"Why aren't they coming?" Dixie asked, eyes wide with alarm. Phineas replied with a smile on his face"Candace is pregnant!" As the door rang Dixie bolted out the door knocking down Buford and running in circles yelling "YES IM GOING TO HAVE COUSINS!" and running back in the house running up and down the stairs in super speed up and down the halls until smacking her head into the bacheca and passing out but, in 5 minuti she is still up and running again."Why is she so happy?!" Buford asked "come"Phineas detto leading Buford and Baljeet in to the living room. Soon Linda and Lawrence come down stirs to see what's all the noise about Phineas wouldn't tell them until Isabella came and when she did his hart started pumping like mad " Woah Izzie looks beautyful in her short shorts....No Phineas she is your friend te can't data her I mean......." His thoughts were interupted da Buford yelling "someone hit the breaks on the dog!" "DIXON STOP NOW" just as Ferb detto that Dixie skidded to a stop in front of a bacheca missing it da a inch . "As I was saying" he continued "Candace is pregnant!!!" as they called her they found out it was true and they celebrated until 7p.m .Linda dint even mind the hole in the wall.