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Jillywinkles posted on Jun 23, 2008 at 01:41AM
"You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged. But one word from you will silence me on this subject forever."
"Oh, my feelings...My feelings are...I am ashamed to remember what I said then. My feelings are so different. In fact, they are quite the opposite."


Kiss, damn you, kiss! KISS!!!!
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più di un anno fa kateliness2 said…
Darn it; this isn't what I'd hoped it to be. It's a specific scene bashing, not overall movie.

I'll get back to you; maybe I can find a scene where I can thoroughly voice some of my problems with this version without sounding like I read waay too much into things.
più di un anno fa Jillywinkles said…
lol, you can criticize the movie if you want...there are definite problems I have with it too, like Jennifer Ehle's lack of chemistry (was it just me or did she seem more in love with the house than Mr. Darcy?) and Lady Catherine's shouting match with Lizzy.
I did love the 2005's version of this second proposal scene much more...this one just felt like they skipped over it as soon as they could. I guess they were so concerned about being true to the book, they didn't realize it was boring and lame. Movies and books are not the same thing! Movies have to change some things or else it just doesn't work. Still, I love the mini, there are many excellent things about it.

If only I could somehow merge the two together! Between the two of them there would be something truly perfect :D
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più di un anno fa kateliness2 said…
Oh, I wish that they would kiss in that scene too :)

YES! Someone agrees that Jennifer Ehle seems stiff with Colin Firth!

I would love to merge them, with my favorite aspects from both, but still have them individually. That way there would be 3 versions I love :)
più di un anno fa applefield said…
I wished almost the same :D, but I think it's OK that the movie reminds us of the 19th century way of undemonstrative love expression. Also, for the sake of the impact of the kiss scene at the very end, the director may have thought the kiss here is unnecessary.

I was rather annoyed by that Jennifer Ehle always puckers up her lips as if she wants to sneer at everything.
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più di un anno fa pandp4eva said…
Same here. lol it did seem like she was more in love with Pemberley than Darcy. kinda wished they would have kissed here, but hey, with were the movie was coming from, i didn't get my hopes up.
più di un anno fa samjhart said…
I'm sorry - 'stiff'? Just because she didn't pout at the guy everytime she said something to him doesn't mean that she wasn't in love with him! That's ridiculous and no she didn't seem to be more in love with the house than Mr Darcy, she was merely admiring its beauty. You couldn't look at a strange man you've happened to reject, all ga-ga. She was afraid that he'd reject her this time round. And if we're nit-picking here then lets go to the movie, which I like (and no doubt which u r comparing the 95 versiion to). If you watch Lizzie the 1st time she sees Darcy it seems that she's already in love. Watch her eyes and body language, that is until he looks away. That is obvious even to today's standards. JE just acted as a lady should not an airhead. She may not be on the social footing as Darcy but she had manners and some form of social conduct.
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