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 Blossom crying
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(The City of Townsville and Powerpuff Girls are hangin' out and eating candy, Buttercup was holding the money Professor gave, Blossom was looking around and Bubbles was on Buttercup's back eating lollypop)

Blossom: So what shell we do now, girls?

Buttercup: Let's buy some toys in that new toy store

Bubbles: Oh yeah! I saw there a stuffed piggie and I liked it so much!

Blossom: Okay, let's go

(The girls went to a toy store, Bubbles bought some stuffed animals, Blossom bought some games and math stuff, and Buttercup bought a new punching bag and boxing gloves. They went out and flew back to home)...
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posted by MF114

I walked through the field of the park looking for him. Boomer. I liked him I really did. Since we first turned 13, (A few months ago) and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I had to say yes, but I wanted to say no. My BFF Brat, was so much prettier, kinda smarter, popular, and borderline perfect. And she loved Boomer, but he didn't like her. He loved me though. Brat was okay with me and Boomer dating, she was my BFF and detto she'd easily get over it. I'm sure she did da now. Anyways, I walked closer past the albero Boomer took me to every time we had a park date, right da there, the perfect...
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narater:it cristmas at town
me:*singing jingul campana, bell rock to town*
christopher:i hate christmes
me:oh cume on whers your hoiday speret
christopher:i had one iv never gotin a present thats why
flor:thats because te pull the wors pranks on apil 1st santa is watching
flor and kevin:*sing you're a mean one MR GRINCH
buttercup butch:*sing wonderful Natale time
christher:humbug>:( i only care to play in the snow!*sings let it snow*
1 ora later
goust 1:whoooooooow i am chrismas gost 1 wen te were a baby te wher afrade of snow men 2 mor goust will vistet you
goust 2:wowowowwo!!! im am Natale goust 2 now te areint afrade of snow men now but te hate Natale 1 più will tell te of your futier
goust 3:i am here to tell te if te dont be nice in chrismes successivo anno te will be dead in your 30's
successivo anno of christmes later
christother:i Amore christmes want to go outside!
 out side
out side
*note:rrbs and ppgs 13 yrs old*

Narrator: Whats this??....is there something in the albero da the Powerpuffs bedroom window?*gasp* STALKER! CREEPO! PERV!

Brick:*thinking* Look at them, they pretty much have everything in common, everyone may think they're perfect for eachother, but not me. She is perfect, but not for him, she's perfect for me. Yes, i know im being all creepy stalking them but i just dont want her alone with my pervy brother
(Brick growls as Butch pushes Buttercup on the bed)
Brick:*thinking* i know i shoudlnt like her but she is amazing! I Amore her attitude towards the world, she...
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