I Pinguini di Madagascar Problem Solved!

penguinlover723 posted on Oct 22, 2012 at 11:20PM
Got A Problem/Question about POM? How would you like a random fan to answer for you? Thats what this whole game is about! The First thing you'll need to do is answer the person's question above your post THEN ask your question on the bottom

- Be As Creative/Silly/Serious as you want!
- NO Swearing or Bad Mouth of POM
- Have Fun! and Good Luck!

Why is Kowalski smart?

Because he read dictionaries when he was a kid

How did Skipper become Enemies with Hans?

Because they fought over a doughnut at a restaurant in Denmark

And so on...............

I'll just start off with.... Why did Skipper have a crush on Kitka instead of Marlene?

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più di un anno fa MaxTheCat said…
(Seriously this type of forum already exists in this spot, found it in the twilight spot 2 months ago)
più di un anno fa mouseandowl1 said…
Why is the show ending?