This is the secondo part of the Propose story. this is about them telling there parents about the marriage l, but one dose not agree.

I was packing for camp. I was nervous. Annabeth and I are going to Olympus today to tell our parents about the engagement. Telling Atheana was going to be the worst part. She hated my guts. She would always threaten me, o zap me when she got mad. Even if she was mad at something else she would take her anger out on me. I was her demigod punching bag, and I hated it. Every time my dad, Poseidon, would find out that Athena hurt me, they would get in a huge fight. Sometimes my dad would win, sometimes she would win but most of thoe time Zuse stops them.

I was down packing now. I walked out of my room, bags in hand and hugged my mom goodbye. Like always she would tell me not to die and that she loved me and she will miss me. I walked out the door. My mom new about the engagement but she got the hint that I really didn't want to be teased about it. And so did my step dad.

I took a cab to Annabeths apartment. I told the cab driver I would be right back and to wait. I walked up to Annabeths apartment and knocked. Again Jessica opened the door.

"Annabeth, Percy's here!" Jessica said

"Be right there!" Annabeth yelled back

"Come in." Jessica detto "I am so happy for te and Annabeth!"

Oh Gods she knows. Just Great.

"You haven't been telling everyone have you?" I asked

"Oh Zues no!" Jessica detto "Annabeth detto not to."

"Good." I detto and Annabeth came out of the hall. I grabbed her bags for her and she smiled at me.

"Now Jessica, the bus will be here soon ok. So don't be scared to open the door ok?" Annabeth said

"Ok da by."


I picked up her bags and brought them to the cab. I was still in shook that she detto yes to marring me. I helped Annabeth into the cab. We held hands the hole way to camp. We were going to camp first so we could drop our stuff off before we go and get me killed da Athena. Athena is going to be the worst to tell. I didn't know what my dad was going to do. He was kind of unpredictable. Now Athena will try to kill me. There's no dowt in my mind.

When we got there I helped Annabeth out of the cab, paid the driver and grabbed our bags. Annabeth wanted to help but I wouldn't let her. Five bags were nothing. Try holding the sky. I walked to Annabeths cabina first. I never been inside it before. The only time I have ever been inside it was when it is my turn to do the cabina cheeks. Ever sense Annabeth and I started dateing her cabina mates haven't really been cleaning up that well. The only reason I give them a good grade is because they do this 'If te don't give us a good grade, Annabeth will be mad. te do want her to be happy, right?' They would always do that.

I sat her bags down and headed to my cabin. Everything was the way I left it. My Minotaur horn on it usule shelf, my letto was a mess- wait, it wasn't messy. My room was clean.

"Tyson?" I said

Tyson poped out from behind his letto and yelled "MESSY BROTHER!" Wow I'm messy brother now. Well it better than Buby.

"Hows Annabeth?" I wondered if I should tell him about the engagement but he wont tell anyone.

"You know that we Amore each other vary much right?" He nodded "Well.... I asked her to ....... um...... marry me and she detto yes but-" I couldn't say anything else

"I am so happy! Lets tell pony man!" Before I could do anything he grabbed my arm and dragged me, and I mean dragged me across the groung. When we passed the Athena cabina Annabeth was outside. Great just great. She can see me being dragged against my will and see Tyson yelling " pony man, pony man!" And I saw her laughing

We were almost to the big house when I finally got him to let me go.

"Tyson! We cant tell anyone ok?" I said

"So pony man cant know?"

"No. Annabeth and I are going to tell our godly parents first ok."

"Ok! Lets go swimming! " before I could answer Tyson slung me over his shoulder as if I was a rag doll. He ran to the lake. When we passed the Athena cabina Annabeth was still outside. Great.

"Tyson, come here!" Annabeth yelled and Tyson listened "Turn around." And he did. Annabeth kissed me on the lips. That would of been the best upside down baciare ever if I wasn't going dizy because of my blood rushing to my head. Tyspn turned around and told Annabeth something I couldn't hear. Tyson ran off with with me dangling behind his back. Tyson through me into the lake than jumped in after me.


"Yes brother?"

"Why did te do that?"

