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Reunion (My version of Mark of Athena, except different title)



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Hazel fell asleep about two hours after she hit the bunk. Her dreams weren’t so fun, either.
She found herself in a cave in a volcano. She heard a deep, rumbling laugh from nearby.
“The world is falling for you mortals,” Said Gaea’s voice. “Why not surrender and give up now? Perhaps you will save your brother …”
The dream shimmered, and found herself in a cell. A boy with black hair and clothes with wild eyes was chained to a cemented-in chair. The door opened, and at the moment Hazel found her heart rising in panic as she realized it was Nico.
“Nico.” It was Kronos. How was he back? Percy had said he defeated him months ago. It was impossible!
Kronos knelt in front of him. Nico said something not-so nice in Ancient Greek to Kronos. A flicker of a smile touched Kronos’ face.
“Oh, come now,” he said. “Just tell us where your friends are. It’s that simple! And if you do, we’ll release you, and you’ll go back to your puny, normal life.”
“You’re lying!” Nico shouted at him. “You’ll control me or something. You’re not going to let me go.”
“Oh, yes we will. Just tell us, and you’ll suffer less pain.”
“I never will!” Nico snarled.
Kronos snapped his fingers, and Nico cried out in pain, though nothing was there. He squirmed in his bonds, as if something was electrocuting him.
“Tell me now?” Kronos asked calmly.
“No,” Nico said in a weak voice. “You’ll have to kill me.”
Kronos looked at him, and Nico screamed in obvious pain. Then the dream went black.

The next day started with a wonderful golden-red sun hovering over the Long Island Sound. Hazel still wasn’t use to the view of Camp Half-Blood, but it was beautiful. One main challenge was getting around the camp. It wasn’t like Legion Camp!
She sat in the pavilion next to Percy and Tyson, his half brother. Normally, she’d have to sit at the Pluto table, or, in this case, Hades table, but they let this one pass.
If possible, Percy looked like he’d slept worse. His jet-black hair was tousled still, his clothes thrown on. His green eyes were half concealed by his hands, since his head was leaning against them.
Tyson, on the other hand, looked quite happy, eating seventeen pancakes, two bowels of Fruit Loops, and some eggs.
“Percy? Did you get any sleep last night?” Frank, who looked like he’d had an excellent night of sleep, asked, since Percy looked like he was about to fall asleep right there.
“W-what?” Percy asked, jumping.
Frank exchanged looks with Hazel, and they both thought the same thing- Well, that answers THAT question.
“Are you ok?” Hazel asked, concerned.
“Yeah, I-I guess so. No. I don’t know.” He sighed in slight annoyance and toyed with his eggs. Hazel shook her head.
Percy sat back on the bench. “These things are so uncomfortable,” He muttered.
Chiron, the centaur, stood up and announced, “Everyone’s attention, please. Thank you. Now, we are missing a … um … valuable camper. Nico Di Angelo.”
Hazel shifted in her seat uncomfortably. She missed him bad. And her dream about him … that was bad enough.
Chiron looked at Hazel. “As you all know, his sister, Bianca, died some years back courageously. But he has another one: Hazel here, at the Poseidon table. Of course, she’s supposed to be at the Hades table, but since she and Percy worked together, I decided to give her the slip. And no, you can’t, John. Get back to your table.”
A boy about nineteen sheepishly backed up to the Iris table.
“Thank you. Continuing on, he’s been captured by-who was it again? - Gaea herself.”
There was a stunned silence. Finally, someone said, “How?”
“It’s Hazel who should answer that question,” Chiron said, nodding at her. She cleared her throat.
“I”- Her throat clogged up. She loved him so much, and for all she knew, he might be dead.
“He told me before it happened that he wanted to search the Doors of Death. And then I had a vision when I tried to save Percy from suffocating in the Earth-long story-and Gaea told me something about how he looking in through the doors and he was foolish to do so. And something about using me.”
“He wouldn’t use you,” Frank said suddenly. “He’s your brother. I mean, seriously.”
“Yeah, but”-
“Are you taking Gaea’s words over ours?!” Frank said indignantly. “She just wanted to make you hate him!”
“No! No!” Hazel said quickly. “I mean- oh, never mind. I don’t agree with her.”
She sighed. Chiron looked around for a moment, and said, “On that happy note, Capture the Flag plays tomorrow! Athena, Hermes, and Poseidon along with Hazel and Frank, same team! Ares and the rest against them!”
Hazel noticed Percy look over at Annabeth when it was said. She looked, too, and smiled at him. Man, they did love each other.
“Now, go on, all of you,” Chiron said, waving a hand. Dionysus, the wine god and leader of camp, said loudly, “Yes, please do. I’ve just eaten.”

