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Source: Madagascar 2
Me:hagrid mayfol call me and hermimeo
Hagrid:*gasp* no he didn't
Harry:what's a mudblood
Hagrid:it's someone te who's parents is it a wizard
Me:well I am pure blooded
Me:mom and dad
Hagrid:she right Lilly and James potter were wizards and ce to HogWarts
Ron:well what *throws up a slug*
Hermimeo:my parents aren't wizards
Me:it's alright
At the griffndory house
Me:well what we now is that someone open the chamber
Skipper:the chamber?
Harry:we can go see the chamber in the old girl's bathroom
Me:right but what about moaning myrtle
Ron:right she pretty scarder
Skipper: hello but-
Herminoe:oh don't be a chicken
Me:oh sorry the chamber is where something keeps coming from there we don't know what it is o who open it
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The penguins where at my house that evening talking about their last mission they where on well skipper was holding the mission files. But, something happened the lights when out there was a scream of terror and when they came back on the files where gone.
But i detto "I have a crystal ball te can use but i must..."
"Yeah yeah yeah what ever just give us the ball!" Skipper said."Fine," so I showed them where it was and this is what happened.
There was a Genie inside that ball that hated everybody even me it will play tricks on te and it will be mean about it.
The boys where rubbing it and words...
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posted by kowalskielol
continuing from ch. 2............

kitka iz totaly tired

ki: pufff hufff pufff huffff how long is this gona take??!?!?!?!

dr.b: not long!

ki: thanks,...

dr.b: no realy your hear


dr.b: >:( your- hear.

ki: look pal, unless te can tell me where dr.blowholes lair is i dont think-

dr.b: I AM DR. BLOWHOLE!~!!!!!!!

KI: oh! what are te doing this far from your lair.-

dr.b: te ARE HEAR te LITTLE NITWIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K: :,( your scaring me !!! waaaahaa!!!

dr.b: the worst ,........ OK!!! sorry sorry

ki: "sniff"

dr,b:our first lesson,........ how to GET revenge
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Sorry about the bad quality...this wasn't mine.
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