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I was born here. I was raised here. I was loved here. I tortured here. I killed here. I am leaving here.
I thought my mother, Circe, loved me. She truly seemed to care. When I was younger, I saw her turn my father into a pig. That night, we feasted on ham and bacon. She had erased the incident from my mind, but it had returned. Everything came rushing back a few years ago, when I saw her turn a boy, about my age, named Percy Jackson, into a guinea pig. She took him and his girlfriend, Annabeth, away from each other, and attempted to turn Annabeth into a shrew. I was skilled enough to turn myself...
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    i moved my head just as the butt hit and pinned her up agenst a albero i smiled and detto " i win, wise girl." i let her go and she lookes at me and detto " te just got lucky seaweed brain." she huffed and walked away from me to camp. i coulden't just stand ther so i ran after her i grabbed her arm spun her around and wispered " see te at the hermes cabina for truth o dare." i smiled and walked away.


    we were sitting like we were the game left off, and annabeth...
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