The rest of the day, Hazel basically lay on her bunk in the lonely cabin 15. It had been recently added by none other then her own brother. Other then it being lonely, it was very quite awesome, with a built-in TV, refrigerator, and even some beverages on a counter. She was quite certain the other cabins did not have that.
She was just watching TV (Peruses, the Brave and Noble) when someone knocked on the door.
“Come in?” She said uncertainly.
“Hazel. I wanted to talk to you.”
Percy stepped in. For a moment, he stopped his grave manner and an appreciated look crossed his face.
“Wow. It’s a nice cabin.”
“You wanted to talk to me?” Hazel prompted.
“Right,” He said, shaking out of his trance-like act. “I had a dream of- of Gaea. Last night. She, um, wants to control me, wants to use you, and- um – wants to torture Nico until he tells her some information that I or you don’t know. If he doesn’t tell, she’ll kill him.”
“Oh. That’s … cheerful. You know what mine was?” Hazel told him about her dream. “It’s terrible!” She cried.
Percy sighed. “We’ll find him. I promise. But once he’s more recovered after we get him, I want to wring his neck for acting like he never knew me.”
“How do you know we’ll find him?” Hazel asked. Percy looked hard at her. Finally, he said, “Just trust me. We will.”


Percy knew Hazel was worried, nervous, and, most importantly, anxious. He could see it all on her face as he bid her goodbye.
But at the moment, he was focused on something else: Annabeth. She was so happy now, and everyone said (behind her back) that she had been very, very upset when he had gone. Piper, daughter of Aphrodite and looked like a girl trying best to be in the background then the spotlight, which was not like daughters of Aphrodite, said something about Annabeth searching for three days and some amount of hours and minutes. Though Percy didn’t show it, he secretly was happy with the fact she had been worried. She really did care.
He knocked on her cabin door. A few moments later, she was there.
“Who is-? Oh hi, Percy!” She blushed a bit, which wasn’t much like her, but ever since he’d come back, she’d been easily embarrassed. Thankfully, though, that was starting to fade away- slowly, but surely.
“What’s up?”
“Do you want to, um, go with me for cabin inspections?”
Percy felt uncomfortable and glad to be with her at the same time. Her whole face lit up. “Sure, why not?”
First stop: Percy’s cabin. Luckily, Tyson had finished cleaning it out a few minutes before hand- “Look at my sea urchins! They are in the air!” He squealed to them- and he managed to get a four. The Ares cabin was hastily cleaned. Clarissa glared at Percy for a moment before mumbling, “Nice of you to be back. Now get out, punk.” For that, she earned a three.
The rest of the cabins were pretty good, and still the Hermes couldn’t fail to have a bit of a mess, even though it was nearly empty now.
That night at the campfire, the music was slow, careful, and slightly sad. Tyson started crying, but he was always sensitive, so it didn’t bug Percy much. Campers seemed thankful to have Percy back, as he earned many slaps on the backs and smiles.
The only person that seemed nearly as sensitive as Tyson was Annabeth. She wasn’t joining in the group, but in the background, sitting down with silent tears.
Percy hung back a moment and sat next to her. “What’s up?” He asked.
She looked up and briskly wiped away the tears. “Huh? Oh, that’s nothing. What’s going on? Why- why are you next to me?”
“What, is there a law for no sitting next to girls or something? Cause I must of missed it. You’re my girlfriend, anyway. And toughen up a bit! You’re not the Annabeth I know.”
She looked at him carefully. “Ok, you’re right. I don’t really like this song. You really do remember everything, then?”
Percy somehow knew what was coming. “Yeah, I do.”
“Then … you’re not with anybody … or like someone … other then me, right?”
There it was. Bingo, she hit the target, the thing that had been making her so out of focus, so very sensitive, in thought. She seemed to have thought he was with someone at the other camp.
“Annabeth, there’s no one like you! I wouldn’t do that to you. You know that. You know me.”
She looked him in the face for a long time. Then she suddenly stood and said, “Yeah, I know you. I’m going mad, aren’t I? Thinking you were with someone else.”
Percy knew she was, for some reason, getting very angry, at him or herself, he didn’t know.
“Maybe Rachel is good with you.”
“She’s an Oracle, I can’t-!”
“Ah, so you do!”
“No, I didn’t! Annabeth-!”
“Maybe she’ll make an exception.”
“You’d make a lovely couple.”
“GO TO BED!!” Percy finally exploded. “Just go away! I need time by myself. And no, it doesn’t mean I like her!” He added as she opened her mouth to retort. “I love you, but right now … just give me a few minutes.”
She turned on her heel and left. Percy had a feeling that he’d made tears fall. He sank to the ground, feeling like honest crap.
He didn’t realize someone or people were next to him until a girl cleared her throat uncomfortably.
Looking up, he saw Piper, Leo (son of Hephaestus,) and Jason.
“Um … what’s going on back here?” Piper asked. Percy got to his feet.
“A little spat between me and Annabeth, that’s all,” He said. Jason exchanged looks with Leo.
“Yeah, we kind of figured that out, bud,” Jason said. “But what was it about? We might be able to help.”
“How would you be able to help!?” Percy asked. His emotions were mixed; he felt a little angry, a little anxious, and very upset.
“Well, um, Rayna and I … we’re kind of angry at each other,” Jason muttered, looking at the ground. “Cause I like Piper, and she likes me … it’s like that stupid love triangle people make up.”
Percy collapsed. If it hadn’t been for Piper, he would have broken a bone since the stone bench was right there.
“Dude, are you ok?” Leo asked, concerned. Percy staggered up. “Thanks, Piper,” He said. “Yeah, I’m all right … no, actually not … maybe both. I’m all mixed up now!” He felt frustrated now. An addition to his emotions. Great.
“All right. Annabeth thinks I like someone else other then her, even though I don’t.”
Jason nodded. “Yeah. Just give her time and she’ll come around. She likes you. Really.”
Leo slapped him on the back. “Now go to bed, lover.”


