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 Staraptor and Trainer
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Flabébé (フラベベ Furabebe) is a Pokémon with something above a flower. It hold the flower. It keep holding that fiore except if it jump on that flower. It use fiore to perform a sposta because without that, it can't do something. It has light yellow "crown" o something like that above it and it has white "heart" on the side. It has 2 rosa ovals on its cheeks and its bottom is green.
The fiore has 5 petals of different color, 3 yellow anthers, and 3 sepals.
The word "Flabébé" is derived from "フラワー furawā" (Japanese for flower), "Pflanze" (German for plant), and "bébé" (French for baby).
Like Sylveon, Flabébé is the pure Fairy type Pokémon. Flabébé is the only Pokémon whose English name use diacritics.
 An information of Flabébé. Because it converted into JPG, the color will be different.
An information of Flabébé. Because it converted into JPG, the color will be different.
Many May fan have complaint that, because of the time limit, Dawn won the contest (I think that's how she won) and due to that a lot of May fan felt angry. If te ask me, in my opinion, I actually wouldn't care any less who won If it wasn't for stupid filler episodes. If May had won instead of Dawn than Dawn would have needed to compete in another four o five più contest and we would have had to deal with più boring filler episodes. Although, I like the Sinnoh saga, many of the episodes were like boring. It was like watching the boring Johto-saga all over again and Johto was when I was even mature enough to be able to remember as many Pokemon episodes as possible. When Pokemon first came out, I was way too young to remember most of them. Considering how much I could remember all the boring episodes of Johto just bugs me. But either way I still decided to re-watch them online. Anyway, what's your opinion.
 The Sinis Trio: Lavana, Heath, and Ice.
The Sinis Trio: Lavana, Heath, and Ice.
Gosh, I'm never going to find my life's calling. I just got here in Almia, and I just realized, why did I come here anyway? Team Rocket is disbanded, so I'm bored... it's a shame that that kid, Ash, defeated Giovanni. Now I'm here, but it's SO boring! I had no idea Pueltown was such a quiet place. I could go Pokemon poaching in Vien Forest... But the Pokemon are recitazione so weird... Wait, someone's at the door. Be right back.
"Hello. Is your name Fianna?"
"Ummm... yes..."
"Good. My name is Ice. I am part of the Sinis Trio, the superiore, in alto of the ranks in Team Dim Sun."
"Um, what's Team Dim Sun?"...
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#10- Manaphy. The reason is because Manaphy's nickname is "Prince of the sea" suggesting that Manaphy is male, so I believe the gender ratio for Manaphy should be 100% male.

#9- Numerous Fighting-type Pokémon. It's just so hard me to picture Fighting-type Pokémon as female because they look so masculine. However there are some exceptions such as Scraggy, Heracross, Meditite, Medicham,, and Mega Loppunny to name a few, but for the most part I think most Fighting-types should be 100% male.

#8- Phione. Phione should be 100% male in my opinion.

#7- Braixen, Snubull, Mawile, and multiple others....
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