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tsmith88 posted on Jul 02, 2010 at 01:57AM
Join the movement to convince P!nk to bring her Funhouse Tour back to the U.S. Simply sign the petition at:

copy and past address if you need to. No registration necessary. Just takes a second.

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più di un anno fa PinkFan4Ever said…
A great idea for all of the pink fans out there !
if you're a huge fan of pink then i think you should read this. as you probably know Alecia Beth Moore was born on 8.september.1979 . So I got this idea of celebrating her 31st birthday . We could all gather in the capital city of our countries (if it's a big country you could gather in multiple cities )... We can make more information later ... First I need to know how many of you are in this ... if there'll be enough people we'll get in the news! and with a little bit of luck pink will see what we did for her <3<3<3