The next day at dinner, Percy talked to Hazel and Frank in a low voice.
“We’re with Athena and Hermes, with everyone else against us. That includes our lucky Ares. Even though Athena’s on our team, I feel Annabeth is going to attack me in private. Not to injury me, of course, since I’m so good at it, but because she needs to cool down by fighting. Thankfully, dad’s symbol is on the flag this time.”
Sure enough, at the end of a delicious dinner, Percy and Tyson ran in at the right side of the pavilion with a sea-green flag with a three-tipped trident on it. The Athena cabin, Hermes, and Frank and Hazel cheered loudly. The Ares, as usual, were in lead for their team, with a blood-red flag with a boar’s head on it. Clarissa and some other kid ran with it, and their team exploded in cheers.
Outside, Percy and Tyson turned to the team. “Um- excuse me,” Percy called, but Tyson yelled for him: “Brother is speaking!” Everyone jumped.
“Thanks, Big Guy,” Percy muttered to him. Then he addressed the others: “Ares is tough, but we’re wise.” Cheers from the team. “Everyone know their positions?” Grim nods came to their direction. “Good. Now remember, watch out for Annabeth. And Clarissa, too. She has that electric spear. Now, let’s play!” Everyone yelled as they ran into the woods.
Somehow, Percy felt as if someone were behind him at the very start. Fortunately, he knew a good trick. Continue walking as if you don’t suspect. Stab behind you and whirl around. And Percy did just that. Sure enough, a guy fell on the ground.
“Ouch!” Jason snapped. Blood went from his arm.
“That’s what you get for going after me,” Percy told him. Then he ran off to his position: the Ares flag. He was going to get it. No matter what. Then he saw it. Mike, a Hephaestus kid guarded it, along with one of Clarissa’s siblings.
“This isn’t normal,” He muttered under his breath.
“You’re right. It isn’t.” A voice replied.

