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Meowstic is a Pokémon that has different forms depending on its gender. Not only do male and female Meowstic look different, but they also have different moves they can learn!
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It was midnight; the residents of Machida city were all in their beds, the one who were away were working over the night doing the specific jobs. At the Midorikyowa hospital, the nurse who was responsible for Satoshi, when he was hospitalized was taking care of the new born babies. She and a student nurse were rocking the bambini to sleep, after all the bambini fell a sleep the senior nurse and the student left the room. The senior nurse looked much tried since she had a lot of work to do, the student nurse told her, “Senior, please let me handle the rest of the work, te go home and rest”....
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There is a disease called "Pokerus" that is spread all around the world da trainers who would want più power for their Pokemon. The trainers don't know about it's other effects. One giorno a researcher named "Haden Sorman" looked at a Pokemon with Pokerus. He thought it looked so powerful that he wanted to know more. So then, Haden started extracting saliva off a Ratatta and tested it. It seems normal and usual. He then tested a infected Ratatta and see what was the results. The results say it gets 10x stronger but, as it has the disease for a longer time it gets out of control and possibly.......
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 Zekrom (#8, tied with Tepig at 49 current fan each)
Zekrom (#8, tied with Tepig at 49 current fans each)
OK, I did a little research, and I am proud to present the 10 Unova Pokemon characters with the most fans. Here they are:

10. Scraggy

Who doesn't Amore this adorable little Pokemon? #10 with 21 current fan ("current" meaning at the time this was made), Scraggy is one popolare cutie!

9. Team Plasma (in general)

The villainous team of Unova, led da N and Ghetsis Harmonia. #9 with 25 current fans, they beat Scraggy da only 4 fans.

8. Tepig and Zekrom

The Fire-type starter and the legendary stella, star of Pokemon White. Tied at #8 with 49 current fan each, they beat Team Plasma da 25 fans.

7. Cheren

Your smart,...
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brocks playing a game boy .......

GAME BOY: ... Wiled Officer jenny has apperd !

brock uses charm!... it doesint effected officer jenny .

offecer jenny uses tackel! critticle hit!

brock fainted... offecer jenny won! offecer jenny got 1000yen for winning...offecer jenny leved up to level 7! (XD IT WAS A LEVEL 7 ALL THS TIME! LOL!)

......... brock ran to the hospital safely

latter at the hospital... nurse joy apperd!

brock used charm! ... but it failed!

nurse joy used run but nuse joy is comfused...nurse joy conflicted dammedge on itself!

brock use mean look! nurse joy cant escape now!

nurse joy use...
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(Bianca's POV)

"No, no, no, no, no! A thousand times, NO!" My father shouts across the room. We're arguing for my right to go on a journey with Black, White and Cheren. "Why not? I deserve to go! I have always stayed home and done nothing! This is the chance that I have to go outside and finish my pokedex for Professor Juniper! Especially because I want to spend quality time with my best friends, Black, White and Cheren!" My father shakes his head while pacing back and forth. "I do not trust that Cheren boy. He's trouble." Oh boy. Here we go again. My father is ALWAYS being over-protective...
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