Kowalski: Alright, Rico, ready to test my new invention?
Rico: Uh-huh!
Kowalski: Alright! (holds up a complicated looking machine) ready?
Rico: Yeah! (puts on baseball glove)
Kowalski: Playball! (he hold up the machine and shoots a baseball up in the...
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here just rember the last thing on chapter 3 rember he cat named shadow if u dont rembmer read like the last 5 sentences

"so shadow what brings te here?" skipper asked
" saw a mouse,chased it,got lost!" shadow explined
"no what was this big monster te were talking about?"private asked
" he is HUGE! got big fangs big claws and arancia, arancio too!" shadow dicribe.
"so do te know anyone?"marlene asked
"dang te guys asked sooo much quetions! well i was Friends with this huge tiger but something bad happend"

"maby shadow here kows ming"kowlski wisperd to...
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posted by Shadowpenguin
Pluma was laying in her bed, thinking. Skipper didn't mostra her one of the habitats. Why? She hopped out of letto and shook Skipper. "Skipper! Wake up!" Pluma hissed. Skipper shook his head and got up. "Wha-is there an enemy attacking?"

Pluma shook her head. "Can te mostra me that one place te didn't mostra me?" She asked. Skipper's eyes bulged. "THAT one?" He shook his head."Negative," Pluma frowned. "And why not?" Skipper looked unconformable. At last, he threw his flippers up in defeat. "Alright! I'll do it...."
Pluma smiled.

King Julien cracked his finger knuckles. Then his neck and legs. "Maurice,...
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posted by krazy4kowalski
A Journey and a Job

Okay, well, here’s the secondo chapter! Sorry about that ridiculously long intro on the precedente chapter. This one is shorter. In fact it should be over right about… NOW!

“Skippa?” Private detto through his beak, “Just how long do we have to stay like this?”
The team was seated in a large pile of beanie bambini at the LaGuardia souvenir stand.
“Just until our plane comes in, young Private,” the leader answered.
“Well, who’s idea was it to mostra up three hours early?” Johnson complained, “I can’t feel my…uh, never mind,” he said, seeing Private staring...
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posted by skipperluvs
Chapter 10

The penguins cruised around the town of New Jersey, looking for their old pal Rico, whom had left a note in the HQ telling them where he was going. They didn’t know so, but they were going to find him sooner than they thought.

“Look, Skippah!” Private pointed at Rico whom was walking tiredly. His left foot limped and he seemed to be talking to himself. Ash looked at him and instantly knew that he was Rico.

“Well…go get him!” Ash jumped out of the vehicle and pulled her flipper out at him. He just stared at it, confused. She rolled her eyes and pulled him in, and they made...
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posted by skipperluvs
Chapter 9

Rico opened his eye a little and peeked. He then saw a pair of red eyes glaring down into his blue eyes. They turned round and round until it couldn’t find Rico, and then the red blurred out. Rico turned back to see Dru, who was looking at the files delivered da Richard.

“Huh…The North California Zoo.” She chuckled suspiciously. She then turned to Rico and spread the files on the table. It was one perfectly sealed letter coming from the North California Zoo. She ripped the edges slowly and out she popped a letter. Dru read it out loud. “You are invited to my wedding.”...
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posted by skipperluvs
Chapter 7

Rico’s eyes scrolled over the room, searching for the items that would be necessary for his rescue. He kept looking around but he couldn’t stay looking at something too long, the longer he took, the farther Marlene and Richard got. His stomach was feeling sick at the thought of Marlene and Richard EVER being together. That was just wrong. To Rico, he was some kind of molester…and he knew he probably was to anybody else.

The crazy pinguino shook his head and tried to get focused on what he was doing again, but it was pretty hard to concentrate when his doll was watching him every...
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posted by skipperluvs
Chapter 6

Rico stood silently, as his right eye began twitching a little bit. His nervousness was recitazione up again. He couldn’t help it, it just happened when major events that would probably impact his life happened, such as the one that he stood before at that very moment. Marlene had a fake smile plastered on her face, tightly gripping Rico’s flipper, and getting tighter da the second.

“HE’S A PENGUIN!” Richard busted out laughing as he pointed at Rico’s flawless arancia, arancio beak and scampered his fingers through a couple of the feathers on the flipper Marlene wasn’t squeezing.

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posted by KowalskiTheLich
‘AUDITIONS TONIGHT’ read a big sign positioned over the fontana in the zoo plaza. A crude tavolo had been positioned in front of the fountain, at which sat Mason and Phil. Large piles of papers were stacked all over the tavolo and a huge line was assembled in front of it. Every few seconds, one of the animali in the line would hand one of the chimps a piece of paper, which they would promptly glance at and stack on superiore, in alto of one of their piles. Then the animal would go up onto the side of the fontana and sing a song of their choice from The Barber of Seville for the judges, the chimps and...
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posted by skipperluvs
Chapter Two

“Rico. Rico. Rico, wake up.” Rico heard his name being called repeatedly and fluttered his eyes open. The voice was so rich and sweet, he hoped it was who he thought it was.

“Marlene???” Rico whispered. His eyes were blurry and then they got into focus, making the shape of an angry pinguino and a slightly younger one to his side.

“RICO! Where are my magazines?” Skipper demanded. He didn’t hear Rico say Marlene at first.

“Marlene.” Rico sat up and wiped his eyes with his flippers. He looked around and found his doll. Her arm had came off when he had thrown her aside...
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posted by Icicle1penguin

Uggh...Sorry, bad nightmare. It was 6:32 a.m. and it was snowy oustside.

It was Natale Eve.

Normaly I would just go back to sleep, but it's too chilly to take a nap. I went out to go swimming. Too bad the pool is frozen. I glanced over to the pinguino habitat. My mind suddenly flowed with thoughts of Skipper.

What am I doing?!?! Skipper doesn't like me. That's too bad. I've always thought I have a chance with him, but I was wrong. He's too in with his training, and not with his social life. I'm wondering if he ever felt the same way...probably not. If he did, he'd probably won't use...
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Afternoon, and there was a knock on the door…

Kowalski, who was sitting against a bacheca of the HQ, looked up from his book that he was Leggere and stared at the door. Private rolled over from within his bunk and glanced at the door, as well. Skipper groaned and made his way towards the fonte of the sound. He seemed to be doing most of the work, lately. The others only seemed to be interested in quarrels and drama. The leader longed to go on another successful mission with his teammates; like they used to. Otherwise, life at the zoo was beginning to lose its meaning. But something kept him...
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“Rise and shine, men!”

Kowalski flung himself from his bunk and landed in front of his leader with stiff posture. Private, however, took his time, as he normally did. To him, this giorno wasn’t anything new.

What mission will Skippa assign us? When are we going to eat? Is Julien going to torment us, today?

These were the very same thoughts that coursed through Private’s noggin’ every other day; whereas, Kowalski had other things in mind.

How can I change, today? How can I make this the best giorno of my life? How can I mostra the team my appreciation for them?

Kowalski was wearing the biggest...
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Damn it!

This was the peak of things…

It was time to confront this lust that had yet to take flight. But how would he do it? Kowalski couldn’t simply step out and say it!

Say what?

What would he even say?! Should he say anything? It seemed to work well for Rico!

This was much too difficult than it should have been. Why was it so damn hard?!

It was his fault; this ridiculous, complicated process of thought. This would never work out; he and Rico. They were so different from one another. He had often heard that opposites were più likely to feel attracted to one another, but this was going crossing...
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