Pokémon My Fanfiction Don Battle! Amy versus Megan! Which of these Pokemon do te think would be più likely to win? (regardless of level) The moves are in the comments.

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Megan's Abomasnow
Amy's Reuniclus
 ninjacupcake88 posted più di un anno fa
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Abomasnow's Moves
Powder Snow, Ice Shard, Razor Leaf, Brick Break

Reuniclus' Moves
Psyshock, Rollout, Giga Impact, Psywave

Here's the thing, I can never decide who I want to win tournaments like this... so... this is why I'm posting these questions and giving a deadline. Whoever you think will win will move on to the next round of the Don Battle and be the actual winner.
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MCHopnPop picked Megan's Abomasnow:
Giga Impact is most likely Lanculus's strongest move but I imagine with Abomasnow's two Ice type moves it's more than likely to win.
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