The first thought that came to Percy’s head was: I’m such a jerk! Annabeth and Clarissa were there, which was wrong, since Annabeth was on his side.
“Annabeth, you’re on my side,” Percy said in his best calm voice.
She smiled sweetly at him. “Yeah, I am,” She said in a matter-of-fact sort of voice.
Percy suddenly lunged at Clarissa and slashed her arm, nearly breaking Maimer. Clarissa screeched, “You idiot! You gangly cow!” Annabeth lunged back- at Percy. Percy instinctually hit the ground, and Annabeth tripped over him. He stood on her legs, looking down at her.
“You won’t attack me,” She said determinedly. “I know you won’t.”
“But I know you,” Percy whispered. Then he suddenly turned and swung in an arc. Clarissa, seeing how he’d been distracted, tried to attack him from behind. Percy had still managed to think like her at the time, however. It made a cut on her neck. She looked surprised before falling on her back.
Though his reflexes were quick, they weren’t as quick as Annabeth at the time. She jerked her leg up, making him fall, then unsheathed her knife and stabbed him in the arm, pinning him to the ground. She grabbed his head and slammed it into the ground.
Percy tasted blood. His arm was a) hurting and b) under pressure between the knife and earth.
He just thought he’d stay like this for a while when an arrow whizzed out of nowhere and slammed into Annabeth. Stunned and taken completely by surprise, she fell hard on her bum.
“Percy? Are you all right?” Frank and Hazel came into view.
“I-I’m all right,” He said through his mouthful of blood. Hazel yanked the knife out, and he winced. “Thanks.”
“No problem,” Hazel said, pulling him to his feet. “We knew she’d go after you. We didn’t expect her, though,” She added, jutting a thumb at the unmoving Clarissa.
Annabeth, meanwhile, looked as stunned as she had when the arrow had hit her. “I- Frank, the arrow-? What’s-?”
“Shush,” Hazel growled. Annabeth blinked back tears. Percy staggered to her and pulled her up, then hugged her. She freely wept on his shoulder.
“The flag!” Hazel cried in horror. Percy glanced up in time to see an Ares kid running to his boundary, the flag high in the air. Without thinking, Percy ran hard as he could, down the hill and onto leveled land. He was even with the kid. Panicked, Mr. Ugly tried to go back, but changed his mind at the last moment, which was a major mistake as Percy cut his legs. The kid tripped. Percy grabbed the flag, threw it to Frank, and grabbed the red Ares flag and ran like mad to the other side, dodging ‘enemies’ here and there. Finally, he ran across safe territory. His team exploded into cheers.
He’d done it. And he’d never been happier. Well, almost never had been as happy, he thought and Annabeth kissed him on the cheek.


I’m going mad. That was the first thing that went to Annabeth’s head at Capture the Flag, and that night. Percy was alive! Percy loved her! And she responded by trying to stab him in the back, or act tartly. What a wonderful girlfriend she was.
She suddenly had a flashback of memories in her bunk. She remembered the first time she met him, half-conscious on the porch, his sea-green eyes filled with shock and exhaustion- not to mention sadness. She remembered how he looked up at her, probably wondering who the heck she was.
Or how she was so cruel to him when she met him, thinking that since their parents were rivalries. She remembered what he had said on their first-ever quest: Did our parents ever work together? And she’d replied, Well … I suppose. The chariot. My mom designed it, and your dad made the horses. Then he’d pleaded, Then we can work together too, right? And she’d said, I suppose.
Or the Sea of Monsters, when the ship exploded, she’d thought she’d lost everyone until she saw Percy in the water, out completely, with his backpack thankfully near him, and she’d fished him out of the water and onto her small boat, checking to see if he was still breathing. Which he thankfully was.
How he never gave up when trying to find her when she fell with the manicure over the cliff. How he’d taken the weight of the sky just so Lady Artemis could get out, and Annabeth had watched in fear as a streak of his hair turned gray as the pressure went against him, and he’d rolled out of it when Atlas fell underneath it once more, and he’d fallen to the ground in overly pain.
When the volcano exploded when they were fifteen, and he’d gone out with it and went missing for two weeks.
He’d been so brave about the prophecy, fighting monsters that came his way, trying his best to protect Annabeth.
And recently … Annabeth’s throat clogged up. He’d been taken by Hera and his memories were stolen, every single one except for herself. And he’d went to the Roman camp and they’d found him, reasoned with the Roman’s, and they got him back …
And here she was, his girlfriend, snapping at him and yelling at him. She was a FAILURE! She found herself crying with her siblings staring at her.
“Are you ok?” Michael asked timidly. She sat up. “I’m fine, forget about it.” She looked out the window, the darkening sky, thinking about how she was so different now. She needed a fresh start, tomorrow. She’d decided.
Most surprisingly, she didn’t have any dreams that night. When she woke, she was real awake and energetic- which kind of explained how she ended up waking up at 5:00 A.M.
The sun wasn’t even up yet. She could see the sky brightening into a gray, however, and she had a feeling it was going to be a cloudy day.
She stopped at the Poseidon cabin and hesitated, wondering if she should keep moving or wake him up. She decided no. 2.
She waited after knocking on the door. She heard scuffling inside. “Who is it?” Percy asked.
“I- It’s Annabeth.” A pause.
“Come in, then.”
Inside, Percy was sitting up on his bunk. Tyson was still snoring on his top one, somehow.
“How are you awake at this time?” He asked.
She snorted, and at the moment she realized she really was returning to her regular self.
“I’m awake at this time because my conscious decided to wake me up.”
A slight smile played around Percy’s lips.
“That’s more like you. We’ll beat Gaea one day, if you continue like this.”


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1 question
Why does the first part take place in camp half-blood?
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