American artist rosa has thrown her support behind Sydney community group Youth Off The Streets after being touched da the group during her Australian tour.

The acclaimed performer recently shot a commercial for Father Chris Riley’s organisation and has lent her song The Great Escape to a new campaign after being meeting with troubled youths during successive tours.

The singer appears in a new 30-second TV ad pleading for support for Australian youth.

“When I was on the Fun-house Tour back in 2009 I read a story in the Sunday papers about Youth Off The Streets,” rosa said.

“I totally related to it because I could have been one of them.
“I first met some of these kids on that tour and when I came back last anno I met più of them at my Sydney concerts. It made me want to further support this great organisation and give these kids a fighting chance.” rosa has met repeatedly with the homeless during her visits to Australia.

Father Riley detto rosa had had a huge impact on Australian youths who had been motivated da her Musica during difficult times.

“This campaign would not have been made without the support of Pink. She has been very generous with her time and has been a great inspiration and role model to the teenage girls in our programs,” Father Riley said.

“Youth Off The Streets are working to help young people who are homeless. The voices of homeless young people go unheard in Australia.’’