Miyako, Minoru, Makoto, Katsou, and I went to my house to talk. We told him that he mustn't tell anybody that Miyako, Momoko, and I are the PPGZ.
"You got the memo? If someone found out, it wouldn't be good. And what would your dad think?"
Makoto said, "Yeah, but that means that..." I got what what he was going to say, so I spoke up.
"Miyako and I both know that te three are the Rowdyruff Boys, Makoto. Remember Bones and Boo? They are us girls. I designed compact bracelets that transform us into a dark looking version."
"How long did te two know who my brothers are? And when are te going to tell Momoko?"
"We known for two weeks, and we will tell Momoko when she believes that your RRBZ forms have changed personality." Miyako answered.
Then we heard a knock on the door. "Kaoru, it's me Momoko. Can I come in?"
"In a sec!" I shouted. Then I turned to them and whispered to the boys, "Or now, if te like. But be nice about it. She doesn't take things like that if te just blurt it out." Then I walked to the door and opened it. "Come in. I was just talking to our friends."
She took a sede, sedile on the divano and takes out some candy. "So, what are te guys talking about?" Then Makoto made up his mind.
"I need to tell te something, Momoko. Now don't freak out when te here this. My brothers and I are, how do I say this, the Rowdyruffs. But we've changed."
"You're the RRBZ?!" Then she looked at Miyako and I. "How long did te two know?"
"About two weeks. But they've actually changed!" Then I turned red. "A lot."
Katsou then spoke up. "But there is a cool thing about this. te two can talk telepathically. Kaoru and I can talk to each other like Miyako and Minoru can talk to each other. It comes in handy."
"So, that means that Green Wonder and Blue Bubbler are them two?" Momoko asked, pointing at Katsou and Minoru.
They turned red. "Yeah." Makoto looked at them puzzled.
"What? There an extra form for te guys, too?!" He questioned.
I decided to answer for them. "Yes, they do. So do you. But they figured out before you." Then I handed a dark rosa compact bracelet to Momoko. "This is so they don't have to transform o be in their school clothes. We can transform into a dark looking version of us. I made them a few weeks ago."
She gave a teasingly smile. "So, te are a genius. How come te never told Ken? Are te embarrassed o something?"
I rolled my eyes. "I'm not a genius, Momoko. I just studied a book on electronics."
"Electronic libri don't talk about that, Kaoru, because they don't know how to do such advancements. te are obviously a genius. Don't deny it."
I couldn't take the pressure anymore. "Fine! You're right! My parents took me to test on how smart I was and they detto it was way higher than normal. I felt like an outcast so I pretended that I was an average kid. Happy now?!" Then I took a deep breath. "Besides, I'm not interested in science and stuff like that. " After a few minuti of calming down, we all went to the park for the rest of the day.