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This Pokémon fan art might contain gattino.

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It was midnight; the residents of Machida city were all in their beds, the one who were away were working over the night doing the specific jobs. At the Midorikyowa hospital, the nurse who was responsible for Satoshi, when he was hospitalized was taking care of the new born babies. She and a student nurse were rocking the bambini to sleep, after all the bambini fell a sleep the senior nurse and the student left the room. The senior nurse looked much tried since she had a lot of work to do, the student nurse told her, “Senior, please let me handle the rest of the work, te go home and rest”....
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andrew:w-what?! t-thats impossible!
andrew:actually no because im te from the future at 21....
andrew:s-so....why go to the past to put roses?
f-andrew:because the one in this time has no room left.....
andrew*confused and shocked*......s-so what now...
f-andrew:you go back to the past...

all of the sudden out of no-where darkrai appears

darkrai: andrew i couldnt find him i.....oh...
f-andrew:let me explain.....darkrai is my pokemon..
andrew:*confused and afraid* THEN WHY IS HE ALWAYS TRYING TO KILL ME!

f-andrew:*sighs*....its time to tell the truth......not...
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