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la scelta dei fan: Princess Natalia Dragomiroff
Princess Natalia Dragomiroff
Colonel Arbuthnot
la scelta dei fan: Yes, I do.
Yes, I do.
Well, kinda, IDK for sure.
la scelta dei fan: Angela Warren
Angela Warren
Phillip Blake
la scelta dei fan: Justice Lawrence Wargrave
Justice Lawrence Wargrave
Emily Brent
la scelta dei fan: Yes, I'm aware that if I'm not as careful I might find who is the killer in which
Yes, I&# 39; m aware that if I&# 39; m not...
Spoilers?? I&# 39; ve read every...
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HannahWilson detto …
I am working on a production for ITV, called The Crime Thriller Club. We are looking for the UK’s biggest crime thriller fan to take part in our programme for ITV3. Each episode we would like to feature two enthusiasts of shows like Inspector Morse, Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Lewis, Poirot, Rebus, Taggart, Broadchurch, DCI Banks, Midsomer Murders etc. to come into the studio to showcase their knowledge. If te think this is te please get in touch, postato più di un anno fa
Idunn detto …
I know Lucy Eyelesbarrow isn't a killer o a suspect, but I think she's just awesome!
postato più di un anno fa
alirioaguero2 commentato…
Yeah, I know. Site is for her too. For all characters in Marple and Poirot books. più di un anno fa
StarFireGirl4 detto …
I've added some fan pick domande and answers. I would really appreciate it if te would comment, o atleast answer my questions. But I'm not saying te have to, but it would be nice.
postato più di un anno fa
alirioaguero2 commentato…
Oh, sorry, I haven't been here in awhile. I'll cerca for them and answer them più di un anno fa