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 Madeleina Hypnosis
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Beware of Madeleina Hypnosis!!!!
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lol XD
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I Pinguini di Madagascar
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ya know, i think the fangirls will like this one. but kowalski as lil' wayne O_O oh no i disagree about that.
I Pinguini di Madagascar
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Skipper picked up four meduim sized fish. Once again he was interupted da panic. Kowalski's screams echoed through the whole manor.
S: "Kowalski?!"
Skipper darted up the stairs and to the main room where Kowalski was sitting in his chair with his head on the table. He also had his eyes closed.
S: "Kowalski what's wrong!?"
Kowaski woke up and stopped screaming but looked terrified.
K: "I had a dream th-that I chopped all of te into little pieces!"
Rico cautiously stepped inoltrare, avanti helping the injured and speechless Private walk. There were cuts on him that looked as if he had been assaulted da some...
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 Teardrops On My Guitar...
Teardrops On My Guitar...
Marlene and Skipper were BFFs, until that Kitka came along. When Skipper dates Kitka, Marlene remembers her times with him. Marlene sings 'Teardrops On My Guitar', in her version!

Skipper Looks at Me, I Fake a Smile so he Won't See.
That I Want and I'm Needing Everything that we Should be.
I'll Bet she's (Kitka) Beautiful, that Girl he Talks about.
And she's got Everything that I have to Live Without.

Skipper talks to me, I Laugh 'cause it's so Damn Funny!
And I can't even See Anyone when he's with Me
He says he's so in Love, he's finally got it right!
I Wonder if he Knows he's all I Think...
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