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This Pokémon wallpaper might contain anime, fumetti, manga, and cartoni animati.

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**All of the proceeding Fake Mew Scams are courtesy of Team Rocket's Rockin' Glitch/Cosplay.... etc. site**

1.) From QuietLugia:
I've made up many different Mew cheats, but I'd like to have my favourite fake one on your site.

DO NOT TRY THIS IT IS 100% FAKE!!!!!!!!!!

1. How to get Mew on G/S/C (This requires R/B, NOT Yellow)
First, get a Mewtwo on Red o Blue.
Then raise it to lvl100. DON'T use any stat-raising Items, but do duplicate them using the Missingno. trick. te can raise Mewtwo using Rare Candies o Gameshark, it doesn't really matter.
Make sure he knows Psychic. If he doesn't, the cheat...
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