When Percy and Annabeth got married her mother hated that she married Poseidon's son Percy! Then, they had to deal with the fact that she married Poseidon's son Percy and now they been married for 10 years! They two girls,one boy and is pregnant with one right now! Annabeth is 6 months pregnant with a boy!

Their children's names are Lindsay,Thomas, and Lilly. The two oldest ones which are Lindsay and Thomas who is 7 and 5 years old fought a kampe'! They are bringing them to camp half- blood since they don't have to work. So, their parents are going to be counselors there. Annabeth their mother thinks they're too young but her cousin their aunt says that the monsters will just keep coming her family so, Annabeth detto fine.So te know Lilly is 3 years old!

When they got there they went to the big house and he gave to the younger counselor so, they did easier practices and they almost hurt the counselor! Annabeth and Percy were worried about the children getting hurt so, they made sure that they were getting watched da Chiron!