"Because it is funny," he paused "Daddy's calling me! See te latter Percy!" Tyson went under the water and he was

I walked to the puntellare, riva and sat on the sand. I couldn't help but think about what our parents are going to say. I was più worried about Athena though. She hated the fact that Annabeth and I were dating. Every time she would get mad, even when its not at me, she would take her anger out on me. She would zap me o even starve me. Every time my dad, Poseidon, found out what she was doing they would always get into a fight. Sometimes my dad would win, sometimes Athena, but most of the time Zues would stop them. I thought the starving was bad, yep cant wait to see what she had planned for me now. Annabeth didn't know about it. If she found out she wouldn't want to be with me just to stop my pain. The worst pain I could go through is not being with Annabeth. I would go through any amount of pain to be with her. I would die just to keep her safe. I would do anything for her.

"Percy?" I turned around and saw Annabeth


"You ready?"

I sieghed and got up to my feet "Ready as Ill ever be." I gave Annabeth a quick baciare and grabbed her hand "lets get this over with."

The Gods were just doing whatever. Aphrodite was putting on her makeup, Apollo was listening to his ipod, Artamiss was practissing with her bow and arrows, Zuse and Hera were talking and Poseidon and Athena were playing chess together. I cant believe they weren't fighting. They were probably trying to see who was better at chess.

"Um Lady Athena, may I talk to te please. Its important." Athena looked at me

"Sir, Poseidon, I need to talk to te also." Annabeth wanted to tell her mom but I made it easy for her so she could tell my dad.

"Sure come on." Annabeth followed Poseidon to the spot in the room where there were no gods.

"What is it, boy? I have a vary important game right now." Athena detto to me.

"Well.... Annabeth and I are.... well we.... we are getting-" I didn't get to finish

"I am so happy for you!" I turned and I saw Poseidon and Annabeth hugging and I laughed.

"What is it?" Athena yelled to me

"Annabeth and I are getting married." I say finally

"Poseidon!" All the gods were silent now. Soon Zues snapped his finger and they were gone.

"Yes?" My dad and Annabeth moved successivo to me.

"How do te agree with this?" Athena bellowed

"Athena, just because we are enemies, dosent mean our children have to be. They Amore each other. I give my full blessing of this marriage and so should you." A blue light floted over our heads.

Athena stared at me. Soon a sharp pain went through my hole body. It started getting worse and worse. The pain got so bad I buckled to my knees. I screamed in pain. This was worse then the starvation o the zap. This was million times worse.

"Percy!" Annabeth got on her knees successivo to me. I kept screaming in pain. It just started getting worse and worse. I think I even started to cry that it hurt so bad. It just wouldn't stop. Annabeth was crying saying my name but I could barley hear her over my screams.

"Athena! That's enough!" Yelled Poseidon

Athena looked at my dad and the pain stopped and I fell to the ground. Soon she was gone. Annabeth cradled me in her arms. I was surprised I hadn't blacked out yet. Annabeth was brushing my hair out of my eyes. She was still crying.

"P-percy cant te get up?" Annabeth asked

My dad helped me up but as soon as I got to my feet, i puked. My dad snapped his fingers and the mess was gone. Dad picked me up and sat me down on his thrown and called Apollo.

"Yes?" Apollo detto as he walked in.

"Can te help my son please, he is vary sick." Poseidon said

"Sure, no problem. Do te mind?" Apollo asked

"Of course. Annabeth and I have some things we need to talk about. Like their wedding with Aphrodite. Now Annabeth-" and they were gone.

"Your getting married huh?" Apollo took out his suitcase with his godly medason and started to mix things together.

I cowered my throat "Um, yea." I said

"To Annabeth?" he put his mixtures in a small measuring cup.

"The one and only." I say and dranked the mixture he gave me. As soon as I dranked it, I felt like new! I wanted to get up out of my dads thrown and just run. Keep on running and never stop. Apollo detto that my energy will be back to normal soon. And he was right.

"Well that's exciting. Am I invited?" Apollo asked

"Of course. Everyone is. I think, I don't know who Annabeth is going to invite. But I will make sure your coming. " I said

"Thanks, so your leavening everything up to the woman?"


"Cool. Less work for you. Anyway your free to go." Apollo helped me off my dads 50 feet tall thrown. And left.

"Percy!" Annabeth ran into the room and jumped in my arms. I held her and she kissed me. We stayed like that until......

"Hello we have a lot to plan if we are haveing the wedding the giorno after tomarrow!" That. It was Aphrodite and my dad.

"Oh, um sorry." I put Annabeth down and we blushed


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